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How the former business colleagues help the Minister of Culture of Russia in his work.
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Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina - the sharpest in the statements, and at the same time the most active member of the Russian government. In 2016 he called "scum washed-up" of all who deny "feat 28 Panfilov", he recommended to honor the biography Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy as the "life of a saint" and wished those who inadvertently speaks about the Great Patriotic War, "burn in hell." Led by the Russian military-historical society is also increasing influence: for example, on his initiative, in the center of Moscow, a monument to Prince Vladimir. In addition, Medina is known to the public as a popular writer and novelist; but not many people know that in the past he was also tenacious businessman. Special correspondent "Medusa" Ivan Golunov studied business experience Vladimir Medina and his circle of friends - to see how they hold important positions in the structures of the Ministry of Culture and earn the organization of patriotic events.

- I would like to know when we repay the debts on wages? Already went to the second year, there were so many promises ...
- If you like that you will talk, never! Never! Those who have warmed - ask them!

So I answer Samara Region Governor Nikolai Merkushin workers' AvtoVAZagregat "plant (ABA), once the largest supplier of components for cars VAZ. Soon bankrupt enterprise employees blocked the federal highway "Ural" and Merkushin accused of destabilizing the situation in the US power in the region, which is carried out on the territory of "Dulles Plan" field: for official information, people provoked allegedly had come to Togliatti, where the enterprise is located, the American ambassador .

In fact, the problem of "AvtoVAZagregat" started much earlier - in 2009, when the factory changed hands. Among the new managers were old acquaintances of the current Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina. One of the owners became Alla Volkova, business partner, Medina family commercial real estate management. The ABA's board of directors elected by Egor Moskvin, with whom the future officer in 1992 founded the PR agency "Corporation I am." And the most successful of the plant unit headed by a classmate Medina Dmitry Osipov, subsequently combining the work in the factory with the post of adviser to the culture minister (he was in charge of a pet project of the chief - the creation of a new exposition of the Tula Museum of weapons). The former owner of the ABA Sergei Sychev, who sold the plant in 2013, and found work in the structures of the Ministry of Culture - he is now in charge of the restoration and leasing of historic buildings in the North-West Federal District.

A native of the town of Smela Ukrainian Vladimir Medina initially wanted to enter the Moscow Higher Military Command School, but failed the medical examination - but it was the competition at the Faculty of Journalism at MGIMO. After finishing his 22-year-old graduate in 1992 together with the current director of the news agency TASS Sergey Mikhailov and several classmates he founded the PR agency "Corporation I am." Among the customers were the big banks, the tobacco companies and pyramid schemes - "MMM", Tveruniversalbank and other large companies at the time. Soon, the business partners are divided: Medina and his classmate Egor Moskvin remained in the "Corporation I," the other opened the agency "Mikhailov and Partners."

In 1998, Medina went to the public sphere, first worked in the press service of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, and then, on the recommendation of his chief Georgy Boos went to the headquarters of the electoral bloc "Fatherland - All Russia". In 2003, the State Duma elections Medina headed the election headquarters of "United Russia" in Moscow - and spent the next eight years in parliament. As he failed to be re-elected 2011, (Medina tried to do this in the Kurgan region). However, six months later it happened presidential elections; United Russia was his confidant; and after Vladimir Putin's victory, he became the Minister of Culture. "Think about it: and because Putin is really the first Russian ruler after Nicholas Romanov, who came to power completely legal way - thinking Medina shortly after his appointment. - And more - completely legally holding it. "

Logic Medina arrival to the post of minister was not evident. In addition, he had one month at the head of the Duma Committee on Culture of experience in this area - though it has already become a famous writer. Medina literary career began in 2009 with a book about the global financial crisis, co-authored with a colleague in parliament, journalist Alexander Khinshtein. Then the future official interested in the story. Followed by: The book "Wretches and geniuses PR. From Rurik to Ivan III, Ivan the Terrible, "artistic novel" The Wall ", the series" Myths about Russia "(total circulation which, according to the publishers, only a little not held up to one and a half million copies," Myths about Russia "has long held sales leadership in its category not only in major bookstores, but also in the Fix Price retail chain operating under the slogan "All for 39 rubles"). In these writings Medina tried to dispel common stereotypes associated with the Russian, - of drunkenness, laziness, technological backwardness. In his new role Vladimir Medina began to promote cultural patriotism, often with the help of his old business partners and public relations.

As Medina reforming cartoons and circus

Medina likes to talk about the need to improve the efficiency of the institutions of culture - but to understand how effective his ministry is difficult. The amount of money that is allocated by the Ministry of Culture of the budget of the federal target program (FTP) "Culture of Russia" can vary every year, depending on performance targets. According to the statements of the Minister, it is in these parameters precisely fit: for example, it stated that the share of Russian-made films at the box office was 26% in 2015 - as it was planned. However, in the State report on the state of culture in the Russian Federation for 2015 (also prepare employees of the Ministry) stated that the share of domestic films in film distribution was 17.9%.

The situation is similar with other indicators: Ministry reports that in 2015 Russia was visited by 30.3 million foreign tourists, as planned - but was 26.8 million according to Rosstat, such citizens. According to a report on the implementation of the federal program, coverage of library services in 2015 amounted to 37.68%, but in the departmental statistics the Ministry of Culture for 2015 minutes, the figure is 35.5%. In response to a request by "Medusa" to explain the discrepancies representative of the Ministry of Culture referred to the differences in calculation methodology of the different departments of the Ministry and other state bodies.

