Moscow will spend 10 billion rubles on the future park

The city is trying to attract private investment for this VDNKh project.
The fact that the Moscow government will send in the next year to 10 billion rubles. Park to finance the future of "ENEA", "Vedomosti" told several employees of the municipality. According to one of the interlocutors, the funds provided under the program "Economic development and investment attractiveness of the city of Moscow" for the city property department. Consequential amendments will be made in Moscow Address investment program (AIP) in the near future, said one of the mayor's office employees. While there for the future park is incorporated only 1.55 billion rubles.

Personal participation

At the initiative of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin exhibition complex returned historic name - Exhibition of Economic Achievements (instead of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre). He promised that he would personally lead the headquarters for the restoration of the exhibition objects.

The allocated money will go to the city to design the first phase of the future park, amusement production, as well as the reconstruction of buildings and facilities, said the representative of the Soviet Era.

To revive the ENEA Moscow Government launched almost three years ago. ENEA combined with botanical garden and park "Ostankino" (area of ​​the complex is now more than 520 ha), dismantled outlets began to restore the pavilions. In 2015, we developed the concept of ENEA "Tsentsiper" Ltd. and consulting company Strategy Partners Group; ENEA later reworked it. The complex should be created seven theme parks - Central alley of the future park, a park "Ostankino" Landscape Park, Park crafts, knowledge and Park Expo, a spokesman ENEA.

According to him, the future of the Park - a project of high-tech amusement park on an area of ​​26.9 hectares in the southern part of the ENEA, its architectural and town planning concept of developing the Russian Kleinewelt Architekten bureau. "Park of the future has been an international consortium, a large professional team, where our office acts as a partner of the architectural project", - confirmed Nikolay partner Kleinewelt Architekten Pereslegin. According to him, the park planned attraction "City with extreme slides" universal theater with 1,000 seats, and the whole area will be covered by a giant ride "The Sun". Previously it was assumed that the park will be used multimedia devices, video projections, interactive simulators and augmented reality technology.

The concept of ENEA 2015 Future Park, which included a Ferris wheel and amusement, was the most expensive project, investment in it was estimated at 74 billion rubles. Told "Vedomosti" representative of the present value of the project ENEA refused. Ferris Wheel worth 12 billion rubles. already building group "Regions" companies. In addition to wheel "Regions" Ferris complex erected at the South entrance of the Exhibition Center, which is located on 6.9 hectares and will include (will be 43 476 sq. M total area), a large indoor mall, multiplex cinema and a zone with restaurants and cafes. The wheel will be put into operation in 2018, the representative of the "Regions", said.

Exhibition of Achievements of the national economy - the world's largest exposition, museum and recreational complex, receives over 24 million visitors a year. Manages complex JSC "ENEA", 100% owned by the Moscow government. The company's revenue in 2015, according to "SPARK-Interfax", amounted to 1.65 billion rubles, net profit -. 128 970 000 rubles.

Former consultants ENEA evaluated the total investment in the reconstruction of the fairgrounds in 163 billion rubles., How much today is estimated this program, representatives of ENEA not say. But close to the JSC "ENEA" the source assured that allocated from the Moscow budget of 10 billion rubles. - Only a small part of the necessary investment in the future of the Park. According to "Vedomosti" the source, the city authorities are searching just for this project by private investors. The project will be implemented in 2018-2019 gg., The contractor will determine on a tender basis, said a representative of ENEA.

So far, the largest investor ENEA - city. The AIP for 2016-2019. the construction and reconstruction of ENEA inherent 16.4 billion rubles., another 347 million rubles. - To buy objects. .. Some of the pavilions on the territory of the complex - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. - are being restored at the expense of these states; financing the reconstruction of the thematic pavilions took the state-owned corporation ( "Rostec" United Rocket and Space Corporation). In June this year, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin opened the first new park - Park Craft - an area of ​​25 hectares on the site of the former town of livestock in the northern part of the Soviet Era. It opened artisans workshops, restorers, artists and industrial designers.