Maxim Katz was suspected of "raider seizure" of Yabloko

The Moscow branch of the party refused to accept 110 of his supporters into its ranks.
The Moscow branch of the party "Yabloko" has refused to accept the membership of more than a hundred people they considered supporters of the deputy municipal district Shchukino Maxim Katz. His "Yabloko" prepared to exclude from the party, knowing the preparation of "raider seizure" of the capital department. Mr. Katz is not going to leave the party and still intends to lead the Moscow branch of the "Yabloko".

Moscow regional council of "Apple" yesterday rejected 110 applications Muscovites, who wanted to become members of the party. The head of department of the former leader of the "Yabloko" Sergei Mitrokhin told "Kommersant" that regsovete was made the party more than 70 people, is not accepted - about 110. "They had a fuzzy motivation to join the party, they decided not independent entry, perform wish Katz, - explained Mr. Mitrohin.- they do not have the slightest idea of ​​what the party than they are going to do in the game. " Sergei Mitrokhin noted that "Apple" potential recruits "not quite alienated." "We offered them to participate in our events, promotions, if they prove to be a useful party in six months again consider this issue", - he said.

Municipal deputy of the Moscow district Shchukino, founder of Fund "City Projects" Maxim Katz headed the Duma election campaign headquarters Dmitry Gudkov, who ran for the deputies from the "Apple" in Tushino single-mandate constituency. The "Apple" Mr. Katz joined during the election campaign. And after its completion he declared that he intends to lead the Moscow branch of the party. In early October, on his blog at "Live Journal" Mr. Katz urged to join the "Apple" of his supporters, who were to provide him with the most votes in the election to the President of the Division.

Maxim Katz assured the "Kommersant" that everyone who yesterday refused to accept, will not have to wait six months. "They will be served, and some have already submitted applications to the federal Bureau of the party and will be taken", - he said. Mr. Sam Katz became a member of the party, submitting an application to the federal "Apple" Office.

The deputy chairman of the Moscow branch of Ivan Bolshakov told "Kommersant" that "Apple" from October conducted interviews with anyone who wanted to join the party. "It's not that people were supporters of Katz. We talked with them and found out that they do not share the basic installation of "Yabloko" and does not even want to understand them. They come for the sole purpose - to shift the Mitrokhin ", - he explained.

In addition to receiving the members of the Moscow regsovet raised the issue of expulsion from the party Maxim Katz, told "Kommersant" Sergei Mitrokhin. "It is not excluded, it is proposed to consider the issue at the next regsovete", - he said, noting that the meeting will be next year. He stressed that the department in this regard, "the almost unanimous opinion." "He has his boorish statements angered all, gives all the characteristics, - said Sergey Mitrohin.- I do not read it, but others are not so thick-skinned."

Ivan Bolshakov confirmed that at the meeting there was consensus about what should be excluded from the party Maxim Katz "for causing political damage." "He organized some technological thing to attract people who do not share the position of the" Apple ". If the party is growing in such an artificial way, it will simply cease to be themselves, - said Ivan Bolshakov.- This is no different from the actions of Andrei Bogdanov (polittehnolog.- "b") to seize the parties, it is an attempt to frame-technological revolution. And the party has the right to defend themselves in such a situation. " According to him, Maxim Katz did not exclude the fact that he was not present at the meeting, he was invited to a meeting in January.

Maxim Katz denies "raider seizure". Because the "hostile takeover", he said, can be only in the economic sphere, where "there is capturing people's property." And in the political sphere "is the normal way to a political struggle, inner-party competition", believes Mr. Katz.