Mikhail Fridman ordered Baturin wanted

The representative of Elena Baturina called her wanted list a “raider attack” by A1 structures of Mikhail Fridman, the richest woman in Russia became a defendant in the criminal libel case.
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The representative of Elena Baturina, president of Inteco Management and the widow of the former mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, in a commentary on RBC linked her wanted list with the actions of the structures of billionaire Mikhail Fridman.

Earlier on Friday, a justice of the peace in Elista put Baturina on the wanted list and imposed an obligation on her to appear in a criminal libel case (part 1 of article 128.1 of the Criminal Code). Erenzen Manzheev, financial manager in the bankruptcy case of brother Baturina, former First Vice President of Inteko Viktor Baturin, filed a complaint against her.

“This decision is the next stage of the raider attack on Ms. Baturina by A1 structures (investment division of Alfa Group. - RBC) Mikhail Fridman, using her long-time opponent Viktor Baturin and his unreasonable demands. Viktor Baturin has already been convicted of fraud, including in connection with the falsification of financial documents, ”said Gennady Terebkov, spokeswoman for Elena Baturina, to RBC.

“The fact that the opponents stepped up their actions, staged a dirty PR campaign against Elena Baturina at the most tragic moment for her, immediately after the death of her husband, causes special contempt for them,” her representative added.

The decision to search for Baturina “is illegal and will be appealed,” Terebkov said. “The judge grossly ignores the presence in court of lawyers Elena Baturina, who had previously participated in the hearings on the suit of her brother’s representative for libel, as well as the written statements of Ms. Baturina confirming the powers of her lawyers and allowing the case to be considered in her absence,” the spokeswoman said. He clarified that “in addition to appealing against this illegal decision, an application is being prepared to the qualification collegium of judges with a request to verify the actions of the judge.”

“A1 has nothing to do with any resolution on the search for Baturina and is not involved in this matter,” said A1 company representative.

Batrina’s statement about Manzheev’s libel is connected with a lawsuit between her and her brother in Austria. “Baturin, among other things, disputes the sister’s claim that he falsified the annex to the contract of 2007, in which the Baturins settle mutual claims. The parties had different versions of the applications. Speaking at the trial, Baturina stated that Manzheev was being held by a suspect in a criminal case in Russia, as he was trying to gain access to her funds using fake documents. Manzheev insists that this is not true, and this was the reason for the statement about libel.