Mass mortality of fish in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District was associated with the Lukoil field

Vagit Alekperov's company could have caused a massive fish freeze in the spawning river. Local residents and scientists associate it with the works at the Pyakyakhinskoye deposit of LUKOIL. YANAO officials are afraid to investigate the incident.
Residents of the Gydan peninsula on the territory of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District reported a mass death of valuable bioresources. This is a fish in the channel Messo - the river Shchuchya, which flows into the Tazovskaya Bay. According to it, the vendace goes to spawn, and in the autumn the fishing enterprise here is fishing for squid and partial fish. The old residents say that they did not fix such phenomena on this river before. Scientists confirm that there were no freezes on the spawning river due to lack of oxygen this year, without excluding the impact of toxic emissions, especially since the Pyakyakhinskoye field of LUKOIL, which was put into operation in 2016, is located nearby. District officials relieve themselves of responsibility for what is happening and do not want to organize verification of information coming from local residents. "The river is in federal ownership, that's why the structure of Rosrybolovstvo should deal with the problem," the managers say.

Fishermen from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug declare the mass death of the fry on remote rivers of the district. According to local residents, numerous remains of dead fish were recorded in the area of ​​5-6th Factories of Peski (Tazovsky District, near the village of Nakhodka) on the Shchuchya River. This reservoir is the channel of the second largest river of the Gydan Peninsula - Messo.

"People say that they have never seen this before. Someone suggests that there is not enough oxygen, someone connects with the human factor. In 30 kilometers there is the Pyakyakhinskoye deposit of LUKOIL, oilmen could throw something off. There is only a record, they did not bring the young fish for analysis, "says Natalia Baturina, a Tazovsky resident.

On the river Shchuchya from the Taz Bay in the spring comes to spawn the vendace. In autumn the local enterprise is engaged in commercial production. Permanent fauna is a partial fish: pike, pike perch, catfish, carp, crucian carp. "Now there is no big fish there, she fucked up and left. Therefore, it affected the fry, who have not yet left to fattening, "- described the situation of a fisherman from the Tazovsky district.

In the opinion of Viktor Shato, Director of the Arctic Research Institute of the Ecology of Plants and Animals of the UrB RAS, given the weather conditions in the winter of this year, in the case of a freeze, it is hardly possible to speak about a lack of oxygen.

"This can not be on a spawning river. This year we have a mild winter, thin ice, the conditions for the life of the whitefish caviar were good. There must be no death. Judging by the video, only the fry died, if it were oxygen starvation, another fish would suffer. Here you need to deal with the problem in detail, go to the place. In any case, this is not a good phenomenon, "the expert stressed.

Recall that at present the authorities of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, headed by the provisional governor Dmitry Artyukhov, are implementing a "roadmap" for the development of fish farming, which will operate in the region until 2025. In the first place, officials plan to start stocking fish that are suitable for breeding whitefish. Already this year it is planned to release into the natural environment about 40 million pieces of whitefish, which was grown at the "Sobsk fish farm". However, the officials of the Okrug do not plan to deal with the problems associated with the death of fry that appeared in the natural environment.

In the department of agro-industrial complex, trade and food of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District Pravda Urfo the agency was informed that the Shchuchya River in the Tazovsky District is a water object of federal significance.

"The fish inhabiting it is federal property. Accordingly, the body that has the right to initiate a check on the death of fish, establish the cause of the incident and the extent of the damage, is the Nizhneeobsk territorial office of the Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstva), "the structure added.

The head of the department for state control, supervision, protection of aquatic biological resources and their habitat in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Andrei Koksharov, in his turn, said that he heard for the first time about any overseas phenomena on the rivers of the region.

"As of the current year, there have been practically no seething phenomena, as practice has shown. Usually they begin with a lip, in the area of ​​Novoportovskaya bay. The spawning small rivers were burning, but there was no such thing as a freeze. If there were overseas phenomena, fish of different age categories and different species composition would die. It does not happen that juveniles of some species underwent oxygen starvation, and others - no, "the official said.

In this situation representatives of Rosrybolovstvo are forced to admit their impotence, since they do not have samples for analysis. "If a bioassay was done, it would be clear if it died of toxins or emissions. I find it difficult to say what caused the death. Perhaps this video was shot not this year, "- concluded Andrei Koksharov.