Mikhail Skigin demanded to bankrupt "Yulmart"

The businessman was tired of waiting for the resolution of the conflict of shareholders in "Yulmart" and decided to take a lousy wool from the black sheep.
The Panamanian company Ledaro Investments S.A. filed a lawsuit with the Malta Civil Court on bankruptcy of the parent company of the online retailer Ulmart Holding Limited (UHL). This was reported by RBC, a source close to one of the shareholders of Yulmart.

Ledaro is the company of Mikhail Skigin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the main owner of the Petersburg Oil Terminal. He confirmed RBC filing a lawsuit.

In November 2016, the company Skigina issued "Yulmart" a loan of $ 35 million and in 2017 sued because of non-payment for it. The London Arbitration Court ruled to repay the debt. Skigin did not hurry to collect it, since he expected a settlement of the corporate conflict between the shareholders of Yulmart, which lasts from the beginning of 2016: Dmitriy Kostygin and August Meyer (owning 31.6 and 29.9% of UHL respectively), parted with partner Mikhail Vasinkevich (38 , 5%) in opinions on how to develop business.

As Skigin said, he is tired of waiting for the settlement and he wants to collect the debt now. According to him, he had the opportunity to buy back a stake in UHL, but now this option has turned from a worker into an almost unrealistic one, as the future of the retailer remains unclear, and when liquidating "there is a chance to get something". Representatives of UHL shareholders on both sides declined to comment.

In early October 2017, the Smolninsky District Court placed the co-owner of Yulmart Kostygin under house arrest. He is accused of fraud with a loan from Sberbank. According to the investigation, in order to receive money, false information about the financial condition of Yulmart was presented to the credit organization. In April 2016, Sberbank transferred the money, and Kostygin ordered them at their discretion, claims the TFR. The defense of the entrepreneur declared that he was not involved in either obtaining a loan or stealing. In February, the court refused to extend Kostygin's house arrest.