Money likes the air

Dagestan was declared the capital of financial crimes. But why then the money moves out of it and not in?
More than a year in Dagestan is a large-scale operation to clean up the financial sector. The Central Bank of Russia has officially declared war on "illegal banking operations" in the country.

License revoked, arbitration courts adjudicate bankruptcy, credit institutions are closed. However, no major player name the informal sector are not made public.

In March 2013 made it clear at the highest level: in Dagestan coming financial security operation. According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, opened "unprecedented theft and falsification." Dagestan immediately dubbed the largest obnalnoy office of the country (according to the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, the number of banks in Dagestan three million is second only to St. Petersburg and Moscow). Medvedev stressed that the situation in Dagestan banking sector undermines the country's economic stability. "This is absolutely unacceptable. It is a crime, "- outraged Premier.

The situation was also spurred by the fact that Russia, presided over that time as part of the "Big Twenty» (G20), has made the theme usedankovskogo supervision and control one of its priorities in the agenda. Against this background, the scandal with bank fraud in the southern republic made skeptical of all claims of the Russian side about the pursuit of "purity of the banking sector."

The reason for the beginning of the war were the two unrelated events. Bankruptcy Dagestan Bank "Express" in January 2013, and the arrest in March of the same year in "Vnukovo" Moscow airport employees of the private security company "Karat-1."


March 28, 2013 at the airport "Vnukovo" were arrested 20 employees of PSE "Karat", carried in bags of about 600 million rubles in cash. About this hands-free operation, and how the market was arranged black money in Dagestan, "New" wrote in detail (material Roman Anina "obnal-2", number 68 dated 26 June 2013). Since then it became known new details of the resonance of the case.

"Magomed Karatov created his own company in 2007 - said the" New "one of the major Moscow obnalschikov. - Strong guys in the sport braidtyumah transported cashed money from Dagestan to Moscow. Very quickly, their services have become so in demand that "Karat" has become a monopoly in this market. Daily chopovtsy drove to the capital for at least half a billion rubles. The secret of success - personal guarantee Magomed carat. Whatever amount or transported, carriers are not appropriate a penny. Although Moscow siloviki "pinching" them mercilessly, periodically "squeezing" money either at the airport or outside it. But criminal cases never came. "Problems" has led only to the fact that Karatov reduced fee for transportation to 0.3% of the amount to 0.11%. "

In 2013, for "Karat" took seriously, detention at the airport held no traffic police and the FSB, the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service.

When the detainees were taken to court for Solntsevsky a preventive measure, the judge refused to arrest chopovtsev. "We were told: article 172 of the Criminal Code" illegal banking activities "- economic, all persons involved in the case have not previously tried, and grounds to conclude them in custody there, - says one of the ex-operativeIkov Ministry of Internal Affairs, conducted the arrest. - It was possible to leave only detained for 72 hours, and we began to think what to do next. "

After 72 hours in case number 57324 added another criminal article - 210-I - "Organization of criminal society." Article severe where no arrest is no longer enough. At that time, the case led the management to investigate organized crime and corruption of the Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry. Magomed karate and his brother Mahammadrasul - As part of the investigation of the owners of "Carat" were arrested. During the investigation, the opera came not only to large customers, whose money "karatovtsy" brought to Moscow, but their patrons in the FSB and the Interior Ministry. (Most of the names have already appeared in the criminal case against Dagestani banks "Ruby" and "Antares" (2007). Then, the investigation has found out that through these two small bank "Moscow businessmen" for the year were washed 88 billion rubles.) But the figures were so high that the investigation did not dare call out loud their names. Therefore, the leader of the OPS "absent" in a period of five months.

As a result of a long search, the investigators came to the district of Dagestan deputy Levashinskom Abdulla Hasanov. On the one hand, there is evidence of its cooperation with "Karat", and on the other - he is a deputy, and thus the legislative language "spetssubekt" which could well kryshevat transportation money to carriers providing unobstructed passage through the VIP-zone at the airport. And in August 2013, was prepared a resolution on bringing AI Gasanov as a defendant. So in a criminal case "karatovtsev" appeared the leader, and the Interior Ministry investigators finally got rid of "inconvenient" case, transferring it to the main SCR control. By law, the criminal proceedings against "spetssubektov" has the right to investigate only the main Department of the Investigative Committee. Hasanov declared wanted.

Detained deputy recently, and quite by accident. Hasanov lived in Dagestan, especially openly. But in early March this year, he went on a bus from Makhachkala to Volgograd. The deputy did not take into account that after the terrorist attacks in Volgograd (bomber, blew up a passenger bus in October 2013Yes, it came from Dagestan in this way) the security measures have been strengthened. And on the first post of DPS when checking passports of passengers Hasanov Abdullah Ibrahimovic, born in 1962, he was arrested ...

