Marina Sechina started to develop the details of the MS-21 aircraft

In less than a year, its half-dead OOO Stankoflot received 1.5 billion rubles from the state.
Have you ever heard of the advertising agency "A-Media" from the street of Northern from Odintsovo? Very vain, because this is the story of the overwhelming business success, the transformation of an inactive company from a sleeping area into, without exaggeration, an enterprise of almost strategic importance for Russia. In a matter of months, an unknown advertising agency suddenly took part in a complex industrial project for the production of parts for the Russian airliner MS-21 ("Trunk plane of the XXI century"). "Novaya Gazeta" tells the story of a profitable "union of former" - a former major of Moscow police, who took part in one of Russia's most scandalous criminal cases; and the former wife of Igor Sechin who joined him, who in a very short time turned the firm without revenue into a company that receives billions of rubles from state enterprises.

«Airplane of the future»

The medium-range MS-21 is the most ambitious civil aviation project since the times of the USSR. According to Russian authorities, the liner should compete with foreign Boeing and Airbus in the market of passenger transportation.

The first flight of the MS-21 was planned for 2014, and mass production was to begin in 2016. Beautiful videos on YouTube appeared on time, but the rest did not work. The first flight took place only in May of last year, and the beginning of the full-scale production was recently postponed again: according to former vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin, it should begin in 2019.

The MS-21 should become a benchmark for economy, environmental friendliness and technology, to demonstrate the capabilities of Russian industry and its ability to create a commercially successful aircraft. It is not for nothing that in official presentations the MC-21 was called just "the plane of the future".

The uniqueness of MS-21 consists in the wide use of composite materials. One of the key suppliers of composite aggregates for the "future aircraft" is ONPT "Technology" named for them. A.G. Romashina (part of the corporation Rostekh). Obninsk enterprise, in particular, should ensure the delivery of large-sized carbon fiber parts of the keel and stabilizer for MC-21.

To arrange the production of these parts, ONPT "Technology" them. A.G. Ромашина has decided to reconstruct the industrial complexes. For this, contracts were concluded with several contractors.

However, at the end of 2016, the reconstruction contracts were unexpectedly broken with the previous performers and given to a firm that no one had heard about before.

From dirt to Kings

Street Severnaya - an unremarkable address in the residential district near Moscow Odintsov. A small wing, on its facade is written "legal office". It was here in October 2007 that the advertising agency "A-Media" appeared. All these years about him hardly anyone heard.

At the beginning of 2016, the "assets" (if they can be called so) the firms were 10 thousand rubles.

But in May of the same year, "A-Media" suddenly abruptly changed its activity, and with it the name.

Now the company began to be called "Stankoflotom" and began to specialize in the production and wholesale of metalworking machines.

And in December of the same year in 2016 "Stankoflot" became the very firm that "Tech" them. A.G. Romashina gave state contracts. A recent advertising agency was entrusted with a set of works on "technical re-equipment (reconstruction) of research and production complexes to develop technologies for the production of products from composite, ceramic, glass-ceramic and organosilicate materials." In other words, the reconstruction of the complex for the production of those very unique units to the "aircraft of the future" MS-21.

Since then, "Stankoflot" in less than a year has received state contracts for almost 1.5 billion rubles for projects related to the MS-21. And all - from "Technology" to them. A.G. Romashina. And all without a contest. The reason for this decision was formulated in the auction documentation simply: "The customer does not have time to conduct a competitive method of procurement."

And besides, before the competition to give out contracts to "Stankoflot", Obninsk company broke agreements with previous contractors because of "improper performance" of works.

What guided them in the "Technology" to them. A.G. Romashina, having decided to entrust such important and high-tech work to a just-renamed advertising agency in a time trouble, remains unclear.

Where did "Stankoflot" in a few months, took the resources and production base for "reconstruction of complexes" for the production of parts for the "aircraft of the future"; how could this firm as a whole be able to conduct work at a routine enterprise in Obninsk, if it received the necessary FSB license only two months after the first contracts?

ONPP "Technology" did not respond to our request.

From the "operas" - to machine-tool constructors

Before signing the contracts with the "Technology" them. A.G. Romashina has a new director at Stankoflot. They became Alexander Andreev. Soon he bought and 49% in the company.

