Mikhail Abyzov will get into 400 volumes of his case

The Investigative Committee finished the case of the ex-minister of the "open government".
The ICR has completed an investigation into one of the most notorious and scandalous criminal cases of recent years - on the creation of an organized criminal community by the former minister of the "open government" Mikhail Abyzov, whose members have kidnapped and transferred astronomical sums abroad. The ex-official and 11 of his alleged accomplices have been formally charged in the final version. One of these days, a dozen of the defendants in the case, who all as one deny their guilt, will begin to familiarize themselves with the materials collected by the investigators. Since there are more than 400 volumes of them, it is obvious that this will take more than one month. Meanwhile, the Gagarinsky court will begin hearings on the claim of Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin on September 7 to recover from Mr. Abyzov and turn into state revenue more than 32 billion rubles, which, according to the supervisory authority, were received in circumvention of the law.

According to Kommersant's sources close to the investigation, on Wednesday the lawyers of the defendants in the sensational Abyzov case signed, together with their clients, within the walls of the pre-trial detention center, an official “protocol of notification of the end of investigative actions”. This document also provides for an explanation to the accused of the right to familiarize himself with the materials of the investigation within the framework of Article 217 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Kommersant's interlocutors explained that at the end of last week and at the beginning of this week, all the defendants were charged in the final version.

According to the ICR, the creators of the OPS are Mikhail Abyzov, as well as the deputy general director of LLC Ru-kom Maxim Rusakov and the namesake of Major General of Justice Sergei Stepanov, who headed the investigative team of the ICR in this case, is the general director of the Ru-kom group Nikolai Stepanov. According to the ICR, the community was created by them to commit another serious crime - especially large fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), within which they stole 4 billion rubles. Allegedly, in 2012–2014, Mikhail Abyzov, being the beneficial owner of several offshore companies, together with his accomplices deceived the shareholders of SIBEKO OJSC and Regional Electric Networks OJSC (RES), which were engaged in the production and transmission of electricity in the Novosibirsk Region and Altai Territory. He convinced them of the need for a deal, as a result of which the structures of Mikhail Abyzov sold them shares of four other companies at an inflated price, thereby causing damage of 4 billion rubles.

Minority shareholders of SIBEKO and RES and FSUE Almazyuvelirexport were recognized as victims in the case. The investigation qualified the withdrawal of this money to accounts in Cyprus as the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means (Article 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

In addition, they are also accused of illegal participation in entrepreneurial activity (Article 289 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) in the SIBEKO company, through which Mr. Abyzov, who violated the restrictions established by law as a civil servant, unlawfully enriched himself, according to the investigation, by more than 32 billion rubles. of these funds abroad, as well as in commercial bribery (Article 204 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) - transfer of 78 million rubles. to the shareholders of SIBEKO. It should be noted that in addition to the three main defendants, the charges were also brought against nine more who are being held in custody - each depending on the role that the investigation "assigned" to him. Four more were put on the international wanted list and arrested in absentia by the Basmanny Court.

According to Kommersant's sources, none of the dozen defendants in the Abyzov case have pleaded guilty. According to them, at the end of this week, the persons involved in the investigation will begin to familiarize themselves with the materials of the investigation, of which there are more than 400 volumes. It should be noted that the first, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, after the final indictment procedure, this right is granted to the victims and their representatives. It is quite obvious that it is simply unrealistic to read even a cursory reading of several hundred volumes containing many financial and accounting documents, complex examinations, etc., in a couple of days. It follows from this that the victims did not exercise their right.

Lawyers for both Mr. Abyzov and other defendants declined to comment on the end of the investigation. Meanwhile, it is also already obvious that long before the accused can study the materials of the ICR, the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow will have time to consider the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office, filed in a civil order to recover from Mikhail Abyzov “and foreign companies controlled by him” in the income of the Russian Federation 32.5 RUB bln As Kommersant reported, the supervisory authority, on the basis of the materials of the TFR, decided to actually confiscate these funds, which it considers received in violation of the prohibitions established by law. As follows from the court's database, the lawsuit is not only registered, but has already been "scheduled" for Judge Elena Chernysh, who set the initial meeting to hold a conversation with the parties on September 7th. The plaintiff in the civil case is personally the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin, and the defendants, in addition to Mr. Abyzov himself, are the allegedly controlled commercial structures of
Alinor Investments Limited, Besta Holdings Limited, Kullen Holdings Limited, Lisento Investments Ltd и Vantroso Traiding Ltd.