Maxim Blazhko enjoys the debt

The bankrupt businessman can disappear abroad, leaving his creditors high and dry. 
State Bank "Russian Capital" has obtained in court decisions to recover from the founder and owner of the company "Don Story" Maxim Blazhko nearly 500 million rubles. This is a debt under five contracts of guarantees, concluded to secure credit obligations of the structure of the entrepreneur. In 2014, "Russian Capital" issued to the "River Tower" - one of the structures of Maxim Blazhko - several loans for 1.7 billion rubles. The bank now assesses the debts on them taking into account interest and interest for using the loan at 2.3 billion rubles.

However, Blazhko himself also filled the credit organization with lawsuits. In total, they accumulated more than a dozen. Russian capital has in total procured a Don-Story for billions of rubles. The exact figure, as Vedomosti reported in its time, amounted to almost 4 billion rubles. Only for the construction of the residential complex "River Tower", which assumed the construction of two high-rise buildings, in 2014 the credit organization allocated 1.7 billion rubles. When Blazhko's structure actually declared its default, "Russian capital" in court demanded to bankrupt the "River Tower".

Thus, Blazhko became one of the largest debtors in the country. He realizes this and acts on the principle of "the best defense is an attack." He, in turn, simply overwhelmed the courts with claims, counterclaims, on creditors who demand debts from the businessman, the total amount of which is estimated at billions of rubles. So far in the proceedings, the claim in the Khoroshevsky City Court to recover from Blazhko more than one and a half billion rubles by the company "Beleran." In response, "SK Don-system" requires from the company for counter-claims almost one billion rubles. But Blazhko and his lawyers seem to be barely able to move from one court to another.

More than 17 and a half million rubles from Maxim Blazhko tried to collect the company "Assol", but in this case the court refused to satisfy the claim for the expiration of the statute of limitations. Another claim, this time satisfied by the court, went to Blazhko from the "Settlement Organizational Council of Euroinvest", but the essence of the claims is still unknown. Moreover, the listed companies filed a total of six more claims.

In general, Maxim Blazhko should almost all. These debts he accumulated for years. Because of them losing their numerous assets. So, the company "Don-build invest" businessman lost another 7 years ago. She went into the account of debt at the disposal of state-owned Sberbank and VTB Bank. Blazhko tried to somehow resolve the financial situation, but this did not happen. This, however, is not surprising, because most of the financial obligations of Blazhko to the plaintiff companies came at a time when the entrepreneur still kept the Don-system under his command.

Surprisingly, this is different. How did the big financial organizations (the same SB and VTB) manage to issue Blazhko more and more loans, knowing full well that there is a long train of old loans behind it. In addition, money was issued for projects, a priori difficult to pay back because of its scale, and, therefore, with a scarcely likely return on investment. At least in the foreseeable future. And it's not even surprising, but it's amazing that knowing the enormous credit burden on Bazhko's shoulders, Moscow authorities also indulged his projects (the word prozhektam is more relevant here). After all, the said LCD River Tower was approved by the Moscow government. That only there is a project for the construction of a residential complex "Neskuchny Home & Spa" in the capital on the fifth Donskoy passage. The project implied the construction of five skyscrapers at a height of up to 260 meters.

The construction project is still almost in its infancy. Officially, the contractor is the company "Complex-Story". Among its founders are several companies registered at once in offshore zones. In particular, such offices are called as the businessman of OOO Nordstar Development, which is considered to be the "heir" of the Don-system.

Some authoritative publications, in particular, Legal Report, say that the ultimate beneficiary is Maxim Blazhko. Taking into account that Blazhko's structures are simply unable to liquidate the sky-high debt, there is no illusion that neither "Russian capital" nor the owners of "Don-build invest", most likely, will "break off". And Maxim Blazhko, meanwhile, continues to make a good face in a bad game. On the Internet, just the darkness of the materials about the new grandiose projects of a businessman. It looks like nothing more than an advertising campaign. Like, run faster and invest your money, otherwise it will be too late.

Is someone running with their bags? If so, then such people become pity. Moreover, creep rumors persist that Blazhko seriously thought about throwing off his debt yoke. And, to make it easy and simple. Take and escape abroad.