Mikhail Lesin died because of problems with alcohol, assured his friends

However, the US forensic experts say the reason was a fatal head injury.
The cause of death of former Press Minister Mikhail Lesin became blunt trauma of the head, said late last week, the US forensic experts. They also found multiple injuries on the neck, trunk, arms and legs ex-official, but exactly how they were obtained, could not figure out. the autopsy report came just four months after Yassin's death due to blood tests for drugs and the need for more time to review the results because of new facts, writes The Washington Post, citing an official representative office of forensic experts in Washington. Police are still investigating and has not officially commented on the matter. Police sources told The Washington Post, that the investigators are confused and one of their versions is that Lesin was hit by a car before they returned to the hotel, where he later died.

Yassin was found dead on the night of 4 November 5, 2015 issue of the Washington Hotel Dupont Circle. Russian media quoted his family was then informed that the cause of death was a heart attack. But in the circumstances of the death were a lot of unexplained: in Dupont Circle Lesin populate the day before Smerand before that I lived in the Four Seasons, which is suddenly left. Surveillance cameras showed that the last time entering the room, he looked disheveled and unhealthy, wrote The New York Times, citing a source in the police.

Over the past few years, the ex-minister had several complex operations on the back, which is why most of the 2015 spent almost getting out of bed, he told Lesin "Vedomosti". The turning point of the back he received in 2010, while skiing. Due Lesin operations, according to him, is constantly used a very strong painkillers. After recovering, he lived between Moscow and Los Angeles, where his family lives.

How would Lesin or injured, become ultimately fatal - a fight or got hit machine - he actually died due to alcohol problems, sure the three friends of the deceased, including the CEO of Vi Sergei Vasiliev. In the ex-minister before had such problems: drinking, Lesin behave unpredictably, could, for example, to go to an unknown destination, they "Vedomosti" told. In Washington, he has a few days before his death, was drinking with old friends, sayAsilah and another interlocutor "Vedomosti". After parting with friends, Lesin, apparently, again went for the alcohol and then drank one in Dupont Circle, they suggest (this is partly confirmed by the testimony of the bartender Four Seasons, who told police that prior to the eviction of the Lessin took the bar drinking a bottle). "It's no wonder this and quite Russian story about the consequences of severe intoxication," - said Vasilyev.

Vasiliev and the other two other dead sure that Lesin was not involved in any witness protection program and not faked his own death. At the farewell ceremony was an open coffin, and those present saw the body indicates Vasiliev and another interlocutor of "Sheets", visited the funeral. Producer Alexander Akopov, who was also at the funeral, also confirmed this. Akopov and Vasilyev said that they have no reason to believe the death of Yassin is not random. "Enough of this, it is time to leave Lesina alone," - said Vasilyev.