Šmejc Jiri and Petr Kellner sold about 6% of Polymetal

Alexander Nesis's ICT Group is ready to buy part of the shares.
Companies Fodina BV Staroak Limited and are willing to sell a total of 6.08% stake in Polymetal, the message says Morgan Stanley & Co. on the London Stock Exchange. The first belongs to soaktsioneru PPF Group Peter Kellner, and the second - his business partner Jiri Šmejc. Bookrunners impending deal - Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs on Thursday sent out a message to prospective investors, which states that the share of the 26 million shares (6.08% of the share capital) is estimated sellers of 275 million pounds ($ 359 million at current exchange rates).

By the close of trading on the London Stock Exchange capitalization Polymetal was $ 5.8 billion, 6.08% were estimated at $ 354 million, so that sellers offer package with a small premium - 1.3% of the market. The report Morgan Stanley noted that Kellner and Šmejc belong to 16 and 4,5% Polymetal respectively. Who and how many of them specifically sells in the documents it does not say.

Buyers at stake in Polymetal already have - expressed an interest group IST Alexander Nesis and partners (which owns 23.9% of the gold mining company), stated in the documents of Morgan Stanley. EAST representative confirms the interest increase its stake in Polymetal, but by how much and for kath sum, does not speak. PPF spokesman declined to comment on the other, and by contacting the Šmejc and Polymetal failed.

Top-manager of a major gold mining company says that Kellner had long wanted to get out of Polymetal (increased by 81% to $ 5.8 billion since the beginning of 2016 the capitalization of the company). Kellner and Šmejc is now profitable to sell shares, the director to work with the mining industry AAR (American Appraisal Russia) Mikhail Leskov. ICT Group is likely to believe in the growth of capitalization of the company, explains the reason for increasing the share in Polymetal Leskov.

Polymetal on sale Fodina BV packages and Staroak Limited receives no funds, the report says Morgan Stanley.


Manufacturer of gold, silver and copper
Shareholders - Group ICT (24%), the PPF Group (16%), the free float - 59%.
Capitalization - $ 5.8 billion.
Revenue (IFRS, the first half of 2016) - $ 593 million,
Profit - $ 164 million.

Ceychas a good time to sell - gold traded at highs of a few years, besides the US Federal Reserve recently announced the decision to leave rates unchanged, said a senior analyst of "Atoand "Andrew Lobazov. However, the Fed raising rates - a matter of time, and this should have a negative impact on gold prices and a number of other commodities, he said.

PPF start to get rid of Polymetal shares in January 2016 - through the sale of shares and blur her bag fell by 1.89 pp in August, PPF has sold 0.61%, Polymetal said in a statement, then the minority stake valued.. to 30.2 million pounds (about $ 40 million).

Czech businessman Šmejc (according to local Forbes has a fortune of $ 436 million and owns financial Emma Capital Group) at the beginning of 2016 owned 4,78% Polymetal: he owned directly 1.02% of the company, has received 3.76% businessman and laid on repo transaction, which could be completed in late September, it happened or not, is unknown. 4.78% stake in Polymetal Šmejc could do at the beginning of the year to $ 173.9 million. Šmejc became a partner in 2004 at Kellner PPF Group, when it sold a stake in Czech TV Nova TV channel. He gradually increased its stake in PPF to 5%. In April 2013, Šmejc in exchange for 5% of PPF Group received by 13.4% in the group of Home Credit and Air Bank, PPF's assets in Greece (Piraeus Bank) and financial compensation. However, PPF Group Šmejc participated in the process of pureteniya Russian retailer's "Eldorado", as well as in its restructuring.