Millions of Rosoboronstandart are attributed to seminars

The level of restriction for the defendants in the case of embezzlement has been chosen. 
As the "Kommersant", the Tver district court in Moscow arrested the director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosoboronstandart" (included in the structure of Rosoboronzakaz) Shepeta Stanislaus and former development director of the St. Petersburg Open Company "Military-Industrial Consulting" (DIC) Igor Filatov. They and two other staff members of these organizations are accused of defrauding the "Rosoboronstandarta" almost 16 mln., Of these seminars, which are in fact, according to the investigation carried out was not. Protecting defendants in the case claims that FSUE paid money for services actually rendered.

A criminal case under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale") was filed GSU Research Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow in July this year. According to "Kommersant", the base became operational services staff report that found violations of the law in the performance of 12 contracts concluded between "Rosoboronstandartom" and DIC. According to their terms, the St. Petersburg company, specializing in the licensing and certification of defense companies in the period from February 17 to September 29, 2014 was to hold seminars for employeesin "Rosoboronstandarta". According to investigators, no seminars at this time in Moscow on the basis of FSUE was not organized, but the money for them DIC Ltd. received in full. Believe in the Ministry of Interior, so almost 16 million rubles were stolen from the funds FSUE.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russian Research Institute of Standardization defense products and technologies" ( "Rosoboronstandart") traces its history from the founded in 1968, the National Research Institute for Standardization of general machinery. The current name is from July 2005. Main areas of activity - scientific and research work on the standardization of armaments and military equipment, as well as supervision of the conformity of products controlled by federal regulations. It is also engaged in the analysis of compliance with the order pricing in the field of defense procurement, technical audit and control to ensure the defense of product quality, provides consulting services implementing the state defense order. Until November 15, 2014 was in charge of the Federal Service for Defense Contracts (Rosoboronzakaz), after its abolition wasPass the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation. Included in the registry of the defense-industrial complex. Authorized capital - 38 million rubles. According to the latest published figures, revenues for 2010 amounted to 150.5 million rubles, net profit -. 3.7 million rubles. According to the database "SPARK-Interfax", in the years 2007-2014 FSUE concluded 50 state contracts worth a total of RUB 496.5 million.

In the organization of embezzlement of funds suspected director FSUE consequence "Rosoboronstandarta" Stanislav Shepeta and former UIC leadership. Shepeta was arrested August 27, 2015. After the interrogation he was released, taking on his own recognizance. But the next day, the investigation turned to the Tver district court with a request for the arrest of the suspect. The necessity of such a move was motivated by the fact that Stanislav Shepeta suspected of committing a serious crime, could put pressure on witnesses, escape from the preliminary investigation and trial, and continue to engage in criminal activity. For similar reasons, he was arrested and a former director of the St. Petersburg Development Ltd. DIC Igor Filatov. With one more person involved in the case, former gendirKtorov DIC Yuliya Filatova, the investigation has taken on his own recognizance.

Recently, the appellate court of Moscow City Court left the decision to arrest Igor Filatov in force, and a resolution on the detention of Stanislav Shepeta canceled. Examining the motives of the petition for his arrest, the Moscow City Court found that one of the reasons was the fact that the investigator received information that Stanislav Shepeta is the organizer of the crime. However, as established court of appeal, the relevant evidence representative of the Ministry of Interior Court of First Instance did not provide. In turn, the suspect's defense argued in court that the investigation conclusions are based only on the testimony of a fourth person involved in the case - is under house arrest, the chief of a department "Rosoboronstandarta" (the name is not disclosed), is responsible for organizing seminars. According to the lawyer, after a stay of two days in the detention center he slandered his boss.

As a result, the Moscow City Court sent the case back for a new trial, but Stanislav Shepeta while remaining in custody. Hand recently the Tver District Court re-examined the request of the investigation and re-arrested director of federal state unitary enterprise, while extending his detention period until 13 December. According to "Kommersant", the fault does not recognize Stanislav Shepeta, claiming seminars Ltd. DIC held and the money he has been listed with good reason.

Lawyer Director of FSUE Vladimir Bukin told "Kommersant" that go into the details of this case can not, because given a subscription to disclose the investigation materials. Contact with the protection of other "b" could not be the case the defendants.