Claims figures to the Ministry arose and the Accounting Chamber, which tested the effectiveness of its work in 2014, announced in the Russian Culture Year. It turned out, for example, that of the six films, for which it has been allocated more than one billion rubles of government money to rent out only three (and then - in 2015), and the audience started to watch Russian movies less, despite the fact that the number of its sessions has increased . Despite investments in the development of librarianship 129 million rubles, the number of libraries was reduced to 340, and the completion of the book funds - 4%. Also, the Accounting Chamber auditors outraged that do not have any performance indicators for the federal state enterprise (PCF) "Rosgostsirk", which includes several dozen regional circuses.

Director of the "Russian Circus" bypassing tender procedures in 2014 was appointed as a specialist in real estate Vadim Gagloyev - a former official of the Moscow Property Department, in the past owned a chain of restaurants "Limoncello" and a shopping center Biryulyovo and an adviser from his brother, who led the Tempbank (in the summer of 2014 came under US sanctions for its cooperation with the government of Syria). The new head of state-owned enterprises had to optimize its performance, reducing costs by a third, and the staff - 10%. The greatest indignation among circus performers brought the reform of animal feeding systems. Under the new diets lions, not counting vitamins, relies a day, six kilograms of meat, a pound of chicken, half a liter of milk and one egg (for comparison: in the Moscow zoo lions are prepared according to 9.5 kilograms of meat per day). horses ration was reduced from eight pounds of hay per day to five. The diet of seals beef liver, shrimp and sturgeon replaced by squid, capelin and "other forms of inexpensive marine fishes." Bears instead of lettuce, parsley and dill included in the diet "grass and green branches" ticking "Enough."

The "Rosgostsirk" actively engaged in international cooperation - the official website of state-owned companies mentioned Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic, which Russia does not officially recognize. Gagloyev - one of the few civil servants repeatedly rode on south-east of Ukraine, - met with the heads of the self-proclaimed LNR and DNR, helping to restore damaged by the war in Lugansk circus and even concluded a cooperation agreement with the state-owned institutions of the unrecognized republics. Lugansk and Donetsk have become permanent facilities for the artists performances: in the last year on the territory LNR and DNR showed nine state-owned circus programs, which involved artists "Russian Circus".

In 2015 Gagloyeva achieved almost one hundred percent implementation of the planned creative plan "Russian Circus" - but the audience is not particularly attracted. On presentation shows "Circus Empire" rooms were filled on average only one-third (loss has amounted to 11.2 million rubles); worked a little better program, "Ha ha," but also because of her budget lost more than four million.

To increase traffic, Gagloyev started large-scale reconstruction of the regional circuses - four or five a year. Some of the biggest contracts involved people with no experience of the most obvious: for example, the reconstruction of the Omsk circus more than 500 million rubles received Moscow-based company "Construction Technology", which previously engaged overhaul of apartment houses and belongs to 33-year-old native of Kiev Antonina Soyko. Other - people may have associated with Vladimir Medina and his team: Circus in Tula and Ryazan remodel (and get paid for it almost 700 million rubles of state) enterprises owned by Evgeny Lugovitinu. According to the numbers listed in the registration of companies, contact Lugovitinym failed. The site Neva.Today he mentioned (page removed on December 27 screenshots have at their disposal "Medusa") as the deputy director of investment company "Veles Capital". The representative of "Veles Capital" in an interview with "Medusa" after the publication of the material denied this information: "Lugovitin Eugene O. never worked and will not work in the company" Veles Capital ". Neither [CEO] Alex Gnedovsky or" associated with These structures "have no relation to the reconstruction of the circus in Ryazan and Tula."

Another major project was the transformation of the regional Gagloyeva circuses to theaters. Within the framework of the Year of Russian cinema in the arena it was supposed to show the films of domestic production, and ticket prices as low as possible to do - from 50 to 100 rubles; for this purpose, they have bought equipment at 206 million rubles. However, according to "Medusa" a source in the Ministry of Culture, the aim of the program consisted mainly in the implementation of the required plan: car rental companies do not want to show clearly failing movies captured on gosdengi in ordinary cinemas - so increase the share of Russian films was decided by circuses . However, the equipment is not assembled in time, and shows so plainly, and not yet begun. Only four circuses in Russia Day, June 12, showed a biopic of the legendary fighter "Poddubny" and war drama "The goal of seeing" (last 37 thousand people watched in the usual box office). Remaining attempts to hold screenings were not held due to lack of audience.

In the summer of 2016, Vadim Gagloyev went to "voluntarily" resign. "The whole circus fireworks went public order, 99% of artists. This event is truly a joyful circus for the public ", - said the director of the Yekaterinburg Circus Anatoly Marczewski. The official representative of the Ministry of Culture in the conversation with "Medusa" and praised the progress Gagloyeva restraint, saying that fell by 39% from 2012, attendance of circuses.

