Master Bank bankrupted skillfully

The Interior Ministry believes that the bank went bankrupt because of the technical credits for its cronies. 
Yesterday it became known that the Moscow police opened a criminal case against the management of the bankrupt Master-Bank, which is suspected of knowingly issuing non-performing loans by 17 billion rubles., Which eventually led to the bankruptcy of the bank. The applicants are the Central Bank and the DIA conducting bankruptcy proceedings in the Master-Bank. Note that the representative of the DIA since August last year appealed to law enforcement agencies trying to achieve prosecution bankers. The police prolonged checking account for a large number of witnesses and materials.

Investigation Department of Internal Affairs for the Central District (CAO) in Moscow on May 12 opened a criminal case on the fact of deliberate bankruptcy (Art. 196 of the Criminal Code) of "Master-Bank". The damage from illegal malicious activity, according to the calculations of the investigation, more than 17 billion rubles. "It has been established that individuals who are former heads of Master-Bank from August 2012 to August 2013 have acted deliberately to issue non-performing loans, designed as individuals and for different legal entities," - said the official pre-sentative MIA Elena Alekseeva. During the investigation it was established more than 170 individuals and 200 commercial organizations, which have been issued such loans. Ms Alexeyeva said that the police have already found out that the citizens in the validity of the contract is not concluded, and firms involved in the criminal scheme, were fictitious. According to her, the illegal actions of financiers caused a reduction in assets of the Master-Bank, which failed to satisfy the claims of creditors and depositors, in connection with which his November 20, 2013 has been revoked license for banking operations, and then January 16, 2014 he was declared bankrupt .

At the time of withdrawal of the license Master Bank entered the hundred largest banks in terms of assets and capital. At the same time, according to the Central Bank statements, the amount of suspicious transactions Master-Bank, including the illegal cashing of funds for the year reached 200 billion rubles. By the way, the first criminal case against employees of Master-Bank, including his former vice-president of Eugene Rogachev accused of illegal banking activity in an organizedgroup conjugate to the generation of income in a large scale (p. "a" and p. "b" h. 2, Art. 172 of the Criminal Code), soon to reach the court.

In the criminal case is no defendants - Police conducted investigations aimed at identifying persons involved in the crime.

Note that the signs of theft of property Master-Bank and of deliberate bankruptcy revealed the bankruptcy trustee of the DIA in the last year. The first statement is that the leaders failed bank could commit the crime, was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs has GUEBiPK August 13, 2014. Because of the central anti-corruption agency after several days OEBiPK flown to ATC CAO, which during the inspection confirmed the data DIA, but it had not been filed. Then, as reported at the DIA site, the audit statement repeatedly (7 November 2014 and 13 February 2015) was directed to the Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs CAO "for further action." Initiated as it was only as a result of handling, directional March 25 this year. However,Police in Moscow said that the issue of the case was delayed excitation only because of the huge number of documents and witnesses involved in the case.

The DIA "b" have confirmed that the statements addressed to law enforcement agencies on the fact of premeditated bankruptcy Master-Bank, hoping that the Bank, through its bankruptcy trustee will ultimately be recognized as a victim. In the DIA reported that the actions of the former management of the bank master was damaged in the amount of 10.6 billion rubles., Which was formed due to the difference between the amount of money issued as a technical credit and return for settlement of arrears them. In addition, a statement about the fraud in the Master-Bank appealed to the police and the Central Bank. Obviously, the damage at 17 billion rubles. It was set on work with DIA and CBA. However, it is noted, the applicants' representatives and the Ministry of Interior, is not final and during the investigation may increase significantly.

According to "Kommersant", according to the statements of former employees of the bank and a number of organizations, initiated the issuance of technical creditsHe walked founder and former chairman of the Master-Bank Boris Baker. Borrowers, among which were, for example, the staff of the banker and middle managers Master-Bank, while explaining that the management of the credit institution is urgently needed cash. At the same time the bank while he served such loans, putting out the debts for the borrowers technical, but then stopped doing it, and eventually claim the ACB were addressed to people, enter into appropriate agreements. Approximately the same scheme and the money to be displayed on the legal entity whose directors have been associated with the bank's management.

Who left Russia after the collapse of the bank Boris Master baker at one time was in Israel, and now, according to sources, "b", moved to their historical homeland - in Vinnytsya region of Ukraine.