Andreev does not see anything surprising in the overwhelming success of the former advertising agency. "I gathered the most up-to-date management that is on the market today," Andreev told Novaya Gazeta. - I once graduated from MBA - project management. At me the first formation profile - Academy of state service, and the second - MBA. Therefore, all my experience allows me to gather the best team in the country. And all that we have done today for ONPP "Technology", before us no one could do since 2007. You'd better ask yourself who did not do the work before: took the money, and nothing was done - and there is not one criminal case. If I were still working in the system that I used to work in, I would be interested in that. "

Under this system, the current director of Stankoflot refers to law enforcement agencies. Andreev is a former police officer, an operative with the Department for Combating Economic Crimes (UBEP) of the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate. And no matter how it sounded surprising, Andreev in his police past was directly related to the aviation sphere. He was engaged in the operational support of one of the most high-profile criminal cases in the history of Russia - the theft of the state-owned Financial Leasing Company (FLC). Moreover, the former operative agent "successfully" accompanied this case so successfully that the assets of the state company soon went under his control.

FLK purchased aircraft from aircraft manufacturing enterprises and leased them (that is, leases with subsequent acquisition of ownership) to companies that are engaged in air transportation. But despite the constant financial injections from the state, by 2009, FLC was, in fact, bankrupt. The reason for this sorry state, as it turned out during the investigation, were the actions of top managers FLK that withdrawal of funds from the company for doubtful or fictitious contracts.

So it was with the purchase of Wadan Yards in Germany and Ukraine. FLC issued 3 billion rubles in loans for the purchase of shipbuilding plants. Money into the company did not return, and the owners of Wadan Yards ended up former top managers of FLC, and among them Andrei Burlakov, as well as the son Igor Yusufov, the then Special Representative of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for international energy cooperation.

The Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal investigation into theft in the FLC. And in 2011, two of the accused in this case - Deputy Director General of FLC Andrey Burlakov and his civilian wife Anna Atkin - were shot in "The farm" Moscow restaurant. Burlakov died from the injuries received, and Etkin survived and left for Israel (in Russia she was later sentenced in absentia to eight years in prison).

Alexander Andreev interrogated in the criminal case the special representative of the Russian president Igor Yusufov, and in addition, actively "worked" with the accused Anna Etkina. She repeated his complaints wrote that after she chose a measure of restraint as a subscription on their own recognizance, it is, in fact, locked in his apartment under the supervision Chop employees. "Employees of the ChOP actually deprived me of freedom, even on the street I went out under their protection, and each of my outputs was previously agreed with Andreev AN. I was forbidden to go to windows, talk on the phone, answer the door phone and generally go to the front door, "Etkin wrote.

In addition, in the handling of internal security department of the Interior Ministry Atkin he reported that Andreev allegedly helped the investigator to get "the only correct reading": "The investigator Polikurova NY told me that if during the testimony I would leave the pre-set text, she would signal - show crossed arms. On this signal, the video will stop, and I'll have to shut up, then continue to give evidence after they are adjusted. Operational officer Andreev A.N. confirmed his readiness to conduct my interrogation in this way. "

However, Etkin's complaints did not lead to any consequences for Alexander Andreev; according to her statements, the criminal case was not opened.

And policeman Andreev during the investigation, apparently, so well studied FLC that he left the service in business and began to manage the company that received the assets of FLC.

"They invited me because when I left, I knew all these questions: what, how much was stolen in the company and how it was done. Those who were involved in the theft, they fled, there were crisis managers. They invited. Who specifically, I do not remember, it has long been, "- explains Andreev.

Help "New"

Related persons

Along with the renaming of the "A-Media" in "Stankoflot" and the change of scope of the company by its director, and later on he became a founder of an old friend a few months Andreev Sergey Lenchenko (he worked in the "Independent technology"). Lenchenko is notable for the fact that among his friends in social networks one can find at least two employees of the state enterprise "Technology" named after A.G. Romashina: the head of the design and estimate department of Denis Egorov and an employee named Andrei Korzh - he judged by the metadata files, edited part of the procurement documentation for the "Stankoflot" contracts.

Under one sign

After the state leasing company was declared bankrupt, on its basis the company "Independent Technologies" ("NT") was established. "NT" acquired the former property of FLC as part of the asset replacement procedure. (This is when the assets of the bankrupt are transferred to the newly created company, then to sell its shares and pay off with creditors.) It was "NT" that was headed by Alexander Andreev after he left law enforcement. That is, in fact, he began to manage the property of the company, whose activities were investigated while working in the police.

