Moscow and Moscow region have the highest overstaff ranking

There are nine members of support staff for each deputy of Moscow City Council.
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Despite the orders of the president and prime minister to reduce bureaucracy both at the federal and regional level in many subjects of the federation of the situation has not changed. "Izvestia" analyzed the staffing in the legislative assemblies of all subjects of the federation and made a rating of the regions where the number of the local unit of doom is much higher than the number of deputies. The top three most bloated entered Moscow, Moscow Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

At the initiative of Vladimir Putin is actively fighting the growth of bureaucracy. So back in 2009 on a straight line with the citizens of Russia, Putin said the need to reduce the number of officials. In 2014, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has instructed the Ministry of Finance to provide draft proposals to reduce the number of state employees by 10%. According to him, Russia's modern needs, efficient, yet compact state apparatus, people oriented queries.

"News" decided to conduct its own investigation, since regional Sachsrany as executed federal recommendations for redundancy management.

The leader in the number of the device to the regional legislative assemblies was Moscow - here 400 apparatchiks 45 deputies. It is followed by The Moscow region - 334 administrative staff by 50 deputies of the regional Duma. Third place went to Krasnoyarsk region - 333 administrative staff by 52 deputies. The top ten also includes: Chechen Republic, Republic of Crimea, Chelyabinsk City Council, the Legislative Assembly of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, Samara Region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Duma of Stavropol Territory is largest unit on the 10th place (see. Table).

All those hundreds of assistants to regional budgets and costing taxpayers tens of millions of rubles a month. Thus, the average salary in the apparatus of the Moscow City Duma (MHD) - 80 thousand rubles, that is, the cost of staff per month are about 32 million rubles.. In Mosoblduma "News" reported that the average salary of the employee is equal to 50 thousand. Rubles, the monthly salary of all employees is about 17 million rubles. In the Samara region the average salary of close toaround 35 thousand. rubles, the number of the device in 187, the total monthly payment is 6.5 million rubles.

It is interesting that, for example, for children in orphanages caring much fewer staff. Thus, according to statictike 2014, the total number of staff in children's homes in Moscow is 8.52 thousand to 3 thousand orphans (3: 1).. And this despite the fact that a lot of children with disabilities in the metropolitan institutions requiring special attention and care. In the Moscow region registered 1.5 thousand. Orphan, and the total staff of 2204 personnel (less than 2 employees to the child). In the Chelyabinsk region in the 4 th. Of orphans 3401 accounts officer. In the Samara region of about 12 thousand. Orphans and only about 2 thousand. Employees.

Chairman of the Board of the regional branch of "Fair Russia" in Moscow, the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation Alexander Agayev angered Moscow City Duma and the work of other regional legislative assemblies and believes that the apparatus in Moscow deputies bloated.

- What do the members of Moscow with a huge machine of 400 people? Hand the meeting considered the issue a maximum of 1-2 and 7-8 are awarded diplomas. They actually do not do anything, do not handle any sensitive issue of Muscovites, and this association of schools, hospitals and liquidation, and paid parking - something that really excites people. Do not write and do not take any serious legislative initiatives - resents Ageev.

According to him, if you reduce the size of the bureaucratic apparatus of MHD is 90%, then the effect of the activities of the capital's deputies will remain the same.

- If it really worked in the Moscow City Council, it would be a lot of useful initiatives for the Muscovites, and the people before the deputies simply can not reach. Moscow announced 20% cuts machines officials, and the Moscow City Duma can be about 90% cuts to state and change nothing. Worse definitely would not - said Ageev.

Chairman of Moscow City Duma Commission on Legislation Alexander testes told "Izvestia", that the staff of 400 employees is needed because of the high population density in the capital.

- If you count the number of voters on the number of employeesin the machine, then Moscow will be the last place in the country. We have a legal line of work, but also there is also representation of interests, and it turns out that we have 12 million people account for 45 deputies. If we take Moscow region, there 50 deputies accounted for 7 million people. The device allows you to have a representative function in his constituency for citizens to engage in the processing and queries, which are then discussed by us. This is directly related to the number of voters - said the testes.