A similar thing happened with the studio "Soyuzmultfilm". In 2014, Medina appointed to lead the studio of a successful entrepreneur Andrew Dobrunova, producer of animated feature "Prince Vladimir" and the blockbuster series "Masha and the Bear." Under his command were put into production a dozen short films for the anthology "Merry Go Round" (eg, "Unwashed penguin" and "Pyk-pyk-pyk"), as well as work began on the first in a long time a full-length animated film studio "Suvorov" budget which It should make 300 million rubles. Also Dobrunov attracted employees "Soyuzmultfilm" to work on his own project, "Sergius of Radonezh" in the money "Rostec". However, as scheduled cartoons were not ready, and Dobrunov left his post in April 2016. The official reason for his departure and was not named; with "Medusa" producer refused to talk.

Acting director of the film studio was appointed Gleb Davidov - and immediately promised to do "Soyuzmultfilm" Pixar Russian counterpart. Vladimir Medina promised to ensure proper budget - and indeed, soon "Soyuzmultfilm" was unprecedented since Soviet times state investments: building in the street Academician Korolev (plus 340 million rubles for renovation of premises), 450 million to upgrade equipment and nearly one hundred million - to launch new projects. The tender for the renovation of the new headquarters of the studio was won by "Stroykultura" associated with a sibling Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov. Davydov also promised to create a children's online cinema, in partnership with Julian Slaschova - the former head of the "CTC Media" and his wife of the same Sergei Mikhailov, whom Medina studied together and started doing business.

Gleb Davydov himself too familiar with Medinsky not the first year. Prior to his appointment to the "Soyuzmultfilm", he was an advisor to the Minister of Culture and the owner of the company "Focus Group" which provided PR support for foreign tours "Russian Circus", designed the exhibition for "RosIZO" and even supplied binoculars Theater 250 "for the needs of the Ministry of Culture." And before Davidov with Medinsky had a joint business. In 2010, Davydov and Medina as the owners of "agricultural enterprises Nero" bought more than 1,300 hectares of land in the Yaroslavl region to grow organic vegetables.

However, three years later, Rosselkhoznadzor discovered that the earth is not processed - and to avoid problems it was sold to a certain Yuri Khlestakov and Nadezhda Vasina. As we found out, "Medusa", Khlestakov heads the company "Russian House Property", the beneficiary of which is the former Deputy Culture Minister Gregory Pirumov and Nadezhda Vasina previously had joint business interests with another former top manager of the Ministry of Culture Boris Mazo. Now she owns a private security company "Svyatogor" which serves "Rosgostsirk".

As Medina surrounds himself with friends

Vladimir Medina used to surround yourself with people with whom he was well acquainted before - he calls them "golden fund of integrity, honesty, integrity." Employment in the Ministry of Culture is no exception. The first deputy Medina was appointed deputy Mosobldumy, a member of the political council of "United Russia" in the Moscow region, Vladimir Aristarkhov, with whom Medina in the 2000s, tried to publish a newspaper "Our Time". Department of Control and Personnel Ministry of Culture headed by the chief accountant of the "Corporation I" Olga Generozova. And his deputy in charge of the restoration and construction work, Medina appointed developer Pirumova Gregory, with whom he lived in a house opposite the entrance of the luxury of the Tretyakov Gallery (all apartments in the entrance of Medina and Pirumova eight) before two years.

Another source of Medina personnel are people who are familiar to him to work together in the "United Russia". Cultural Heritage Institute headed by Arseniy Mironov, who worked with the party political strategist, recently served as headmaster of St. Basil based businessman Konstantin Malofeev. Rector of the Moscow Institute of Culture was appointed Ivan Lobanov - formerly Assistant current State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, deputy head of the unit, and the Russian government.

Museum and Exhibition Center "RosIZO" took charge of one of the founders of the movement "Young Guard" United Russia "," Sergey Perov, who also worked in the administration of the president and the vice-governor of the Moscow Region, with responsibility for youth policy and culture. Shortly thereafter, "RosIZO" , the disposal of which previously had only one exhibition hall in Lublin, received the pavilion "Culture" on the main avenue ENEA - and in May 2016 Medina announced the unification of "RosIZO" with the National Centre for contemporary Arts (NCCA) The actions of this institution the minister was unhappy. for example, he spent NCCA award "Innovation", which nominated the opposition art group "War" (per share «*** a prisoner of the FSB") and artist Peter Pavlensky (per share arson door FSB building in Lubyanka) One. of the first orders Perova after the merger was the cancellation of the exhibition "Polish performance 1967-1989"; the work of some artists official considered too provocative.

We worked in "RosIZO" structures and more people close to the Minister. In 2015, RBC's reporters found in the list of company executives sister Tatiana Medina. Medinskiy that turned deputy general director of the center, to work in the Ministry of Culture of the structures involved in the management of family assets in real estate - in particular, the mini-hotel "Lomonosov" in Michurinsky Prospekt in Moscow. Sam Medina said that he learned about employment sister "last", but soon after the publication of RBC changed the name of his sister, becoming Zuikova, and disappeared from the "RosIZO" list of employees.

Following the appointment of the Minister of Medina interest in the organization of cultural activities began to show, and former members of the "Corporation I am." Co-owner of the agency and Medina classmate Egor Moskvin took over as director of the "St. Petersburg Cultural Forum", a company owned by his "CB" won the tender in the Ministry of Culture of structures for a total amounting to 41.5 million rubles. The company holds a festival of folk crafts, organizes the Congress "Rest in Crimea" and publishes "protected by the State." Another PR agency employee Bormatin Basil, who led the work in the regions, with the Ministry of Culture concluded contracts for the organization of the International Festival of humor and seminars "Management of the promotion of tourist products in the domestic and international tourism markets." Tenders for these activities won Bormatinym established independent non-profit organization (ANO) "Center for Social Initiatives".