Andreev worked as a director of NT for three years - from 2014 to 2017. And at the same time he headed the company Stankoflot. Moreover, it is to the successor of the FLC "Stankoflot", it seems, is obliged both by name, and by cadres, and by ties.

For example, when "Stankoflot" had just a website, it was redirected to the "NT" web page, and the address and even bank details of the company coincided with similar "NT" details. In the first state contracts of "Stankoflota" for the project of "future aircraft" MS-21, signed by Andreev, the phone "NT" was indicated.

Some market participants do not see any difference between the two companies at all.

At the exhibition "Metalworking-2016" the companies had one stand - on it they represented the machines of German companies Wemas and Heller, which they planned to sell in Russia. We contacted representatives of both manufacturers.

"Independent technologies" is a company that later transformed into "Stankoflot". It's basically the same company. We cooperated with them for about half a year in 2016. They represented us on the territory of Russia - they bought two machines from us, which they showed at the exhibition "Metalworking-2016". Contracts we signed with "Independent Technologies", and before the show they somehow were reorganized into "Stankoflot". We did not implement any more projects with them. Then we talked on commercial issues with the general director of "NT" - and then, as I understand it, and "Stankoflot" - Mr. Alexander Andreev, "Irina Muller, Assistant Director General of Wemas, told Novaya Gazeta.

Her words are confirmed in the company Heller. "Independent Technologies" and "Stankoflot" are the same company, one group, the same people. When we started to cooperate with them, they were "NT", and then switched to "Stankoflot", - told "New" in Heller.

Andreev himself explains this: "Listen, well, they have other laws, and homosexuality is permitted, and same-sex marriages. Therefore, they have a lot of things in a different way. There are legal documents, they talk about everything, and what they say about in Germany or France, I can not comment. My partners, with whom I now have a contractual relationship, can not say so. "Stankoflot" is my brand, which I developed when I was still in NT. And he bought it afterwards. All the rights are transferred, we all paid, but maybe the German partners still have memories. "

On the fact that there is nothing in common between the companies, the head of the legal department of Stankoflot, Mikhail Dementyev, insists. "From the legal point of view, these are different companies - see the USRLE. At us even spheres of activity different - "НТ" is engaged in aircraft, and to us the aircraft today is absolutely not interesting. "Stankoflot" is a developing company, naturally, we considered different types of activities. In order to simply survive in the market, we went to competitions, including with "NT". Then we were subcontracted very often, because we have a good technological base, but there is no relevant experience so far. Then we just changed the sphere and left altogether from aviation. Now we are developing in machine-tool construction, "Dementiev said.

Major League

Immediately after the advertising agency "A-Media" from Odintsov turned into an industrial enterprise "Stankoflot", for a short time the owner of the company was Maxim Kretov, a member of the Presidential Council of the Equestrian Federation of Russia. But then, in April 2017, he gave way to the president of the same federation, Marina Sechina, the former wife of the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin. To date, Sechin, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, holds 51% of Stankoflot, and Andreev - 49%.

Moreover, for some time Sechin also owned shares in the previous contractors who performed the work within the framework of the MS-21 project. But then these contractors were in a pre-bankruptcy state, their state contracts moved to Stankoflot, and Sechin moved in the same direction, becoming Andreev's partner.

Sechin herself did not answer our questions, and Andreyev about the circumstances of the appearance in the company of such a famous partner speaks laconically: "We met with her. I say: "Let's create a company that will really carry out all the work inside, all on their own." And today everything is really implemented. If you look at the last contest that we won, you did not ask me about it, - UDK (United Engine Building Corporation - DV), Kuznetsov, Samara, 164 million: we build everything ourselves. "

Alexander Andreev, apparently, had in mind the contract in the framework of the project "Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of 14D21 / 14D22 rocket engines".

"Cool, what can I say! - Dmitry Medvedev exclaimed at the first presentation of the MS-21.

- New projects in the aircraft industry, for obvious reasons, it's not cheap. In general, there are very few countries where aviation engineering is developed. This is called the "highest league". And we should not disappear from this "higher league" in any case ". It's hard to argue with the head of the government: playing in the big leagues is really honorable. But the choice of players sometimes raises questions.