Mid-Nevsky Plant does not have time to build minesweepers

The delivery of a series of ships from carbon fiber is shifted by several years.
A series of minesweepers ordered by the navy in the Middle Nevsky Shipyard (SNCZ) grew from eight to ten items, Yury Borisov, deputy defense minister, said yesterday during a visit to the plant. At the same time, the horizon of delivery of the last ship shifted to 2027. Earlier, the plant's general director Vladimir Seredocho told Kommersant that the company would complete the series (which then numbered eight ships) by 2021. The reason for the shift may be the redistribution of financing by the customer because of limited budget opportunities.

The Navy of Russia will receive minesweepers from CFRP for several years after the originally announced deadlines. Yesterday, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov, during a visit to the Middle Nevsky Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation), said that the ministry expects to receive nine minesweepers by 2027.

"In the state armament program until the year 2027, only nine such minesweepers, almost one trawler a year, we will receive." Seven we have already contracted, the products are in high demand, "Yuri Borisov's Interfax quotes. The head minesweeper of the project 12700 "Alexandrite" was transferred to the customer by the plant at the end of 2016 (see "Kommersant" dated 11.12.2016). Then the general director of the enterprise Vladimir Seredocho said that by 2021 the Navy will be transferred a total of eight (including already delivered head product) ships of the series. Thus, the plant was to take about two ships a year. However, for today the head minesweeper "Alexander Obukhov" remains the only ship of this type left. The shift in the timing of the series can be explained by a change in the financing schedule: the Navy, in the absence of money, redistributes the financing of construction of orders for several years ahead. So, in particular, they came with a series of submarines of the project "Varshavianka" for the Pacific Fleet, being built at the St. Petersburg Admiralty Shipyards.

According to Mr. Borisov, the plant is able to build two minesweepers a year. "The need for us in this area (in minesweepers - Kommersant) is very large, but everything is limited by our financial capabilities, but we will think how to load this plant." In addition to the final products, he works in cooperation with other shipbuilders to delivery of individual large units, in particular, superstructures for corvettes, "- says" Interfax "the words of the Deputy Minister of Defense.

The general director of the SNHS, Vladimir Seredochko, did not answer the call to Kommersant. In addition to minelay minesweepers from CFRP, the company also builds catamarans of the project 23290 Griffin, multi-purpose Rondo boats for the FSB border guard service, pusher tugs, fire rescue vessels.

According to the SPARK-Interfax database (www.spark-interfax.ru), last year the plant received record revenues and a record loss for the last five years. With a turnover of 6.8 billion rubles, the shipyard went "in the red" by 421 million rubles. In the autumn of last year, the plant was supposed to complete work on the second mine trawler of the Georgy Kurbatov series, but the delivery of this order was postponed to 2018 because of a fire. The fire in the dry dock of the SNHS occurred in June 2016, then the fire spread over an area of ​​600 square meters. m, fire extinguished it for the third class of danger. The exact cause of the fire was not established.

According to military experts, the price of one "Alexandrite" fluctuates in the range of 8-10 billion rubles. Thus, by the year 2027 the plant will receive 72-90 billion rubles from the Ministry of Defense under all minesweepers under construction and planned for construction.