Earlier this center was brought to the public examination of bills, introduced the State Duma Vladimir Medina deputy - and established Bormatinym and his colleague on the "Corporation I" Evgeny Terentiev "Organization of socially responsible smokers" actively participated in the discussion of the proposed Medinsky amendments to the law "On Restriction of smoking." According to the register, Terentyev also headed the company "Strategic Communication", which over the past four years, has won the Ministry of Culture a few dozen tenders worth over 90 million rubles. Founded the company "Strategic Communication" in 2012, 19-year-old student at MGIMO Polina Volkova, the daughter of Yuri Volkov senator and his wife, co-owner of "AvtoVAZagregat" (they run familiar Medina) Alla Volkova. She now owns a number of real estate together with his wife Marina Medinskiy minister.

In recent months, the Ministry of Culture forge new staff proved based on the initiative of the Russian military-Medina Historical Society. From there to work in the ministry passed the former director of Society of Military History Museum Amulang Uchurova (now - Head of the Ministry of Culture Museum), head of the military-historical heritage RVIO Alexei Lebedev (now headed by the Directorate of cultural events and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosconcert") and Advisor to the Executive Director RVIO Igor Korneev (now - Director of the museum-reserve "Borodino field").

As Medina controls the restoration work

In the summer of 2015, the producer and director Alexander Rodnyansky Dmitry Meskhiev started shooting the film "The Wall" on the novel by Vladimir Medina. In the center of the plot - the defense of Smolensk, besieged by Polish troops in 1609-1611 years. The novel, written back in 2011, turned out to be popular with regional theater directors: a noisy premiere took place in Primorsky and Smolensk Drama. Metropolitan premiere on staging, written by the chief editor of "Literaturnaya Gazeta" Yuri Polyakov, will happen at the beginning of 2017 on the stage of Moscow Art Theatre. Gorky.

The four-hour film based on the novel Meshieva Culture Minister revealed Nov. 4, 2016, the Day of National Unity, on "Russia" TV channel. Filming took place in the Pskov region, where the filmmaker heads the theater and concert directorate. One of the main female roles in the film played the daughter of Governor Andrew Turchak Olga, and played the role of executioner Ivashka deputy, deputy chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Local Self-Assembly of Deputies of the Pskov region Alexei Sevastyanov. Smolensk assault shooting took place on the territory of Izborsk fortress, which the restoration had recently completed the company "Baltstroy".

Work on the restoration of the fortress became one of the episodes of the criminal case instituted against the Deputy Minister of Culture Pirumova Gregory, his staff and the owners of the restoration company. "We hope the court will be fair. We believe in their colleagues. This is a misunderstanding. We pray for those who are there "- this was the first statement by the Ministry of Culture in March 2016, after the arrest of the deputy minister Pirumova and some other senior department.

"At first everyone thought it was another joke," - says one of the employees of department in a conversation with "Medusa". In 2015-m Pirumova have "arrested": his mother was the victim of telephone fraud, who said that her son was arrested, and demanded money for his refusal to institute criminal proceedings. Pensioner fraudsters passed 900 thousand rubles for the "release of his son." Later it turned out that Gregory Pirumov did not come to the phone because he was on a business trip - he inspected the restoration work in the regions.

In addition Pirumova and his closest associate of Boris Mazo, who headed the Ministry of Culture in the Department of Property Management and investpolitiki, police detained and corporate executives - Office of contractors: the director of "Baltstroy" Dmitry Sergeyev and adviser to the general director of the company "Linnit-Consult" Nikita Kolesnikov.

"Medusa" has analyzed the tenders for the restoration and construction works, the Ministry of Culture announced structures in 2012-2016, worth a total of 109.4 billion rubles - and found that nearly 40% of the contracts entered into structures affiliated with "Baltstroem" and businessman Nikita Kolesnikov . These companies have begun to take an active interest in the tenders, the Ministry of Culture in the summer of 2012, shortly after the appearance of the Office developer Pirumova Gregory, a neighbor Medina at home in front of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Most of the defendants in the "case the Ministry of Culture" were familiar with each other long before the joint work in the ministry. The wife and daughter of Gregory and structure Pirumova Nikita Kolesnikov, hold shares in a small Moscow bank "Oil Alliance", which has been actively to issue bank guarantees to enable participation in tenders, restoration companies and other contractors to the Ministry of Culture. Another owner of the bank - the legendary official mayoralty of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, Leonid times Krasnyansky. In the early 2000s, Moscow realtors called him the "King of buildings"; Krasnyansky headed the department of construction investment projects (DIPS) Moscow controlled more than 80% of the primary housing market in the capital. The DIPS began his career as an official and Gregory Pirumov: in 2000 he was appointed Head of the implementation of housing programs, where he supervised the distribution of apartments, which passed the town real estate developers.