With his colleague from MHD agree deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Aleksandr Anikanov, who also notes that the reduction of some of the staff thought performance does not change.

- Now the hard times in the country and there is a tendency to optimization. Given the fact that the Legislative Assembly of the work itself is very time-consuming, it's like gold dust washing - the mountain of documents you want to view, prepare and get what you need. For this work required serious experts and professionals who work in the systemdecades. Yes, we have a staff of technical employees, a reduction of some will unnoticed - he says. - But our region is one of the largest and most populated, it is clear that here we need a sufficient number of staff employees. Last time we leave for many municipalities and traveling seminars, round tables, and we need a workable device.

Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies Alexei Zudin believes that every case of a bloated apparatus is necessary to understand separately, noting that the number of members of the staff may be several times greater than the number of employees of the deputy, this is normal.

- Another thing - the part of these people. There is always the danger that they will take to an acquaintance. As in his time at the dawn of Soviet power its outspoken critic Arkady Averchenko this situation is worded as follows: "Take your daughter on a typewriter to type." But this circumstance depends on how seriously MPs are to perform their duties as depotTat housing professional, - he says.

Strategic Communications Center President Dmitry Abzalov notes that with respect to the number of the device is important to understand about any subject of the federation in question and how the regulatory framework in the region.

- In most cases, the unit is engaged in norm-setting - draws initiative of our deputies in the regulations. By the way, the machine must be added the assistant deputy - official and volunteer. It is not the financial position, but still political - he says.

The expert also noted that the parliamentarians of different levels often assistants and took charge of the spouses, adult children and parents to provide an additional source of income.

In Mosoblduma and legislature of the Samara region noted that they intend to cut aid.

- Moscow region - a relatively large region, whose population exceeds this figure seriously in other subjects, and state the size of the device depends directly on this criterion. operating systemmainly a lot of members of the staff make the lawyers - told the press center of the Moscow Regional Duma.

In the Samara Regional Duma "Izvestia" we were told that they plan to cut staff apparatus.

- I do not have information on the number of employees of the Legislative Assembly of the device, but I can say that the general policy of budget optimization touched us and the region plans to cut budget costs until the application of such measures as reducing the unit, - said the deputy Samara Regional Duma Alexey LESQUIN.

Earlier, in February, members of the Amur region came to a decision on the reduction of the unit from 69 to 65 people. In addition, in the Voronezh region also decided to reduce the unit from 85 to 76 people.

But in recently logged in the Russian Crimea, on the other hand may soon increase the apparatus of the State Council of the peninsula. Sami representatives of the peninsula explain such a device need to solve major problems that require additional staff.

- Just over a year, as the Crimea became the subject of Russia. In many ways, we beghiring from scratch, in addition, there are many, and current affairs. Now we will have a vast reservoir of work: already in the last year we took about 200 laws, and the same should be taken in this, - said the representative of the Crimean State Council of the Federation Council Sergei Tsekov. - To do this, we need to state a sufficient number of lawyers, secretaries, and other professionals. I do not exclude that in the near future to achieve the objectives we have not only failed to reduce, but to increase the apparatus of the Legislative Assembly.

But the Moscow City Duma does not intend to reduce staff. Head of Public Relations and Media unit of the Moscow City Duma Lyubov Fomina told "Izvestia" that the Moscow City Duma in fact the whole period of its existence, had a significant number of workers of the device.

However, many regional parliaments are able to operate at a ratio of deputies apparatchiks about 1: 1, and some allow themselves to the machine below the number of deputies.

For example, in the Bryansk region of 60 deputies of the hardware for 62 employees in the Altai Republic41 deputies - 44 apparatchik, in Dagestan on 90 members - 99 apparatchiks in Mordovia 42 apparatchiks enough for the functioning of the Legislative Assembly of 48 deputies in Chuvashia 44 deputies do their jobs when the device state is present in 47 people in the Kirov region of 54 deputies is necessary 43 administrative staff, in the Pskov region 44 deputies work at the state of the device in 31 people without problems.