Naftagaz and Kerimovs absorbed billions of DIA in YaNAO

Property and money are already being sought in the British Commonwealth. "Russian Capital" has put forward claims for 2.2 billion.
On the oil service market of Bolshoi Tyumen, a new federal scandal has ripened. In the epicenter of the conflict were the assets of the holding company Naftagaz, to which billions of claims have already been submitted by a structure controlled by the state corporation AHML. Observers are waiting for new resonant bankruptcies and litigation with financial organizations, indicating that the roots of the crisis go to another scandalously known oilfield service - RU-Energy Group. Insiders point to probable kinship ties of beneficiaries of structures that owe billions rubles to creditors, the Karimov and Babaev families, "and, perhaps, a well-planned withdrawal of assets." While oil companies and banks are trying to get money back in the courts, the arbitration managers have already begun to look at offshore zones - billions and assets could be dissolved in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands.

Oil service market of Big Tyumen expects new shocks: observers speak about preparing resonant bankruptcies, multibillion-dollar proceedings with banks and the repetition of the scandalous history of RU-Energy Group. At the moment, in the epicenter of the conflict, LLC Noyabrskoye Oil Recovery Enhancement Agency (Noyabrskoye UPNP) has already turned up. The enterprise engaged in repair of wells was included in the large oilfield service holding "Naftagaz", connected with businessmen Tokay and Tural Kerimov.

Thus, the bank "Russian Capital" (100% owned by AHML) in total managed to collect from the Noyabrskiy UPNP more than 2.2 billion rubles in courts. The state corporation "ASV" joined the proceedings, which became the legal successor of the finstruktura in the litigation. As follows from the arbitration documents of Moscow and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, a large debt was formed in the framework of property transactions with the Moscow company "Research and Design Institute" General Plan ", and the credit organization bought the right of claim.

The ability of the "Noyabrsky UPNP" to repay such a volume of claims raises serious doubts among market participants. The interlocutors indicate that the parent company, JSC NG-Management (formerly Naftagaz, one of the founders - Tokay Kerimov, the main shareholder, according to the Kontur.Focus system data, Tural Kerimov), is already in the bankruptcy proceedings. And the creditors of the latter in court pointed to the probability of a purposeful initiation of bankruptcy by an affiliated structure.

However, in order to assess the scale of the forthcoming conflict, it is necessary to consider several additional circumstances. First, according to open information, previously the Noyabrsk Oil Processing Plant together with Naftagaz-Bureniye LLC, Transport and Logistics Company LLC, Sibneftegazmash Plant OJSC and a number of other assets were part of a large Naftagaz company operating in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District , KhMAO, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Tyumen and Tomsk regions. Some of the above companies are declared bankrupt. Active work with oil companies is continued only by OOO Naftagaz-Burenie, in which at the moment they deny connection with the UPNP and the Kerimovs. According to the "Contour.Focus" system, the company was replaced in 2016 by the founder: instead of OJSC "Naftagaz", Finance Finance became active, 99.9% of which belongs to Og Investments Limited (Cyprus). The managing company was JSC "Naftagaz", in which in 2017 Tural Kerimov was listed as the general director.

Observers familiar with the activities of Naftagaz do not rule out that "in this way the asset was simply protected from future bankruptcies."

Circumstance two: Tokai Kerimov two years ago already fell into the epicenter of attention, including the federal media, in connection with another resonant bankruptcy. Then it was about the insolvency of the Volgograd drilling equipment plant - at that time one of the largest enterprises in the industry, whose only owner was Kerimov. Only Sberbank claimed more than a billion of the company's debt.

The third circumstance: Kerimovs, according to market participants, are directly connected with the president of the scandalously known bankrupt of OJSC "RU-Energy Group" Azad Babayev. According to the information of the system "Contour.Focus", Azad Babayev and Tokimov Kerimov were in their time the founders of OJSC "RosMashExport". In addition, Naftagaz OJSC in 2013, for example, claimed, for example, the purchase of OOO KRS-Service (Noyabrsk), controlled by RU-Energy Group and engaged in "other services in the field of oil and natural gas production gas. "

However, insiders, who talked to Pravda UrFO, say that they are talking about much closer ties. In particular, they cite the words of the president of the Federal Lezghian national-cultural autonomy, Arif Kerimov, who spoke of the detention of his nephew Javid Babayev, "the general director of one of the largest Russian plants for the production of oil drilling equipment" (the quote was posted on the autonomy website, ). Note that according to the data of Kontur.Focus, Babayev Javid Kamalovich was once one of the founders of RU-Energy Group.

"As far as I know, they really can be in kinship ties, but even more interesting are the economic ties that can be traced back to Naftagaz and RU-Energy Group," one of the market participants shares his view of the situation.

As an example of such links, the interlocutors of the publication are led by the bankrupt company "Transport company" Yamaltransservis ". "Naftagaz" was the owner of the organization. Yamaltransservis had a debit for hundreds of millions of rubles, formed at the expense of the debts of the holding's structures. In June 2014 instead of "Naftagaz" comes "RU-Energy Group". This occurs before the filing of lawsuits on Babaev's structures. There is a feeling that a bad asset was thrown specially into the sinking "RU-Energy" (it was declared bankrupt on May 15, 2015. - Ed.), "Says the source of the publication familiar with the bankruptcy of Yamaltransservis.

Now, according to the interlocutor, the Yamaltransservis deals are actively challenged by the bankruptcy trustee, who, incidentally, has previously revealed signs of a deliberate bankruptcy of the enterprise.

"Based on such circumstances, the assumption is made that the organizations connected at the expense of the founding relatives probably contributed to the withdrawal of the creditors' funds from the affiliated assets. Therefore, it will not be surprising if the market receives a new "RU-Energy Group", - says an informed insider.

Note that at the moment bankruptcy of RU-Energy Group continues, and multibillion claims to the organization were made by Sberbank, Novikombank (controlled by Rostek Holding Company) and FC Otkritie.

Personal bankruptcy passes and Tokay Arifovich Kerimov. Volzhskiy Metallurgical Plant Krasny Oktyabr JSC filed an application with the court, reporting a debt of 1.36 billion rubles. In one of the most recent cases of the case, the financial manager insisted in court on sending requests for legal assistance to the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus and the Virgin Islands regarding property, including information on movable and immovable property, bank accounts, participation in the capital of legal entities in relation to Tokimov Kerimov and the succession of his probable relatives.