For registration of ownership of real estate in Moscow government in 1999 established the "Moszhilregistratsiyu" headed by Boris Mazo. Soon "Moszhilregistratsiya" has acquired a variety of private intermediary companies - "Center of IT services", "Mosgorusluga", "Guides to the law", - rendering paid services in "assisted in the collection and preparation of documents." In the mid-2000s after a series of scandals and Krasnyansky Pirumov left the civil service; and when the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin began, most of the functions "Moszhilregistratsii" handed over to the new multi-function centers "My Documents".

However, owners of intermediary companies serving "Moszhilregistratsiyu" soon found new opportunities for earnings. "Mosgorusluga" won several tenders the Ministry of Culture to conduct an electronic database on cultural heritage, which earned almost 270 million rubles. The general director of "Guide to the Law" Igor Dzherapov headed FSUE "Rosgosekspertiza" approving the estimates for restoration and construction work at the ministry's facilities. And the owner of the "Guide to the Law" Sergei Zaitsev set up a company "SO" Trading and consulting "," which in 2014-2015 became the agent of the Ministry of Culture for the organization and holding of tenders. In 2015 the director of the "CO" Trading and consulting "," Oleg Ivanov Pirumova decree was appointed head of the departmental organization "Tsentrrestavratsiya" - the main customer of restoration works on the objects of the Ministry of Culture (Ivanov was arrested in March 2016 on the "case the Ministry of Culture").

Hope Vasin, director of one of the divisions of the "Center of technology services", which was abolished after the creation of a multifunctional center (MFC) "My Documents", registered CHOP "Svyatogor" - it took over the protection of objects "Russian Circus". In 2014 Vasin became the owner of farmland in the Yaroslavl region, owned by Vladimir Medina and the current director of "Soyuzmultfilm" Gleb Davidov. At the same time familiar Pirumova able to earn and on the creation of the MFC. In 2011-2014 the company controlled by Nikita Kolesnikov, won several dozens of tenders for equipping premises for public services centers totaling more than 3.8 billion rubles. In addition, more than 700 million rubles, the company Kolesnikova received in the course of construction of a multifunctional center migration, where they receive patents labor migrants working in Moscow.

The close relationships with contractors Gregory Pirumova the Ministry of Culture in 2016 formed the basis for a criminal case under Article 159 of the Criminal Code "Fraud in a large scale in the group." According to investigators, Pirumov in 2012 organized criminal group whose members concluded state contracts by providing false information and overestimating the cost to perform the restoration work - in order to steal money. The amount of damage is more than 100 million rubles, said the lawyer Pirumova Fedor Kupriyanov. However, during the investigation of the size of damage could rise to 600 million rubles, predicts a source familiar with the investigation. Only one of the objects - the restoration of the Novodevichy Convent - the accused, according to investigators, was given no less than 50 out of 127 million rubles.

Medina did not dismiss subordinates after their arrest, saying: "As long as the sentence is not passed, I do not consider it possible to renounce the slave. That would at least not a man. " By December 2016 the fault recognized all those arrested in the "case the Ministry of Culture." The last made a deal with the investigation himself Pirumov Deputy Gregory, who shortly afterwards sent to the Ministry of resignation "voluntarily". Previously pleaded guilty (and even collected about 10 million rubles to repay the damage) the remaining suspects.

After the confessions of arrested contractors and the Ministry of Culture officials receiving kickbacks, became more understandable fraud scheme. As told to "Medusa" a source familiar with the investigation (this is partly confirmed by the two owners of the company that performed the restoration work for the Ministry of Culture), corruption scheme was as follows. Each year, the Deputy Minister Grigory Pirumov maintained a list of objects for construction and restoration work. Subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of the FSUE "Tsentrrestavratsiya", headed by the former director of the company "Trading and Consulting" Oleg Ivanov, has chosen designer, who often were subordinated to the Ministry of Culture or friendly company.

The task of the designer - to increase the project cost by raising prices and the inclusion of jobs that are difficult to verify - and which do not affect the appearance of the object. Ready estimates affirmed a specialized center in the field of restoration "Rosgosekspertiza", which is headed by a former director of the intermediary company "Guide to the Law" Igor Dzherapov. After receiving a positive examination of the Ministry of Culture agent - the company "Trading and Consulting", which established criteria for bidders, thus limiting their range, - announced a tender for the execution of works.

In the course of the restoration of the Ministry of Culture officials signed the acts of acceptance of non-existent works specified in the budget, and the money pledged to carry them out, divided among themselves. Deputy Gregory Pirumov and his subordinate - the head of the Department of Property and Investment Ministry of Culture Boris Mazo personally received from 5 to 15% of the contract value, reported by "Life", citing a source in the Investigative Committee. Source "Medusa", familiar with the progress of the investigation confirms the order of digits. The money is usually transferred in cash in person. Most often, these meetings took place in the restaurant "Spotlight": it is located a few meters from the entrance to the building of the Ministry of Culture and the Department of property investment.

Contracts for restoration and construction of the receiving structures associated with other leaders of the Ministry of Culture. The company "Atlas Group", controlled by the family of Dmitry Amunts, deputy head of the "Federal Tourism Agency" (Office, reporting to the Ministry of Culture), received in 2014 a state contract worth more than 470 million rubles for the reconstruction of the complex of the Russian Academy of Painting of buildings, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov on Butcher Street in the center of Moscow.

