Mikhail Kasyanov was attacked in a Moscow restaurant

Unknown persons threw a cake to the politician.
On Tuesday, at 21.30 on Mikhail Kasyanov was attacked in a Moscow restaurant, told "Vedomosti" deputy chairman of the party "Parnas" Konstantin Merzlikin. According to him, two unidentified Caucasian appearance threw cake in Kasyanov, when he was in a restaurant in central Moscow. "It was clear that they were not alone. Near the entrance to the restaurant and in the hall waiting for them - in all there were about 20 people, "- says Merzlikin. According to him, they fled in four cars.

Kasyanov ATS "China Town" wrote a statement about the attack. Merzlikin believes that Kasyanov was carried out for surveillance. Restaurant The guards did not have time to respond to the incident. Merzlikin links this attack with the conflict between the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov and Russian opposition.

Recall that in December 2014 during a press conference at the Independent Press Center member of the HRC Head of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture Igor Kalyapin unknown threw eggs. One of the attackers, according to human rights activists, was the chairman of the Union of Youth of Moscow Chechen Rustam Tapaev.

The head of Chechnya January 12 called the representatives of non-systemic oppzitsii enemies of the people and traitors who are trying to "cash in on the difficult economic situation." Later, in social networks, he said, that meant those who had left Russia "and from there to throw mud and slander against our country": "They are threatening Russia, travel to the United States, the countries of the European Capital, suggest what sanctions to undermine the economy , security, stability of Russia. " The chairman of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov called those meant Kadyrov: Viktor Shenderovich and Ilya Yashin, Alexei Venediktov and others.

Kremlin for the first time commented on the scandal of 20 January. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the statement of Kadyrov we are talking about non-systemic opposition, of "those who are outside the legitimate political field of the country": "It is those who do not remain within the law in their activities and are willing to break it in including to the detriment of the country. "

A week ago, Kadyrov instagrame video has been published, where Mikhail Kasyanov and deputy chairman of "Parnassus" Vladimir Kara-Murza are in sight sniper rifle. After that Kasyanov and Kara-Murza filed hthe phenomenon of the Federal Security Service to open a criminal case against the head of Chechnya, Ramzan

Deputy Chairman of the party "Parnas" Ilya Yashin told "Vedomosti" that concludes the report about the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Presentation of the report c working name of "national security threat" will be held on February 23, four days before the first anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov.