Maxim Vorobiev entered the taste of the building of Moscow

The brother of the governor of the Moscow region together with the developer Alexander Klyachin will build up 44.6 hectares of paneled rabbits in New Moscow.
 The company "Airplane two capitals" and KR Properties agreed on joint construction of 44.6 hectares near the village of Alkhimovo in the new Moscow, follows from the joint communication of partners. It says that according to the project in this area it is possible to build more than 440,000 square meters. m of real estate, of which 363 000 sq. m. m of housing and commercial space, another 79,000 square meters. m - social infrastructure. The total investment in the project is estimated at 14.5 billion rubles. Other terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

"The plane is two capitals" is a member of the group "Aircraft". According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, 75% of the shares in the "Airplane Two Capitals" belongs to CJSC "IG 11", the main founder of which is the brother of the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov Maxim. The group also includes two more companies. "Aircraft Development" - one of the largest developers of the Moscow region with a portfolio of 17 million square meters. m of housing. Its owners are Igor Yevtushevsky and Mikhail Kenin. The latter is a minority shareholder of the Russian Aquaculture Group, its main shareholder is Maxim Vorobiev. Another company Vorobyova - "Aircraft LO" - is building two residential projects in the Leningrad region.

KR Properties is a member of Alexander Klyachin's Gleden Invest and specializes in the construction of apartments in industrial buildings (so-called lofts) and offices. Among its projects are the business districts "Red Rose" and "Danilovskaya Manufactory", the hotel apartment complex Roza Rossa, etc.

The residential quarter in Alkhimov is the third well-known project of the company "Airplane Two Capitals" in Moscow and the second - in partnership with the structures of Klyachin. In March, she signed an agreement with the firm Khimki Molzhaninovo on the joint development of 136 hectares in Molzhaninov. The main owners of Khimki Molzhaninovo are the companies of Roman Abramovich and Klyachin. In this territory, the partners plan to build 1.5 million square meters. m of real estate. This week, the company "Airplane Two Capitals" reported on partnership with the group "Absolute" Alexander Svetakova. At 11 hectares in Nekrasovka, the company plans to build about 220,000 square meters. m housing worth 8 billion rubles.