Mikhail Lesin died of wounds, not heart attack

US medical experts named the cause of death of the former Minister of Press.
The cause of death Mikhail Lesin was head trauma, write the American media referring to the statement by the representative of the Office of Forensic Medicine in Washington Beverly Fields. According to her, also on the body of former Russian Minister of Press wounds and injuries were found on the neck, trunk, arms and legs. As it died Lesin not clear added Fields and other declined to comment.

A police spokesman said Buzzfeed, that the investigation into the death of Yassin continues and declined to comment.

Medekspetam took four months to give an opinion on the causes of death of Yassin. First member of the family of the former minister said "RIA Novosti" that he died of a heart attack.

At the beginning of last November Yassin was found dead in a hotel room in Washington, DC Dupont Circle. He was 57 years old. The reason for his visit to the US capital is unknown.

Lesin - the former head of "Gazprom-Media" Holding, the former minister of the press in Russia and one of the founders of the largest seller of advertising Vi.

After resigning as chairman of the media holding "Gazprom-Media & raquo; Lesin spent much time in the US, especially in Los Angeles, where his family lives. He had health problems, he suffered several serious operations on the back.

In 2013-2014. Lesin headed "Gazprom-Media". At this time, "Gazprom-Media" bought for $ 602 million assets of the media holding "Prof-Media" Vladimir Potanin. The deal includes TV channels TV3, 2x2 and "Friday", the radio station "Autoradio", the Energy, "Radio Romantika" and "Humor the FM", as well as a manufacturer and distributor of the movie "Central Partnership".

In autumn 2014 it became known that in just three months, led by Lesin "Gazprom-Media" has agreed with VGTRK, "First Channel" and "National media group" to sell advertising jointly under the brand name of the company Vi and that the new company will control more than 80% of TV advertising in the country. It Lesin was the principal author of the advertising alliance. Also, it was called the initiator of the prohibition of advertising on non-FTA channels. Sam Lessin said only that he believes the idea is correct.

As the head of "Gazprom-Media" Lesin in open conflict with the main Editom "Echo of Moscow" Alexei Venediktov (radio station is partly owned by "Gazprom-Media"). He sought the dismissal of one of the journalists of "Echo" and even threatened to reformat the radio news of the musical.

Lesin was born in 1958 in Moscow in a military family builder. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering (MICE) Kuibyshev. Who knew at IISS Akopov Alexander Yassin suggested that in 1986 the post of "Panopticon" Administrator's studio theater and entrusted finance management. "During the day, he has established a job with twenty absolutely irresponsible people, and from the theater of things figured out for any week" - recalled in an interview with Forbes first experience in the field of culture ex-president production company "Amedia", the president of the Russian Television Academy "Taffy" Akopov .

In 1990, Lesin was appointed director of the Youth of the creative production association "RTV" ( "Radio and Television"), which in 1991 was transformed into an advertising agency "Video International" (Now Vi). In 1994 he became director of the television in the "RIA Newlyspine. "However, as pointed out by the media, he was co-written a series of commercials" World History. The Bank "Imperial". Two years later, Lesin was appointed head of the Russian president for public relations. In 1997-1999. held the post first Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian television and Radio broadcasting company (VGTRK).

Press Minister Lesin was from July 1999 to 2004. In March 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin's decree, his ministry was abolished, and instead had created the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, which became part of the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications .

That being the Minister Lesin press in 2000, signed the famous application number 6 to the contract, "Gazprom-media" with the owner of "Media-bridge" Vladimir Gusinsky that Gusinsky sends its media assets "Gazprom-media" provided " termination of criminal prosecution c. Gusinsky Vladimir Aleksandrovich the criminal case brought against it June 13, 2000, the translation is,about the status of a witness in the case, cancel the chosen measure of restraint as a subscription on their own recognizance. "

From April 2004 to November 2009 Lesin was an adviser to the Russian president, and was dismissed by President Medvedev with a rigid wording "for failure to comply with the ethics of civil servants." Unofficially, the staff of the presidential administration said that Lesin used presidential adviser status of doing business and engaging in commercial negotiations. In an interview with Forbes Lesin I told myself, in particular, that of Yuri Kovalchuk advised to create "National Media Group" (LMWH) in February 2008. "Yes, I consulted the leaders of LMWH. And what's strange? I am one of the well-known experts on the media ", - said Lessin.

In the summer of 2014, Republican Senator from Mississippi Roger Wicker asked the US authorities to investigate the origin of the American real estate Lesina. In the request it is alleged that Lesin moved his family to Los Angeles, where he acquired several properties totaling more than $ 28 million after working in the Russian government, and that he has another weekIzhimei. Senators have questions as a civil servant was able to save so much money. He asked the Minister of Justice Eric Holder to verify whether Lesin not violate anti-corruption laws or laws against money laundering.

Sam Lessin in the Forbes interview in August 2014, said that the property for $ 28 million bought his adult children. "It's definitely not my property, the children staged their lives themselves, took for these transactions loans, they exist in the bank", - he explained.