Medvedev called candidates for a new government

The Prime Minister of Russia announced the list of candidates for the posts of vice-premiers in the new government. The post of the first vice-premier can go to Anton Siluanov, the ex-minister of sports Vitaly Mutko will supervise the construction sector.
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Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has formed a list of nine candidates for the posts of vice-premiers in the new government of Russia. The post of First Deputy Prime Minister Medvedev offered to give the current Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, construction in the status of vice-premier will be supervised by Vitaly Mutko, who for a long time headed the Ministry of Sport.

As TASS notes, at a meeting with the United Russia faction he noted that the candidates he named "could later enter the government if support from the State Duma and the president is secured."

"It is assumed that if such support is received, Anton Germanovich Siluanov could become the first deputy prime minister. (...) As for Anton Germanovich, he, naturally, will have to deal with the economy and finances in this case, while retaining opportunities within the Ministry of Finance, "Medvedev said.

Social policy, policy in the sphere of labor, pensions and healthcare Medvedev proposes to entrust the current head of the Accounting Chamber Tatyana Golikova. "Tatyana Alekseevna Golikova could be engaged in these issues in the government," Medvedev said. In addition, he said, "Alexei Gordeyev could be engaged in such an important area of ​​agriculture as deputy prime minister."

He also called other candidates for deputy prime ministers. The development of energy and industry, according to Medvedev, could be taken up by Dmitry Kozak, with issues of culture and sport - Olga Golodets. The government may be headed by Konstantin Chuichenko, who now holds the post of adviser to the Russian president, the head of the control department of the president of the Russian Federation.

The former mayor of Kaluga and the ex-deputy governor of the Kaluga region Maxim Akimov can handle transport and communication issues. Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov became a candidate for the post of deputy prime minister, who oversees the military-industrial complex.

If the policy is approved in his post and Medvedev appoints all the announced vice-premiers, six people can lose their positions. Igor Shuvalov will lose his post as First Deputy Prime Minister. Other retirees could be Sergei Prikhodko, who led the government apparatus responsible for the military component Dmitry Rogozin, energy specialist Arkady Dvorkovich, Alexander Khloponin, who dealt with environmental management and alcohol regulation, and Yuri Trutnev, who oversaw the development of the Far East.