Millions of Uralkali got stuck in Eurotrust Bank

The potassic company is trying to return a deposit of $ 20 million through legal action. 
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Bank "Eurotrust", whose rating in January, "Expert RA" has dropped to pre-default level, creates problems not only private investors but also large clients. Potash giant "Uralkali", desperate to return to banks in the deposit peacefully requires your money "Eurotrust" through the courts.

At the end of last week, "Uralkali" has filed suit in the Moscow Arbitration Court against the bank "Eurotrust". The amount of the claim exceeds 678 million rubles (about $ 20 million). How do I find "News", it is a dollar deposit.

- "Uralkali" has filed a lawsuit, because at the moment the possibility to resolve the situation through negotiations have been exhausted, - says the source of "Izvestia", is familiar with the subject of disagreement between the potash company and the bank.

In the "Uralkali" declined to comment. The representative of "Eurotrust" Igor Borisov request for "News" ignored.

For "Uralkali" stuck in "Eurotrust" insignificant amount, Raiffeisenbank analyst believes Konstantin Yuminov. For comparison, the volume of moneyx funds for Potash Company balance sheet as at 30 September amounted to $ 2.2 billion.

It is much more of a problem can turn into a lawsuit for the bank.

- Even with the early repayment of the deposit in the worst case, the company may lose interest. The situation when the bank refused to return the money in full, it is very strange, apparently, really is no way. But if the bank has no money for the deposit payment, the arbitration will not help. The next step is "Uralkali" may claim bankruptcy - says a senior lawyer of "Yukov and Partners" Svetlana Minakova.

The fact that "Eurotrust" bank experiencing some difficulties, say recent events. Since the beginning of 2014 the Moscow branch of the customers complained about problems with the removal of cash from ATMs. The rating agency "Expert RA" Jan. 21 downgraded "Eurotrust" from "B +" ( "Sufficient level of solvency") to "C +" ( "Very low level of credit - pre-default)." Lowering the rating agency explained the deterioration in liquidity due to the outflow of funds from the MFComrade customers and correspondent banks. In the absence of significant additional liquidity sources, the current situation makes it difficult for the Bank of its obligations, analysts have decided to "Expert RA".

However, the bank's problems were in the past. In November 2013, "Eurotrust" no longer accept deposits of natural persons, explaining the deterioration of the overall economic situation in the country and the pre-crisis expectations, and in late December brought record on the issue of deposits. Then the problems started with the international payment money transfer system Migom, which is the clearing bank "Eurotrust". Migom transfers became detain or not to implement them, and many banks in Russia and abroad have suspended cooperation with it.

- Bank "Eurotrust" in a difficult situation, and its payment system Migom also problems. But amount claimed $ 20 million for the bank is not suicidal, - says head of the analytical department of the bank BKF Maxim Osadchy. - After all, at the beginning of January 2014 the amount of assets "Eurotrust" amounted to 17.6 billion rubles.

although inDecember total assets decreased by 12% (2.4 billion rubles), in particular due to the outflow of deposits of physical persons, the expert adds. The volume of retail deposits decreased in December to 886 billion rubles (16%). In November, "Eurotrust 'assets decreased even more dramatically - by 5 billion rubles (20%).

Commercial Bank "European Trust Bank" ( "Eurotrust") is in the second hundred Russian banks in terms of assets (198 th place as of early 2014). The biggest beneficiaries are Marcella Pellegrino, John Mielke, Sergey Morozov, Galina Plyakin Peter Kunzler, Boris Slavskis Andrew Krysin; 9.18% owned by Federal Property Management Agency.