Mikhail Fridman will invest 7 more billion rubles into his London mansion

Scandalous Russian oligarch fits out his "family house" in Hampstead.   
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Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman received official permission from the British authorities on the partial restructuring of the Victorian mansion Athlone House in London's Hampstead, according to British newspaper Daily Mail. Businessman spend £ 80 million (7 billion rubles. At the current rate of the Central Bank) house built in 1855 reconstruction project Spence Harris Hogan architectural studio (SHH), according to the publication. In a renovated version of the old mansion equip six bedrooms, an office, a gym, a room for yoga, inground pool, cigar and wine cellar, says the publication. On the estate is also to build a cottage for staff and several tennis courts.

Mikhail Fridman bought Athlone House North London in the beginning of 2016 for £ 65 million (5.6 billion rubles.), The article says. Earlier, local newspaper Ham & High Hampstead estimated transaction amount to £ 16 million (1.4 billion rubles.). The former owner of the estate was the family of Kuwait, which wanted to demolish the 160-year-old house and build in its place a new house, twice the area, according to Daily Mail. The city authorities have refused to grant permission for demolition after the destruction of anti-Atlone House issued an initiative group of 5 thousand. Locals, said the publication.

At the mansion, Mikhail Fridman bought 2 hectares of adjacent territory, which in the original draft of the XIX century were to mimic the gardens of Versailles. "After all the work on site will be a new promenade, a house at the entrance, a pond and fruit terrace. All original architectural solutions and the elements will be restored: in particular, the return home [destroyed] tower - was quoted Inspector Alex Bushell responsible for planning decisions Hampstead. - We have been waiting for somebody to rebuilt this house - and finally waited. "

Reconstruction of Athlone House includes "recovery of lost elements of decor, the elimination of additions made in recent years, as well as a modern interpretation of the north wing of the building," says architectural publication The Architect's Journal citing SHH project. One of the existing buildings on the estate will be transformed into a cinema.

During the preparation of the project of reconstruction of Friedman and architects SHH consulted with local residents to ensure that they are not against the project. "I was looking for a house for a family. I liked that this building combines historical heritage with spectacular views. This place embodies the true essence of the British, - said Mikhail Fridman, in an interview with Ham & High in June 2016. - I know that the previous plans for the reconstruction of the building were rejected, so from the beginning I made it clear that I want to return to Athlone House to its former glory. "

Friedman added that the London house would be his main residence: According to the businessman, he spends half his time in London. "Of course, my family will spend in this house longer. My son goes to school in the United Kingdom; we all like to live in London "- quoted Friedman Ham & High. [TC "Rain", 15/09/2016, ". $ 105 million for the restoration of the estate As Friedman revives the Victorian era": And the British Daily Mail reported that the billionaire will invest in the restoration of the mansion, even more than pay for its purchase. Namely, about 105 million.

Reconstruction of the house will provide architectural studio Spence Harris Hogan, who confirmed Bi-bi-si, that will be engaged in this project. Earlier, in an interview with local newspaper Hampstead Ham and High Friedman said that he is interested in the building because it was built as a family home for a wealthy industrialist who lived in London. Friedman said: "I feel that it's fate, as I was as a businessman, and many years later, just as attracted by this same property and the earth."
The house was designed for a British parliamentarian Edward Brooke, who made a fortune in the production of aniline dyes. During the two world wars, the mansion was used by the military as a rehabilitation center for going to the amendment, and then are placed patients undergoing surgery of the British NHS health care system.

As told BBC BBC representative of the architectural studio Spence Harris Hogan, the draft prepared for Friedman, discontent among the local people does not matter. And since the renovation project has been approved, is now reported as a studio, the Russians will be able to redeem the house by the previous owners. Forbes estimates the state of Mikhail Fridman $ 13.3 billion. After completion of the reconstruction cost of Athlone House will rise to £ 130 million (11.2 billion rubles.), Reports Daily Mail. The first owner of the Victorian mansion in Hampstead was a British MP Edward Brooke. During World War the house was used as a rehabilitation center for war, recovering from wounds. Family of Kuwait acquired the estate in 2006.