After the arrest of officials of the Ministry of Culture work of restoration industry virtually stopped. According to estimates of "Medusa", on March 2016 the structure of the Ministry of Culture canceled at least 134 state contract to perform restoration work - the total amount of 1.88 billion rubles, of which more than 780 million rubles fall on contracts "Baltstroya" and related companies.

Affected and other companies. Four contracts worth 79.1 million rubles, the company lost "Eshel". Its leader Eugene Zagoskin previously headed the company "Alfarekon", which in 2010 won several tenders in a row for the restoration of the rotunda of Gostiny Dvor in Yaroslavl in the amount of 22 million rubles, but in 2012 the police found that the work was performed only 10.5 million rubles, while the remaining funds stolen - was a scandal, "Alfarekon" eliminated. When the scandal was hushed up at the Ministry of Culture started to win tenders "Eshel". In the summer of 2015, "Eshel" spent the restoration of the Cathedral of the Epiphany Avraamievogo monastery in Rostov the Great, during which collapsed part of the walls and vaults of the cathedral; as a result of company-contractor paid a fine of 200 thousand rubles.

However, some restorers' case the Ministry of Culture, "by contrast, will increase the amount - at the end of 2016, when I finally started to conduct new tenders.
Part of the "Baltstroya" projects have already passed the company "Promproekt" - she has won several tenders for 278 million rubles for the restoration of objects of the Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad near Moscow, which previously worked structures "Baltstroya". About "Promproekt" little is known: the only customer of the company - the ministry's structure; organization annually takes second or third place in the list of the largest contractors department. Until recently, "Promproekt" belonged to Company "Lapis", registered in the Moscow business center on the street Butlerova, part of which belongs to Vladimir Medina and his wife Marina.

Among the previous owners "Lazuli", according to "SPARK-Interfax", there were Davrishovy brothers; One of them, David Davrishov, later appeared in the documents of the Ministry of Culture as the representative of "CO" Trading and consulting "." General Director of "Lazuli" - Vladimir Sidorov, previously oversaw the transformation of subordinate Ministry of Culture of the Institute on designing theaters "Giproteatr" the National tourism development corporation (she opened the call center in Crimea for recreation). himself "Promproekt" headed by former head of state of the restoration of "Resma" Alexander Berezin.

Armchair Director "Resmy" Berezin in 2013 yielded Aristarkhovs Andrew, the brother of the First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov. As conceived by Andrei Aristarkhov "Resma" and other restoration company owned by the Ministry of Culture, have been united in the "restoration monster in a good sense" on the basis of the state company "Republican filmokombinat", which for these purposes in 2015 was renamed to JSC "Restoration of the company" . Shortly before the start of the reform decree Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of "Republican filmokombinat" included in the privatization plan for 2014-2016 years.

Despite government support, the establishment of the restorative holding stalled. In the midst of reform, in the summer of 2015, reporters found that the construction company "Vesta Park Project", which was previously headed by Andrei Aristarkhov, has won the Ministry of Culture at the structures in 2014-2015 eight tenders worth over 1.1 billion rubles. After the publication of the material the State Duma Alexander Agayev ( "Fair Russia") and Valery Rashkin (Communist Party) asked law enforcement agencies to check the activities of the First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov and his brother Andrew on the subject of conflict of interest. "West Park" has lost interest in the tenders the Ministry of Culture.

Active participation in the tenders department began to take the company "Stroykultura" recorded two weeks after the publication of RBC. Less than a year "Stroykultura" won the tender for more than 620 million rubles, becoming the largest contractor of "Restoration company." The company is registered at the address of mass registration, and its owners had never done business. When you register to the site "Stroykultury" was listed phone that the company "Vesta Park project", owned by Andrew Aristarkhovs.

Shortly after the start of Vladimir Putin directed by "the Ministry of Culture case" the structures "Baltstroya" were to terminate the contract total amount of about 710 million rubles for the restoration of the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. Dmitry Medvedev's decree contractor has been appointed state interregional scientific and artistic Restoration Management (previously such orders only government appointed contractors for politically important projects - the construction of a bridge in the Crimea and the stadiums for the World Cup - in 2018).

Andrew Aristarkhov resigned as general director of "restoration company" summer 2016 "protest" against the numerous parliamentary inquiries; "Not to give a pretext for even fantasies about the alleged conflict of interest between him and his brother," said the official statement of the Ministry of Culture. Restoration reform ended in a stalemate.

As Medina property returns the Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Culture Managers insist that they are against the media war are people with interests in real estate. "For three and a half years of operation Minister Medinsky returned hundreds of buildings that once belonged to the Ministry of Culture," - says TV presenter Andrew Karaulov in program "Moment of Truth" was published a week after the arrest of the Ministry of Culture officials. The representative of the Ministry within two weeks could not imagine "Medusa" list building, Medina returned to the team for the (now) four and a half years of work.

Earlier, representatives of the Ministry of Culture said that State Duma deputy from the Volgograd region, Alexander Ageev, request about Aristarkhovs to law enforcement agencies, "actively discourages" return of a number of properties for the use of the state. In 2009-2010 he headed Ageev Charity Fund of protection and proper maintenance of cultural heritage, which has received from the Ministry of Culture in the gratuitous use of a two-storey mansion now serving in the 1st Kadashevsky lane. Now the Foundation is headed by Grigory Ivanov, who supervises two other charities that have received for free use for 25 years mansions in central Moscow streets Large Georgian and School (all three objects of the Ministry of Culture gave in 2008, when the agency led Mikhail Shvydkoi).

