Mystery of VTB Bank

Why VTB declined to publish its ranking and report the salary of its head Andrey Kostin.
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The Russian state bank VTB did not publish the rating that it has assigned a rating agency ACRA. It turned out that the management of the credit institution did not like the level at which analysts estimated the bank. This is not surprising, VTB is not the first time refused to ratings for the same reason. I do not like, apparently, the bank, and when the media publish information about the salary of President of VTB Andrey Kostin. State Corporation then fit to adopt the motto: "Opacity!".

Raising self-esteem

For any company, especially a leading international business, it needs a high rating. And as for the bank even more so, for the rating - an assessment of its solvency. From him, for example, depends on the conditions under which the credit institution will be able to place bonds, that is, to borrow money. And many weighty players in the financial market have strict rules: only work with those banks, whose ratings are at certain levels. If it even easier, you can compare the hotels. Anyone who wants to stay in a good hotel, never chooses two or three stars. That is why the luxury hotels of the few stars more. In the end have a high rating - it is prestigious, it's solid. And for the state bank - a matter of honor.

Apparently, this explains the fact that VTB declined to publish the rating that it has assigned a credit rating agency analytical (ACRA). Bank on the terms of the contract have the right to do so. And now the public is unlikely to recognize that such analysts have written about VTB. The media found out that they could not sufficiently flattering to respond to the bank, which did not suit its top management. Perhaps bankers, unlike ACRA, considered the situation in VTB much better. Anything can be possible, and the rights of the bank. But it's worth noting that the state corporation and rating agencies, in general, the relationship is quite complicated.

Light my agency, tell

Beginning in 2014, the year. Yet nothing portends a crisis in which the country will soon be in general and banks in particular. International rating agency "Fitch" lowers the rating of VTB. Bank do not like it. They say that for several years do not buy services from this agency. "Fitch" answers, making an assessment free of charge and on their own initiative. Then around Russia has not yet developed that are extremely unfavorable political situation, so there was no reason to accuse the agency of bias and wanting to hurt the Russian organization. Moreover, the agency is respectfully informed that can not evaluate such a systemically significant bank. VTB, in turn, said that foreign analysts do not have complete information about the bank, and their assumptions do not correspond to reality. As a result, "Fitch" VTB has withdrawn its ratings.

Now, in Russia, the law of the rating agencies, according to which preference is given to Russian analytical companies. And here's the thing turned VTB did not like the way it assessed the foreign agency. But domestic companies also do not trust. Based on available information, and those and others, according to the State Bank, understate ratings. That is, VTB is to please not get anyone. What gives rise to two assumptions. Either the analysts really can not assess the merits of the bank. Or, the rating agencies act as a mirror, on which has been criticized VTB.

Boundless limit opportunities

On the other hand, if you carefully study the information space, the mind gets crazy idea: "Do all the rating of VTB need?". Against the Russian companies are financial sanctions, the international capital market, for which the rating is an important indicator, is still closed. And in Russia, and so everyone knows that VTB - one of the largest state-owned banks, and its head Andrei Kostin - one of the most powerful bankers and the general people of the country. He verbally firmly guard the interests of the motherland, and in an interview with Western journalists to protect the president attacks. Yet he can stand up for the singer thieves songs, who is suspected of large-scale fraud. After application Kostina Court declines artist house arrest. At the same time, VTB, although a public company, is sometimes ahead of other state corporations opacity. We are talking about salary manager.

Strictly speaking, this aspect is not considered a mandatory attribute of publicity. But in a country recently managers of state companies publish information about the salaries of top managers. In addition, there Forbes magazine, which publishes an annual ranking of their income. So, in the latest list, Andrei Kostin, although ranked third, but specific data about its remuneration magazine is not published. It was only recently revealed that it was the decision of the chief editor Nikolai Uskov. A little earlier editions of journalists, allegedly wrote a letter to the owner of Forbes Alexander Fedotov, because they suspected that he was interfering in the editorial policy. It is because the amount of revenue Kostin has not appeared in the magazine. And he was the only one of 25 top managers, which in this column was blank. What else on earth, ranking the bank needs with an impressive reputation?

The measure in Russian

Well, if someone and need a rating, why not take advantage of this statement of Andrei Kostin. At the forum in Davos, he asked about the future profits of the bank said that VTB will not be difficult to earn 100 billion rubles. And the banker used the following expression: "In light 100 into light." I think it will be a perfect measure of the bank. Rating "in the lungs." Or you can do as the international rating agencies, which are still using icons "+" and "-" (eg AA + and BB-). Then, if all of VTB will then assign a rating of 'B + light ". And if something goes wrong and the bank did not get the desired profit, then, one can always say "oops, a small mistake".