Maxim Blazhko again loses assets

The founder of Don-system lost control of Sorta.
Maximus Blazhko, founder and former co-owner of the development group Don-Story, was declared bankrupt by the request of the Russian Capital bank. It is about the company "Sorta" leasing 6.6 hectares and owning a plant of reinforced concrete products in the north of Moscow. But the collateral value of the property is estimated at only 835 million rubles. This is seven times less than the amount of the creditor's claims.

The Moscow Arbitration Court declared the Sorta LLC bankrupt, connected with Maxim Blazhko's structures, by bankruptcy proceedings against the company. This is stated in the text of the decision published in the file cabinet of the court. As explained by "Kommersant" arbitration manager Boris Latyshev, on the balance of "Sorta" is a factory of reinforced concrete products on the motor road in the north of Moscow. The site (6.6 hectares), on which the plant is located, is leased by the company. According to Mr. Latyshev, the collateral value of this property is 835 million rubles, it will be sold at auction. Similarly, the market value of the asset, which, according to the partner of Colliers International, Vladimir Sergunin, is 0.9-1 billion rubles. Representative Maxim Blazhko told Kommersant that neither the businessman himself nor his family members have any relation to this asset.

It follows from the data that Maxim Blazhko was formerly the general director of Sorta. The beneficiary of the company through LLC "Automotor" is Yuri Genbachev, in the past the percussionist of the popular in the USSR VIA "Gems". Earlier, the interlocutors of "Kommersant" called him a close friend of the mother of Janina Grebenshchikova, the wife of Mr. Blazhko (see "Kommersant" on July 7, 2017). I could not contact Mr. Genbachev.

The application for the recognition of the "Sort" bankrupt was initially filed by the bank "Russian Capital". According to Boris Latyshev, the total volume of creditors' claims to the company is 6.41 billion rubles, of which 6.2 billion rubles. accounted for by the DIA, which became the main applicant in the case: the agency received from the State Bank the right of claim against the debtor under the cession agreement. The press service of the DIA failed to respond promptly to a request from Kommersant.

The court said that in 2013, Sorta received two loans in the Russian capital for the purchase of space in the Zvenigorodsky multifunctional complex (MFC) under construction (267,000 sq. M.) At the intersection of the 3rd Silicate passage and Zvenigorodsky highway. The developer of the project, which was never implemented, was the "River Tower" LLC, controlled by Maxim Blazhko. With respect to this company in the summer of 2017, the bankruptcy proceedings were opened. Boris Latyshev points out that the co-investment agreement between the "River Tower" and "Sorta" has been terminated, but no assets have been transferred to the balance of the latter company. He adds that the requirements for the "River Tower" in the amount of 2.3 billion rubles. are included in the register of claims of the company's creditors.

Managing Partner of the Criminal Code "Law and Business" Alexander Pakhomov explains that by law the "River Tower" property should now be distributed in favor of creditors in accordance with the established order. According to him, despite the fact that the value of property pledged to "Russian capital" is actually lower than the amount of claims, the current legislation does not provide for the possibility of foreclosure on affiliated structures. "But you can bring to the subsidiary responsibility of the debtor controlling persons, among them there may be both beneficiaries and people who could influence decision-making," Mr. Pakhomov notes.

The project for the construction of the MFC "Zvenigorodsky" and the complex on the motor-car are not the only projects that Maxim Blazhko lost. In September 2017, the Nordstar Tower LLC, which controlled the businessman, owns the business center of the same name on Begovaya Street in Moscow (135.5 thousand sq. M.), Bankrupt. At the end of 2017, the trading center of Pike, owned by Mr. Blazhko, transferred to Riverstretch Trading & Investments Ltd, which previously repaid the developer's debt to Sberbank. Now Mr. Blazhko is the beneficiary of Gorn Development, which is building the residential complex "Neskuchny Home & Spa" in the 5th Donsky Passage. The pledge holder of this project is Vnesheconombank.