Naked blonde brought Judge Igor Makarov before retirement

The surveillance cameras recorded a man who looked like a judge in the company of a naked woman in the Krasnodar Territory. To extinguish the scandal, Mr. Makarov resigned with full monetary content and preservation of status.
On Tuesday, the Qualifications Collegium of Judges (KKS) of the Stavropol Territory granted the resignation of the chairman of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Stavropol, Yuri Makarov. Mr. Makarov decided to leave the court system after scandalous entries from CCTV cameras appeared on social networks and on the YouTube channel, where a man similar to a judge shoots a naked blonde at one of the Krasnodar gas stations, with whom he arrived. The application for the resignation of Mr. Makarov, who gained fame as a judge in the production of which were the cases of Chechen fighters, was considered without his participation.

A scandalous video, filmed by surveillance cameras at one of the petrol stations in Krasnodar, appeared in early August on the pages of "Typical Krasnodar" and "Krasnodar Tin" of the social network "VKontakte", as well as on the YouTube channel "Naked girl at the gas station."

The video, which is mounted from two cameras and consists of three fragments, clearly shows how a white Mercedes drives into a gas station, from which a man and a naked woman exit. Then the couple enters the store, where the girl makes a purchase, pays for her card, and her companion removes the whole action on the phone. Then the car leaves with refueling, and the camera records that everything happens on August 3, 2018 at four o'clock in the morning.

After someone from the advanced users broke through the numbers of foreign cars, it turned out that the car belongs to the Stavropol judge Yuri Makarov. The journalists, who after that asked Mr. Makarov questions about the scandalous video, explained that he does not have anything to do with the recording: he does not look like the person who accompanies the blonde, especially since neither his wife nor his friends recognize him, but the video is simply someone's HYIP. Agreeing that the numbers fixed by the cameras really coincide with the signs of his car, he also stressed that his Mercedes has other design features, and he himself was not in the Krasnodar Territory in 2018 yet.

The appearance of the discrediting video was connected with a long criminal case against one of the Chechen field commanders, which he considered in 2002, appointing the defendant 16 years of a strict regime colony, after which he allegedly began to receive threats from the unknown.

Indeed, as a judge of the Stavropol Regional Court, Yuri Makarov in the autumn of 2002 reviewed the case against the chief of staff of Chechen fighters Said-Magomed Chupalayev, nicknamed Titanic, and appointed him an impressive term. True, the Supreme Court of Russia in May 2003 verdict Chupalaevu revised, and the sentence was reduced to seven years. And a year later Said-Magomed Chupalaev left the colony on amnesty. On the other loud processes of Mr. Makarov nothing is known. In any case, the decisions on the last cases, which he considered as a judge of the appellate instance, left the sentences of the courts of first instance unchanged.

According to the information that the judge managed to inform unofficially colleagues, he actually drove the girl, but picked her up out of pity on the side of the road, where she stood in what her mother gave birth to.

Whatever it was, the scandal ended with the filing of Yuri Makarov's resignation, which, according to unofficial information, he wrote after a call from the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, in his statement to the CCS, he stressed that he was not pressured and decided to resign from the post of chairman of the Oktyabrsky district court of Stavropol independently.

All the participants of the collegium decided without a long hesitation to "fully satisfy" the petition for Yuri Makarov's resignation. Thus, he almost completely retained his monetary maintenance (and it can reach several hundred thousand rubles), the title of a judge and a guarantee of personal integrity.

The reasons for the resignation were not considered, since nothing was said about them in the statement of Mr. Makarov, and he himself in the same statement asked his colleagues to consider his application without personal participation. Nevertheless, as the chairman of the qualification college Tatyana Samoilova said, the council of judges, despite the resignation of Mr. Makarov, will conduct a check on the fact of the incident at the gas station.