Mordashov sponsored United Russia from his Cyprus offshore

The financial assistance of the party in power turns into exclusive rights to access government contracts.
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The party "United Russia" has become a profitable investment of capital: businessmen who donated millions for a political organization not only beat off this money on billion-dollar government contracts, but also themselves become at the helm of managing state budget flows, acquiring deputy mandates. At the same time, public procurement prices for such benefactors turn out to be too high, and they themselves are not always clear on hand.

Power conversion

According to the CEC, only in 2018, United Russia received 620 million rubles of sponsorship from 240 legal entities. In turn, the sponsors themselves compensated their last year’s losses for the party’s business with interest, ensuring access to government purchases and earning 80 billion rubles from them, The Insider found out. The publication provides several examples of successful or relatively successful conversion of financial assistance from United Russia to deputy mandates.

Thus, the owner of the Barnaul-based Algorithm company, Alexander Taicher, transferred 5 million rubles to United Russia and was included in their party list, and then became a deputy. True, now the prosecutor's office is seeking his expulsion from among the people's representatives for concealing incomes.

Alexander Nechaev, a deputy of the City Duma who owned the Arkhangelsk LLC Sevzapdorstroy, was with both hands for the reconstruction of roads in the city, and his company. Thus, his contribution to United Russia in the amount of 1 million rubles turned into a contract, and in just one year, Sevzapdorstroy, which is managed by the son of an enterprising United Russia party, earned 1.6 billion rubles from public procurement.

State Duma Deputy Alexander Bryksin, a former shareholder of Kurskrezinotekhnika, who transferred his assets to trust management, in 2018 declared 107 million rubles of income. “In 2015, Bryksin intermarried with the leader of the Tambov-Malyshevsk OPG Gennady Petrov - they are Swat. At the same time, Kurskrezinotekhnika became the counterparty of the Ministry of Defense - the company supplies rubber mooring fenders for the Black Sea Fleet, ”journalists say.

The publication does not exclude that United Russia could be declared a foreign agent, since last year it took 8 million rubles from Severstal Management, founded by the Cyprus offshore Frontdeal Limited. The company is controlled by billionaire Alexey Mordashev. In an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the only participant in the legal entity who sponsored the EP is a Cyprus company, and according to the law, political parties cannot accept money from those firms where the share of foreign participation exceeds 30%. “Severstal Management itself does not earn on public procurement, it is done by its subsidiaries and controlled organizations,” indicates the online publication.

Philanthropist builders

Skillfully and with a hundredfold return of their donations, given to United Russia, road and construction companies, given the traditional corruption of these industries. So, “Uralmostostroy”, as soon as it transferred the party of power 30 million 800 thousand rubles, began to regularly win tenders in Bashkiria and Perm. Over the year, the company has mastered about 2 billion rubles, almost always acting as a sole supplier. Interestingly, the customers were not embarrassed by the criminal cases being conducted against Uralmostostroi, nor by the fact that the head of the branch of CJSC Andrei Cheremisov paid kickbacks in absentia to the arrested ex-governor Mikhail Yurevich.

Having increased the “gold reserve” of the party by 11.5 million rubles, Petrozavodsk Karelstroimekhanization, JSC, as the sole supplier, was able to sell the city a new kindergarten building for 300 people for 247.2 million rubles. Given that the construction of a new building of this kind would cost the state budget 140-160 million rubles.

The Moscow authorities handed over contracts for the construction of the second line of the southern doubler of Kutuzovsky Prospect and for the modernization of the junction at the Salaryevo metro station - by 10 billion rubles to the United Russia account of 12.5 million rubles. In total, in 2018, the company earned 26.3 billion rubles from public procurement.

“It is also possible that the company’s CEO is Farit Khaidarov, the former top manager of large companies in Kogalym, when Sergey Sobyanin was the mayor there,” the online edition suggests. At the same time, and outside the capital MISK comes with an amazing success. In particular, the contract for the reconstruction of the bridge in Yaroslavl was given to him, and not to competitors who offered services for lower prices and higher qualifications of specialists.

Unbeatable prices

As in the scandalous situation with the procurement of food for the Rosguards, the sponsors of United Russia win contests, despite the fact that they offer goods at a price higher than retail. So, Nizhny Novgorod LLC SK Center, which contributed 2 million rubles to the party cash, signed a contract with kindergarten No. 28 at prices almost one and a half times higher than retail prices. In particular, a sponsor sells a kilogram of bananas for 77 rubles, although they are sold at 48 rubles in the nearest store. For pork the kindergarten pays the sponsor of the party of power 458 rubles against 250 rubles, which it costs in Nizhny Novgorod.