Media told about Ramzan Kadyrov's business jet worth $80 million

Ramzan Kadyrov flies on one of the most luxurious aircraft in the world, whose value reaches $80 million, according to the TV channel "Dozhd". The head of Chechnya didn't confirm it; his official income over the last several years varies between 4 million and 6 million rubles a year.
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ГThe head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov or one of his entourage uses one of the most luxurious business jets in the world. This is in his investigation wrote "Rain." According to the television channel, the interior of a private airplane, a photo in which Instagram published by its popular hip-hop artist Timati, is identical to the cabin of the Airbus ACJ319 business jet, Airbus employee told Rain. Its price, according to the profile sites, can reach $ 80 million, journalists learned the channel. However, this is not the most expensive business jet in the world. According to the estimates of the profile portals, a number of Russian businessmen own private planes worth up to $ 250 million or more.

Kadyrov himself had never admitted before that he had a private plane. However, if you compare the data of the portal and geo-tags to Kadyrov's Instagram, you can conclude that the liner is affiliated with the head of Chechnya or with someone from his entourage, Rain writes.

According to a photo in the social network, profile specialists determined that the plane on which Kadyrov and his close circle are moving is the same business jet Airbus ACJ319. The journalists also found out that the liner with the VQ-BVQ number, which is attributed to Kadyrov, is managed by the Russian company "VipJet", the general director of the company Andrei Gorokhov confirmed to "Rain". He also confirmed that the company, which since 2011 owns the aircraft, is registered in Bermuda, so it is almost impossible to determine its real owner to an external observer.

According to a specialized portal, as soon as the Airbus ACJ319 changed its owner, he immediately went to the Jet Aviation Basel for installation of a new cabin. After that, the interior of the liner was transformed: in the salon there appeared a living room, a bedroom, an office, a bathroom, a meeting room for 12 people, a large liquid crystal display and special communication facilities. "The peculiarity of the interior of the aircraft was the use of exclusive components in the design (rare hardwoods, special leather trim, marble, precious metals) combined with modern finishing elements (specially designed" volumetric lighting "), - says the article on the plane.

At the time of publication, Kadyrov's press office did not respond to RBC's written request about the Airbus ACJ319 business jet, which allegedly flies the head of Chechnya.

The official income of the head of the Chechen Republic at the end of 2015 was 5 million rubles, this is stated in his income statement. According to the same data, in 2008-2014 Kadyrov's income was even lower and amounted to 4.2 million rubles. in year.