The owners of the three funds - offshore companies registered in the Seychelles. In addition to charity Grigory Ivanov has been in business. In the early 2000s, owned by investment company "Banso" with the former mayor of Volgograd, Yevgeny Ishchenko. In court, the Ministry of Culture was able to challenge the transfer of the fund is only one of the three objects. Another example of a "return of property" led Vladimir Medina in an interview with "Novaya Gazeta". "The Ministry of Culture has come true a week ago, moving into the building in Leontief lane. And there were all these years? Square surrendered 14 commercial organizations, including in the basement was almost a strip club. And no one before that was not the case ", - stated the Minister.

The building in Leontief Lane, 7, was transferred in 1995 to the Fund of national art crafts (it is headed by the director of the Russian State Library for the Youth Velena Ostrovskaya) to accommodate the Museum of Russian nesting dolls. rental rate was 21.5 rubles per square meter. per year. The museum is really appeared - but most of the areas of fund to sublet. In the basement of the building housed the restaurant "His people", which is sometimes carried out their parties, participants of military-patriotic movement "Moskhammer" (now - Automobile "peacekeepers" and their slogan "God, Homeland, the family - these are our values"). Striptease at parties "Moskhammera" showed, for example, at a party honoring the aerobatic team "Russian Swifts," recalls one of the restaurant employees.

In 2011, for the patriotic work "Moskhammer" he was awarded the "Honor and Valor" of FSB of Russia, some of its members received military medals, the website of the movement. After the eviction of the participants' Moskhammera "sheltered club" Night Wolves ", and the Ministry of Culture has announced a tender for the repair of the building. Restoration work (183.3 million rubles) was carried out by "Vesta Park Project" Andrew Aristarkhov.

Hundreds of historic buildings with a total area of ​​more than 650 thousand square meters. m across the country - from the building of the GUM department store on Red Square to the complex in Kislovodsk Narzan baths - are managed by the Ministry of Culture. Renting out these facilities are engaged in two subordinate to the Ministry of the organization - the Agency for Management and Use of Monuments of History and Culture and the Executive management of the Ministry of Culture. In 2015 the Agency received 840.8 million rubles from the rental of premises in the historical buildings at an average rate of 295 rubles per square meter. m per month.

More than 30 estates and buildings that require major financial investments in the early 2010s gave administrative management of the Ministry of Culture. She must find the auction of private owners who hold the restoration and restoration of monuments. In just a few years it managed to sell only two objects. Four-storey house of the XIX century in Moscow near the metro station "Lenin Square" area of ​​1200 square meters. m was sold for 150 million rubles. Buyers have become owners of the former network of slot machines, which opened in the building of the hotel "Metropolis" offers rooms by the hour. In May 2016 the end of the XVII century building in the center of Yaroslavl 571.6 square meters. m was sold for 9.1 million rubles local restoration company "Biss-strojservis" working at the Ministry of Culture sites.

In general, the estate near Moscow do not cause interest among the participants of the auction: the majority of them have a burden in the form of long-term leases. For example, the estate-Nikolskoye Uryupino, located 12 kilometers from Moscow on the prestigious Ilyinsky highway, leased until 2054 certain CJSC "Nikolskoye-Uryupino". The manor Demidov Petrovskoe-Alyabin leases LLC "Emerald Fields". Both the tenant are affiliated with the "Prior". Among the owners of the "Priora" appeared Igor Sirosh, who served as deputy chairman of the Presidential Commission to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia's interests (which includes Vladimir Medina). A former employee of "Priora" Yuri wart for several years running the deputy director of the property management department of the Ministry of Culture and investment policy and is part of the board of directors of its "administrative management". However, the "Priority" with the management of long-standing relationships: in 2005, the management several times to borrow money from "Priora" totaling more than 27 million rubles - ostensibly to pay the contractors under state contracts. A ministry spokesman said "Medusa", that this fact Ministry sent a statement to law enforcement authorities as far back as 2013, but the criminal case has not been completed.

Vladimir Medina in addition to real estate continues to return and land lost before the Ministry of Culture. Opening the monument of military doctors and nurses set on RVIO means on the territory of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, Medina promised to return to high school three hectares of land. This site is "ten years ago by the Institute has been cut off and transferred to a commercial entity for the construction of residential quarters", stated the Minister. However, as found "Medusa" to private ownership of land transferred under of Medina. In November 2014 the Ministry of Culture administrative management realized that piece of land in the investment tender, the starting price of the sale of three acres of land is 193 thousand rubles.

The winner was the Samara Design and Construction Company "Volga" (CPM "Volga"), which according to the contract was to build an educational theater for the cultural institution, and on the rest of the territory was planned to build a residential area. CPM "Volga" is controlled by the family of the deputy of the Samara Regional Duma Evgeny Seppera whose interests overlap with the Togliatti plant "AvtoVAZagregat" run familiar Medina. The project in Khimki could be for the CPM "Volga" was the first in the Moscow region, but the Moscow authorities have not agreed on the construction of housing (after the land returned to Khimki CPM "Volga" was awarded a contract to develop the project for reconstruction of Samara Circus, the restoration of which is estimated at several hundred million rubles) . In return lands culture institute plans "to implement the joint project" with music and RVIO Cadet Corps; Details of the project were not disclosed.

