Mezhtopenergobank does not have enough liquidity

The bank does not issue deposits and does not conduct operations on accounts; its financial position has been shaken because of the reserves that the Central Bank demanded to create.
Moscow Mezhtopenergobank (ranked 93rd in terms of assets in the Interfax-CEA ranking by the end of the first quarter) reported problems with liquidity that make payments difficult. Because of the negative situation in the construction sector, the bank reduced profit and increased overdue debts - large borrowers refused to fulfill their obligations, it is said in his message. It needs to create significant reserves at the request of the Central Bank, and, in addition, the Russian bank's toughening of support for small and medium-sized businesses ("SME Bank") a schedule of repayment of loans, follows from the message. A representative of the SME Bank did not answer Vedomosti's questions.

At the end of last week, the bank suspended work with natural persons, Interfax reported referring to an employee in one of the bank's divisions. After the spread of information about his financial condition, the number of requests from customers with payment requirements increased sharply and, as a result, the load on information systems that could not handle the critical volume of requests, which led to failures, follows from the bank's message. Call to the call center of the bank "Vedomosti" failed, the head office was informed that operations on deposits and accounts were suspended, adding that, probably, in the near future the problem will be eliminated. In a message on the website, the bank assured that all customer funds are fully reflected in information systems, registries, despite the fact that the opportunity to dispose of them is now difficult.

It follows from the bank's reports that almost 60% of its liabilities fall on the funds of individuals - by June 1, it raised 25.5 billion rubles from them. At the same time, the bank sent most of the funds to lending to legal entities - 25.2 billion rubles. The bank is controlled by top management (the management of Yuri Shutov owns about 24.95% of the shares).

The bank showed in the reporting quite tolerable liquidity indicators until May, says RAEX methodology Yuri Belikov. According to his calculations, liquid assets of Mezhtopenergobank on average covered about 20% of attracted customer funds and mandatory liquidity ratios significantly exceeded the regulatory minimum. "The rapid decline in highly liquid assets occurred in May - 40% to 4.8 billion rubles. And there was no critical outflow of clients' funds then (physical persons took about 0.6 billion rubles.), The deterioration occurred against the background of depreciation of loans," Belikov. With the deterioration in the quality of loans, future payments are no longer taken into account in liquid assets, he notes. Now the current liquidity of the bank is enough for the outflow of only 13% of depositors, Belikov said.

The capital adequacy ratio (N1.2) of the bank for the month decreased from 7.63 to 6.1%, approaching the regulatory minimum (6%). Now the margin by the standard allows the bank to cover the depreciation of no more than 0.2% of the loan portfolio, Belikov calculated: the standard fell due to losses that the bank received after the creation of reserves by almost 1 billion rubles.

In May, the bank sold about 10% of the loan portfolio, Belikov said. It follows from the bank's reports that its corporate loan portfolio decreased by 2.72 billion rubles. per month. "Probably, it was help from the beneficiaries who bought back part of the problem debt," he believes. One of the financiers says that the bank appealed to him a couple of months ago, offering to buy out troubled debts at the expense of the bank's loans.

The representative of the bank did not answer Vedomosti's questions. The Central Bank does not comment on the acting banks.