Minister Nikiforov in touch

The Ministry of Communications has taken aback the public with a new statement. In its opinion, it is necessary to reduce the number of payphones and internet points. As seen from this statement, the above-mentioned services should be reduced in the big cities.
Because the ministry wants to increase these services in settlements with a population of less than 10 thousand people. This, they say, will save up to 1.5 billion rubles a year. Indeed, why should the inhabitants of large cities, as well as living from the excess of communicative services, have unnecessary access to the Internet and payphones at their side! And without them they will be killed. After all, they have in their pockets - iPhones, smartphones and gadgets.

And the fact that all this sophisticated technology can at any time bring (for example, discharge at the most inopportune moment), while it must be an urgent need to contact someone, or, for example, to call from the street to the operational services, apparently, officials The Ministry of Communications worries little. But the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov is known not only as the youngest in the government of the Russian Federation, but also the most "advanced" in terms of the development of technical progress. But the savings for Nikiforov, apparently, are more expensive than technical progress.

After all, by reducing the number of payphones and places of Internet access, you can not only save for your home state, but, above all, to enrich yourself. After all, there is not much money. Especially if you are a minister.

Ministry of "sawing"

The Ministry of Communications is one of the most corrupt departments of the Russian government. Examples of this - even a dime a dozen. So, one of these examples is the history in the allocation of the Ministry of Communications of 18 billion rubles for own needs. Having received the money, the ministry took up their distribution not independently, but with the involvement of some autonomous non-profit organization, and, with a very opaque history. It would seem why such an intermediary? And then, in case of what to dump on him the possible loss of allocated state money. After all, they were officially handed over to this ANO itself. And, if this happens, then the demand from the competent authorities will be from the firm, and not from the ministry.

After all, he has an official contract for financial services. In general, the ideal scheme for stealing money under the cover of the other side.

An ingenious plan

Another possible reason for the introduction of the scheme ANO - this is an alleged attempt to connect to the process of development of 18 billion rubles. Offshore structures. The thing is that orders for the development of Nikiforov software can be made not by Russian developers, but by foreign firms with offshore owners. After Vladimir Putin spoke about the ban on state contracts with offshore companies, Nikolai Nikiforov clearly can not "painlessly" provide state orders to offshore companies. But the ANO KPPO formally is not a state body and will be able to "skip" through offshore so much money from these 18 billion rubles as much as Nikiforov needs.

Money in offshore niches?

And with the offshores the head of the Ministry of Communications has a strong and reliable connection. What is the only story about the fact that American and British firms have access to the electronic government? Recall that the development of information technology ordered the "Mail of Russia", subordinate to the Ministry of Communications, were provided to a certain OOO "Epam Systems." And its beneficiaries are Epam Systems Ltd (Cyprus) and Epam Systems Inc. (USA).

The contract for 18.8 million rubles for the development of the service of electronic registered letters for the Electronic Postal System, as well as the sole supplier, was received by Luxoft Professional LLC. The owners are Luxoft International Company Ltd (Cyprus) and Luxoft UK Ltd (Great Britain). It is worthwhile to seriously think about the role of Minister Nikolai Nikiforov and the head of Post of Russia, Dmitry Strashnov. For example, there is a reasonable question why the only candidates for the Russian postal order were foreign and little known in Russian business offices Luxoft International Company Ltd and Epam Systems Ltd.

And why Nikiforov and Strashnov did not give the order to domestic firms that could fulfill it no worse than foreign ones. Does not it smell like a banal pullback, which two officials received at the expense of budget money. And money, once again note, considerable. Did not provide these contracts to Russian developers? In Russia, after all, there are many own companies that perfectly develop high-quality software.

How billions are spent

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications fell into a major scandal in connection with the audit of the department by the RF Accounts Chamber. Its auditors found that the ministry misappropriated as much as 1.7 billion rubles. The case concerned the construction of a science city in Kazan. As suggested by the Accounting Chamber, the Ministry of Communications proposed to make changes to the budget: to allocate 5.7 billion rubles in 2012 to Inopolis and in 2013 to 3 billion "for the purpose of creating and developing the innovation center" Innopolis ". These assets were to be contributed to the authorized capital of JSC "Innopolis".

However, in the capital of Tatarstan, another office called Innopolis was discovered. It was registered in the same tax inspection as the first JSC. She has the same general director - Evgeny Danilov (formerly head of Rostelecom's subdivision in Tatarstan). But another authorized capital - 100 thousand rubles, and, of course, other OGRN and INN. As a result, on December 26, 2012, the Ministry of Communications transferred 1.7 billion rubles to the new "Innopolis", which was illegal in the opinion of the auditors. Where, in the end, huge state money went, God knows. And, of course, to Minister Nikiforov.

Chemezov's friend

Everyone knows that the young and quick minister of communications quickly found himself on a short leg with the all-powerful head of the state-owned corporation Rostek, Sergei Chemezov. So, all communication resources of Rochtekh are located exactly in the above-mentioned company "Innopolis". By the way, in the middle of 2014, the ex-head of the staff of the general director of Ak Bars Holding and the head of Kamchat Gazizov, who is part of the holding company IT Co., (also known to the general public as the owner of the Pertsov restaurant) became the head of one of Rostekh's most promising areas Time in the field of information technology.

It is known that "Ak Bars" is very close to Nikiforov. Moreover, 1.7 billion subsidies of the Ministry of Communications for the IT city of Innopolis were on the accounts of the private bank Ak Bars. Obviously, the structures of Rostekh and Ak Bars will soon be connected to the development of 18 billion rubles allocated for the import substitution of software. And this means that "kickbacks" through offshore companies can go to Nikiforov, Chemezov and top managers of "Ak Bars". And here is a rationalization proposal for reducing intercoms and Internet access points. With savings of one and a half billion rubles annually. This Klondike for the Ministry of Communications. And where these billions to start up, its head will find and in it it is not necessary to doubt.