Money of "Russia" was spent on the US elections?

Correspondence about Clintons' visit to Kiev at the personal invitation of the owner of SC "Russia" Viktor Pinchuk disappeared from the State Department's website.
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In today's already a kind of race the candidates for US president may see another piano in the bushes - Viktor Pinchuk, Dnepropetrovsk oligarch and chief frontman main lobbyist of Ukraine projects in the West. His appearance in the election campaign, Victor Pinchuk is obliged to Hillary Clinton - until recently the undisputed favorite of the Democratic Party for the post of President of the United States.

Hunting for Hillary

On the way to victory, Hillary Clinton became the focus of "writing a scandal." She was accused of using a private account in official correspondence at a time when it served as the US Secretary of State (2009-2013 gg.).

And I must say, FBI investigators undertook this investigation with great pleasure. US media believe that in this way they are going to get even for the fiasco, which suffered when trying to conduct a similar investigation against General Petraeus. Former CIA chief used his special an account for the "drain" of secret documents that he sent biographer and mistress.

Few US political circles somnevalsthat in this way the opponents of Clinton's attempt to legitimize the practice of war of compromising and strike her candidacy already on the distant approaches to the White House. Then it turned out that the Clinton Foundation has received about 30 million US dollars from the well-known Canadian businessman Frank Dzhustry, shortly after Bill Clinton flew on one evening in Astana, where the supper in the campaign with Nursultan Nazarbayev. Then Dzhustra became the proud owner of copies of uranium, which he eventually sold - first in the stock market, then the structures of Rosatom.

But in the last election campaign itself did not have time to accuse Hillary: The publication of stories about the "friendly dinner" the former president of the United States far away from uranium copies marked the end of her presidential ambitions. Nevertheless, they (ambition) appeared again. And emerged a new story on the financing of Clinton Foundation - the Clinton Foundation family.

Friendship family businesses

At this time the role of "chief villain and corrupt elements" is registered for the Victor Pinchuk - in-law of former President Leonid Kuchma, and, accordingly, a billionaire.

exitq from Dnepropetrovsk Pinchuk has long been a "Western face" of the Ukrainian elite. But the last ten years he has particularly insisted courting Clinton family, including daughter Chelsea and her husband Mark. The last visited Kiev in January 2012 at the personal invitation of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. In the library of declassified State Department telegram has then US Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft, who shares with the chief (Hillary at the time and led the State Department), the details of the visit. At the same time he specifically stipulates Pinchuk role in the launch of the world political orbit of Chelsea Clinton. Interestingly, the later it is a letter missing from the published correspondence Hillary, though traces of it and kept in the electronic database of the State Department.

Contact Hillary became the object of attention of the FBI. It is especially concerned about their contributions to the Clinton Pinchuk Foundation, which amounted to 13 million US dollars. This tiny by the standards of the presidential election campaign amount. However, proving the link between that contribution and Hillary, law enforcement officers can effectively thwart its attempts to "pre Washingtontable".

First of all, because any financing of the presidential campaign from foreign sources is strictly prohibited by US legislation. There is another, far more threatening serious consequences circumstance. We are talking about the origin of these funds.

Pinchuk and "Russia"

Autumn 2013 has become an ordeal not only for Ukraine as a whole, but also for the business empire of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in particular. In November 2013, Interpipe company controlled by tycoon, ceased to service the loans. As a result they have been restructured.

Then EastOne Corporation, also controlled by Pinchuk, lost the insurance company "Russia", which has had its license revoked by the Russian regulators. Subsequent investigation revealed that one of the oldest Russian insurance companies (Pinchuk became the owner only in 2009) has become a victim of deliberate looting. January 28 at the court session on the case of bankruptcy, "Russia," the head of the interim administration Eugene Zhelnin company said that in September 2013, were withdrawn about 6.5 billion mantasd rub., through the sale of promissory notes offshore company "Svatozar Enterprises Limited." Payment of bills proved impossible. The elimination of "Russia" continues and is far from complete.

After some time for the Insurance Company "Russia" followed OSZH "Russia" in the portfolio which were also outstanding bills from the "Svatozar Enterprises Limited" in the amount of approximately $ 15.4 million. The documents on the progress of proceedings in this case can be found on the page created by the creditors " Russia. "

"Svatozar Enterprises Limited" has a nominal shareholder of both "Russia" and was considered a tool through which the insurance business in Russia ruled Viktor Pinchuk.

Traces of these are now looking for money "in the bins," the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The last time money Dnepropetrovsk clans US tax authorities have found in the United States in the late 90's. After lengthy legal proceedings in cases of money in prison was a former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko.

But this time may be under attack already a client of Dnepropetrovsk enterprisepreneurs, part-time US presidential candidate. There is little doubt: as in the past, opponents Hillary will try to play this theme to a minimum to make some concessions. It is also easy to suggest how important it is for employees of the electoral headquarters of Clinton's hush up the scandal. Informed observers have noticed the recent extrajudicial agreement, which came from Dnipropetrovsk oligarchs Pinchuk Kolomoisky (together with a partner last Bogolyubov). Instead of having to fight to the last in the halls of the London Court, Kolomoisky and his partner chose to agree to pay Pinchuk US $ 500 million. This amount would be enough to settle that issue with the affected creditors and to remove political tension.