Maxim Iskanov said searches in the Mash edition

According to the chief editor of Mash, searches are held in the office of the Telegram channel. The reason for the visit of law enforcement officers to the editor, he did not specify
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However, the biggest demands on UBR-1 were made specifically by the Bank “Ugra”, which announced its debt of more than 7 billion rubles. Moreover, when considering the positions on this dispute, it was stated that as part of the survey of the financial state of the bank by the temporary administration, “signs of actions aimed at withdrawing assets from the bank were identified, which resulted in the transfer of funds to the SENEAL INTERNATIONAL AGENCY LTD (Republic of Cyprus) owned Alexey Yuryevich ".

Experts, speaking of such transactions LLC "Management of Drilling Operations-1" with the structures associated with Khotin, believe that they could be explained only by affiliation. So, the interlocutors of the publication pay attention to a number of details. The first is that the shares of Dmitry Zimin, who, according to Kontur.Focus, is the founder of UBR-1, were pledged with Ugra Bank. Further, Exillon Energy, controlled by Khotin, JSC Qayum Oil quietly gives the contractor advances worth billions of rubles.

Bank Ugra, in turn, issues UBR-1 loans worth billions of rubles, and as we know, one of the main complaints against financial organizations was the fact that the bank vacuumed the market and allegedly issued funds to companies affiliated with the beneficiaries, including including in the oil and gas sector, ”the interlocutor among bankers describes his vision of the situation.

Add another noteworthy coincidence. As described above, the company from Nizhnevartovsk in 2013 was listed as Zhabanov Andrey Viktorovich. His full namesake in 2012 was the general director of New Life Group LLC. At the same time, the founders of the organization listed Alexey Gennadievich Nefedov, whose first and last name and patronymic coincide with the data of the former president of the bank “Ugra”, also detained in the case of embezzlement.

“Now the investigation is talking about 7.5 billion, but no one hides that this is only the beginning of a great story. The hole in the bank was estimated at about 160 billion. When accounting for new and new dubious transactions that are being opened up, not confirmed bills of exchange, I think that the amount of theft can increase significantly. It is possible that this will contribute to the proceedings in the KhMAO. Moreover, it has already reached crime with possible fraud, ”the interlocutor among financiers shares his personal opinion.

Another interlocutor draws attention to the social side of the issue of unfolding conflicts. "This is in fact also about hundreds of people who provided work for oil assets and can now face serious financial problems," said a source among the officials.

As stated above, in the UBR-1 previously worked more than 200 people (Nizhnevartovsk, now the company is in liquidation). In Khortitsa LLC, which mastered the site on the territory of the Surgut District, a monitoring procedure was introduced. Irelyakhneft JSC, which also made billions of claims on UBR-1, is being liquidated, according to Kontur. Focus. Vostok Drilling LLC, which was denied multi-million claims to the Drilling Operations Department-1, according to the FTS, in 2017, more than 400 employees worked.

In addition, as Pravda UrFO reported in detail, Qayum Oil (Nyagan) and Yukatex-Ugra, controlled by Exillon Energy, may face problems due to legal proceedings. According to the Kontur.Focus system, more than 230 people worked in the organization in 2017.