Moscow quietly plays into the hands of Ukrainian oligarchs

The Russian government forces the Crimean authorities to return requisitioned property.
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It seems that the Russian Ministry of Economic Development of Ukrainian oligarchs sat associates from among those who sponsored the "Maidan" and unleashed a civil war in the Donbas. Do not believe me? Then how to understand what is said to the deputy's request Communist Nikolai Kolomeitseva Deputy Minister Yevgeny Yelin? And she told the following: the Russian government ordered that the Crimean authorities have developed a mechanism for the return of nationalized after the reunification of the Crimea with the Russian property.

It should be recalled that the ownership of the Crimean peninsula deprived of power is only the most notorious oligarchs uniquely stained themselves the events of two years ago - the movers and shakers Igor Kolomoisky Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk billionaire Rinat Akhmetov and Sergey Taruta (the last two DNI authorities recently banned from entering the People's Republic of). And virtually all other Ukrainian the rich kept their Crimean property - it is not so long ago reported, "Our version of" calling by name the oligarchs and transferring their assets in the Crimea. Consequently, the Ministry of Economic Development Russia intendedXia to force the Crimean authorities to ensure that those returned seized from notorious Kolomoisky, and Akhmetov, Taruta?

If you believe the answer to the deputy's request Kolomeitseva signed by the deputy head of the Ministry of Economic Elin, the issue of property restitution Ukrainian oligarchs have already considered at a meeting of the Russian government, and the final decision taken. As it became known, until June 10 this year from the Crimea and Sevastopol leadership is required to determine "the procedure and criteria for decision-making on the appeals of individuals and legal entities on the issue of return is in the private ownership of property." In other words, someone in the Russian government (or LED) plays along to some of the above three Ukrainian tycoons.

They say that to the return of nationalized property decision could be involved Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Kozak. According to his press secretary Ilya Juice, a decision on the nationalization was "in a sense, forced" and concerned "not only critical infrastructure on which this decision was made mandatory, but those objects which were spopolar situation. "

The intrigue as to how to perceive the scandalous decision of the government in the Crimea.