The Russian military-historical society, founded in 2012 on the initiative of Medina, within a few years became the largest public organization in terms of real estate, received from the state. Over the past two years the Ministry of Culture gave RVIO for free use at least seven historical buildings and mansions in Moscow and the Moscow region; and part of the buildings shortly before it was restored by the Ministry of Culture. The room, formerly belonging to the Union of Composers in Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 46/17, the device will house the Military History Society. In Arkhangelsk lane 11, open house receptions RVIO. The chambers of the XVII century in Lavrushinsky Lane already open RVIO Museum. The complex of buildings in the estate Botkins Petroverigsky lane, the restoration of which is spent from the state budget more than 270 million rubles, will open a museum of military uniforms. How to dispose of RVIO two estates, located in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region (Pokrovskoe-Zasyekin and Perkhushkovo) is still unknown.

Another historic mansion in the center of Moscow on the street Old Basmannaya Medina gave a non-profit organization "Center for the implementation and support projects for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage." The founder of the center - Svetlana Malkarova, former Deputy General Director of "Corporation I" (that is the PR agency, one of whose founders back in 1992, was the Medina), and co-author of the Minister of Culture based on the book "Myths of Russian drunkenness, laziness and cruelty ". The organization has received a building "in order to ensure the preservation of the object and of the authorized activity," he explained "Medusa" representative of the Ministry of Culture.

"Medusa" was able to find mention of the activities of the center only on the site Ministry of Culture - he has won several competitions agency: to "the organization of interactive platforms as part of the military-historical festival" (11 million), the organization of military-historical festival "Gumbinnensky breakthrough - 2014 "(6.5 million) and the exhibition" Our Victory "(1.5 million rubles). Also Malkarova headed PR agency "Media Consulting", which is owned by a former employee of "Corporation I," Elena Krechetova, now heads the Endowment Fund RVIO. The main clients of "Media Consulting" are the ministry's structure: in 2015-2016 the company has won a dozen tenders for 55.4 million rubles, by providing PR support services "Russian Circus", historical re-enactment and holding "outreach support international activities Ministry of Culture" .

As Medina honors Zoe Kosmodem'yanskii

In November 2016, a few days before the 75th anniversary of the death of Hero of the Soviet Union Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, which was executed by German soldiers, Vladimir Medina, along with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and Deputy Governor of the Moscow region came to the museum, working in the village Petrishcheva. There for the anniversary patronized by the Minister of the Russian military-historical society repaired the house in which she had spent the night before his execution.

Dmitry Rogozin posted to Twitter a photo shop where slept partisan, with the caption "This is a Russian Golgotha" and promised that soon the governors will be personally responsible for the state of museums Heroes of the Soviet Union. Museum Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy - a pilot project in this sense, Medina confirmed: "We need a plan for development of the territory, convenient parking, navigation, tale route. Catering. Public toilets, sorry. "

"This is the most important thing", - has confirmed to receive guests the vice-governor of Moscow Region Natalia Virtuozova.

"We" Saving Private Ryan "is, but no one is trying to save scout Kosmodem'yanskii She's holy, holy is the same as the 28 Panfilov heroes -. Continued Medina, marking the museum's status Petrishcheva as" secular temple. " - And treat her life can be only as to the life of the saints. Russian audience is not enough film on Zoe. "

In the past on the occasion of the inauguration of the meeting hut "Memory more time!" Moscow school students participated number 201, where before the war studied Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya. There, too, it was once arranged partisan museum - but he, in spite of the care Medina of historical memory in general and Kosmodemyanskoy in particular (even in 2013, the minister said that it would be recognized as a saint, if not "prevailed atheism" in the USSR) less fortunate. In February of 2012 in the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" his condition was described as follows: "Look snatches of piles of garbage scattered fan condoms. There are many, tens of just around the mattress, someone conveniently placed right between the broken busts of two heroes of the Soviet Union: Zoe Anatolevny Kosmodemyanskoy and her brother, First Lieutenant Alexander Kosmodemyanskiy. Last broken sledgehammer blow directly into the back of the head. "

As it turned out, a few years before the school moved to a new building, where the museum identified only one room, which suffered a desk, a few notebooks and favorite picks Kosmodemyanskoy. A significant part of the exhibition remains in the previous building, which, in spite of the status of an object of cultural heritage of federal importance, stood abandoned - it gradually rendered habitable homeless. Ministry of Culture in the report, however, did not react - only in 2014 after several fires have decided to renovate the building, the Moscow authorities. It turned out not without problems. Restoration company engaged in the former city official "Orion", which before was engaged primarily in repair porches and laying paving slabs (for example, on Nikitskaya), and after the completion of the building collapsed. He had to rebuild - and it was made all the forces of the "Orion", in total received to public tenders for this work more than half a billion rubles. After verification, the Ministry of Culture filed for "Orion" in court, but his representatives did not attend the meeting Minister - and the case does not end there.

However, this story did not prevent representatives RVIO put the museum in the school number 201 in the section of the site organization dedicated Kosmodemyanskoy. Photos used on the page, taken from the blog dedicated to the monumental art, and the museum description seventh grade student essays copied from one of Moscow schools.