Mikhail Yurevich began withdrawing his assets to offshores

Investigative bodies of Russia aren't even trying to stop the activities of the ex-governor of the Chelyabinsk region, who is currently on the wanted list. 
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While Chelyabinsk security officials one and the other open the scams associated with the team of ex-governor Mikhail Yurevich, the official himself is sitting in London and does not intend to return to his homeland. On the contrary, out of his exile, he manages his Russian companies, which are gradually rewritten to them on offshore. At the same time, the investigation, indifferently looking at the fate of the assets recorded on relatives, shows zeal in petty matters: for example, the garage of an ex-official was arrested twice, by two different investigators in two different cases against Yurevich.

In the meantime, the owner's largest asset, the Makfa macaroni factory, formally changes the owner. The father of ex-governor Valery Yurevich transferred his share to JSC Cyprus company Rantip Invest Limited, confirmed the press-secretary of the enterprise Julia Bobyleva. Earlier, the share of the father of the ex-governor of the South Urals in "Makfa" was 71.42%, another 19.29% belong to the mother of the former official Natalia Yurevich. However, when transferring the assets of the offshore company, Valery Yurevich retained the position of the general director of LLC Managing Company Makfa and complete control over it, which indicates the formal change of ownership. However, such offshorization of assets is a good defense of business from arrest in the event of any judicial decisions

According to Bobyleva, the transfer of assets "is aimed at improving the ownership structure and protecting the company from possible unfriendly actions." In addition to the company for the production of pasta, other companies of Yurevich were also brought to offshore companies in Cyprus.

On June 30, the ex-governor's father left the founders of Prospect (a supermarket chain) and Shkolnik (the first floor of a nine-story apartment building in the center of Chelyabinsk, opposite the cinema Kinomaks, which belongs to him). His 75% in these firms are re-registered with the Cyprus company Laplus Invest Limited.

On July 19, 71% of Valery Yurevich was transferred to the Cypriot offshore company Treskod Limited in OOO Melon, an office management company. This company owns LLC Rodnik. And he, in turn, the owner of the largest shopping and entertainment complex "Rodnik" (this is the first TRC built by Yurevich) and the founder of OOO "Hotelstroi" (hotel Radisson Blu). "Changes in the property of other objects are carried out exactly with the same goals as in" Mack "," comments Bobylev's events.

Political analyst Alexander Podoprigora, commenting on the transfer of Yurevich's assets to Cyprus offshore, believes that this step actually signed a kind of "confessions". The ex-governor, in the opinion of the political scientist, is sure that no one will "sabotage the criminal cases against him," and they will end with guilty verdicts. Therefore, he does not intend to return to Russia, but withdraws money. Politically, it is interesting that, although all transactions were processed, and accounts - withdrawn to Cyprus for a long time, representatives of Yurevich reported this right now, right after the announcement of the verdict to the closest associate of ex-governor Konstantin Tsybko. This can be interpreted as a signal: as the law enforcement bodies (and political leadership) of the Russian Federation - "will not wait", and former associates - "escape, who can," - says Alexander Podoprigora.

The process of offshoring Yurevich's business, nominally executed for his parents - Valery Yurevich, who worked as a builder all his life, and teacher Natalia Yurevich, began in June 2017. In addition, according to Ura.ru, Irina Belousova, the wife of State Duma deputy Vadim Belousov, Yurevich's longtime business partner, has to do with the management of Yurevich's assets.

The former governor of the Chelyabinsk region and the former deputy of the State Duma are suspected of receiving 26 million rubles from the Minister of Health of the region Vitaly Teslenko, who in 2014 was sentenced for bribery to 7 years in prison, and in receiving bribes from entrepreneurs in the region for a total of 3.4 billion rubles For the common patronage. In addition, Yurevich is accused of instigating his first deputy Oleg Grachev to disseminate calumnies about the activities of the chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court Feodor Vyatkin.

Meanwhile, the ex-governor through the proxies owns serious assets in the Urals and throughout Russia. The property of the Yurevich family includes several Chelyabinsk shopping centers (Rodnik, Almaz, Ural), the Radisson Blu Hotel, the First Bakery Combine and the municipal utility business. The ex-governor also has interests in the media industry - the newspaper Vecherny Chelyabinsk and 31 television channels. During Yurevich's work as a State Duma deputy, his family business included the Shkolnik store, the cinema centers Kinomaks-Ural and Kinomaks-Victory.

The structure of JSC "Makfa" includes enterprises not only in Chelyabinsk, but also in Moscow, Sverdlovsk and Kurgan regions, the Stavropol Territory and Ukraine, representative offices in the United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic.

Among the Russian assets of Yurevich are the Perekrestok shopping center, the Remzhilzakazchik management company, a number of commercial organizations, Positive (the chain of Vecherniy Chelyabinsk stalls), and Media Center (Channel 31, Echo Moscow in Chelyabinsk "). However, negotiations are already under way to buy Yuryevich's media assets in Chelyabinsk.

As reported by the agency "Ruspres", last week the former senator from the Chelyabinsk region Konstantin Tsybko was sentenced to nine years for two episodes of bribes: from the former head of the administration of Ozersk, Yevgeny Tarasov and Magnitogorsk businessman Oleg Laknitsky. During the trial, Tsybko repeatedly stated that his case was fabricated by the siloviki in order to discredit Mikhail Yurevich. The investigation, in turn, believed that the senator had shared with the governor the bribes received. An absentee charge of taking bribes to Mikhail Yurevich was filed in March. However, the ex-governor did not appear for interrogations, he fled from Russia first to Israel, and then to England, after which he was put on the wanted list.