According to the decree to prosecute as the accused Hasanov created and headed the criminal community in 2011, is engaged in illegal banking activity. The roles of all participants were strictly divided. At the request of Gasanov brothers carat "created separate subdivisions" and systematically engaged in "Movements derived from Hasanov cashed money from Makhachkala to Moscow." According to the investigator, the organized criminal community (OPS) operated from 2011 until 28 March 2013, during which time OPS members washed about a half billion rubles and "removed from the illegal activities of income on a large scale in the amount of not less than 45 million 426 720 rubles. "

Version seems to be slim, if not a statement the press service of the Interior Ministry immediately after the arrest chopovtsev at the airport: "According to investigators, the participants of the inter-regional bodyized groups for seven years without the necessary licenses and permits documents were engaged in illegal banking operations, which resulted in the "shadow" sector of the economy is derived more than 100 billion rubles. " The dates do not add up either carat began to work at the request Hasanov in 2011, or they have already attended seven years' market. " Second question or two, it was laundered 1.5 billion rubles, or - more than 14 billion per year, as claimed by the Interior Ministry's press service.

The criminal investigation continues.


At the end of January 2013 the Central Bank revoked the license of the bank's "Express" - the largest in the North Caucasus. The license has been withdrawn not because of money laundering, as most banks, and for the intentional removal of assets. The scale falsification of financial records "Express" has become the largest bank in the country. As a result of the Central Bank checks were identified fraud in the record amount of 7 billion rubles. Such large-scale fraud in the banking sector in Russia isIt has not been fixed.

Created in 1994, the bank "Ex-Press" in 2012 became the largest population of working with a private bank in the whole of the North Caucasus Federal District. It was the only bank that is on the scale of public services could be compared with the branch of the Savings Bank in Dagestan. "Quite often, we use the following methods, - says one of the former employees of the bank, - the head of the budget organization to make generous gift," Toyota Camry ", for example. And next month, employees of the company learned that from now on will be paid in the bank "Express".

As a result, depositors of the bank have become hundreds of students and teachers of Dagestan major universities, members of the Makhachkala club "Anji", employees of regional administrations, heads of administration of Dagestan, law enforcement agencies and other budgetary organizations. Therefore, review the license of the "Express" became a national scale disaster.

"Until the last day of the bank could have been saved, - said the former head of the National Bank of Dagestan Sirazhutdin Ilyasov. - CB to nthe last one of the day did not want to revoke the license. " That is, the bank could save. However, the founders decided to go the other way and before the bankruptcy, later revealed checking bank squeezed like a lemon. Moreover, it was found that over the past three months in the bank were 11 thousand new investors. Fictional were not only citizens' deposits, but loans granted, securities, banking insurance fund itself, and even theft of property of this cash, which said the bank's employees. Deposit Insurance Agency argues that the founders of the bank, knowing about the bankruptcy, intentionally falsified documents, increasing the number of contributors to the paper, to get compensation after bankruptcy.

"According to my information, there were not only fictitious deposits were real people, - says lawyer Dagestan Rasul Kadiev, representing dozens of investors who still can not return to their savings. - But in each case it is necessary to prove the truth, and that, given the state of the bank's financial records, it is very difficult. "

Also, although one of the conditions imposed with CBRnktsy, according to which it was not allowed to change the founders, from a list of 15 names of "disappeared" nine, the most famous of which were the names of relatives senator from Dagestan Ilyas Umahanova. Comparison of the founders of the lists in September 2012 and in January 2013 shows that the composition of the founders of the two sons disappeared Senator Murad Umahanov, who owned a 1.11% stake, Magomedsalam Umahanov - 20%, and the nephew of Sultan Umahanov - 1.25 % of share capital.

Rumors that Umahanova family is the beneficiary of the bank's "Express" went a long time and have been confirmed during the hearing in the Arbitration Court of Dagestan. And the fact that the Sultan Umahanov holds the post of deputy chairman of Sberbank's North Caucasus may partly explain the success of "Express".

Several criminal cases against the activities of the bank's "Express". Given the scale of the theft, the largest of which was transferred to the Department for the economic security of the central apparatus of the FSB. The criminal investigation continues.


The results of the offensive of the Central Pothese Dagestan.

Replace the head of the Republican National Bank. In place Sirazhutdin Ilyasova came Mikhail Chernoy: experienced manager who knows how to work in "conditions of war", as the experts say. The banking sector is badly pinched. Of the 28 Dagestan banks survived only 16.

At the same time Moscow seems less draws attention to the opinion of the local bankers. "We have less understanding of what criteria licenses revoked - says the head of the Association of Banks of Dagestani Ali Aliyev. - April 17 licenses lost another Dagestani Bank - "Caspian". In just a few months earlier, the Central Bank carried out its review. Based on its results, with little debt and a recommendation to merge with another bank "Caspian" left afloat. The founders were determined to save the bank, went association with one of the banks in Nalchik. And suddenly, the central bank deprived of his license. "

In the case of the bank "Express" Arbitration Court of the Republic swamped with claims of depositors, in criminal cases is still no defendants, and none of the 15 founders of the bank did not become a defendant in the case. "Byratovtsev "shut down, but it does not mean that the flow of money cashed from Dagestan to Moscow stopped. Just now it is done the old fashioned way - by private couriers. Everyone can deliver 5-10 million, receiving a couple of notes on 5 thousand rubles. That is why flights Makhachkala-Moscow still crowded "business people."