Master-Bank turned out to have an unreliable asset

Structures associated with the Master-Bank turned out to be the co-owners of the shopping center built on the Lublin street in the place of its intersection with the Volgograd prospect. The asset is not particularly reliable, as the Moscow government is seeking to destroy the building.
"Bridge" shopping center with total area of ​​9000 square meters. m (of which 4,800 sq. m - GLA) completed and is now looking for tenants, according to the ad on its windows. The object is very well located: in fact, it is the only crossing of the Lublin street near the metro station "Textile workers" through which a day, according to the Metro, runs nearly 120 000 people, stated on the website of the Criminal Code, "Group" Bridge ", dedicated to the delivery center rent.

Torgtsentrov serves as collateral for the loan, issued for its construction Master-Bank, which withdrew the license to the Central Bank last week, he told "Vedomosti" a person close to the bank temporary administration. The object is really built on credit Master Bank and owns the structures related to the bank, he told "Vedomosti" a source in the UK "Group" Bridge ".

"Real estate investments - a normal practice for any bank", - said the head of the capital markets department of Colliers International Stanislav Bibik. According to him, the shopping center "Most" - "normal commercial object mid-level", it can cost $ 20-30 mL.

This shopping center can not be worth anything, it suggests a person close to the Interim Administration Master-Bank: according to him, the Moscow city government revoked all permits for its construction (for more information about real estate and other non-bank assets of the Master-Bank and related issues, see the investigation. p. 20).

Disagreements with the Moscow government has, therefore, opened a shopping center in the best case in the II quarter of 2014, a source in the Criminal Code recognizes the "Group" Bridge ". Prefecture South-Eastern District of Moscow is suing the investors of the complex - the State Unitary Enterprise "Orion", JSC "Tsentrresurs-service" Ltd. and "social-service complex" Bor ", told" Vedomosti "city hall official. "Orion" is engaged, as stated on its website, "a comprehensive study and implementation of innovative solutions and technologies in urban development based on international experience." Get the comments of its representatives at the weekend failed. Founders of the other two investors - individuals, which also have not been able to find.

The city authorities intend to dissolvebe investment contracts for the construction of the shopping center and to achieve the demolition of the building should be of the court's records. In 2012, the prefecture SEAD appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with the claim to the shopping center investors on the recognition of the structure "rough area" 11 975 square meters. m unauthorized construction and the requirement to demolish the building at his own expense. Either prefecture ready to demolish the building at his own expense and recover costs from the defendants.

State Unitary Enterprise "Orion" in 2007 has been allocated for rent for the construction of three sections of elevated pedestrian merchant transition allowed the construction period due to expire in the summer of 2011. In June 2011, the town-planning-land Commission of Moscow has decided to terminate the investment contract on the disputed object. In addition, builders took over part of the area allocated to the Cultural Centre "Muscovite", it said in court documents. All of this allows us to consider samostroem object insisted representatives of the City Hall.

Respondents pointed out that all the necessary documents for the construction of the shopping center were - both on the ground and in the building, besides the plaintiffs missed the statute of limitations - in fact the prefecture of South-East AsiaIt was aware of the construction site since 2002, when came the corresponding decision of the Moscow government.

In May 2012, the court denied the authorities to meet their demands, arguing that the grounds for recognition of construction samostroem enough.

But the third instance at the end of last year, this decision overturned and sent the case back for retrial. The next meeting on it is scheduled for February 2014

The owners have just sent a notice of completion of construction, the facility is the final test, a spokesman Moskomstroynadzora. Despite the fact that the shopping center prevents construction road junction, is able to do nothing with it, he says.