Nastya Rybka gathered in deputies

How they live after a scandal and imprisonment in a Thai prison Nastya Rybka and Alex Leslie.
Escort model Nastya Rybka, the heroine of the sensational story with oligarch Oleg Deripaska, calls herself a former political prisoner and is going to go to deputies. After serving almost a year in prison in Thailand, she and her pickup coach Alex Leslie, as the Interlocutor found out, broke up. So now they are both (in every sense) free.


“Scandal with Nastya Rybka” or “Fish Gate” is a political scandal that occurred in February 2018 after the fact of informal relations between a Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska and a member of the Russian government Sergey Prikhodko, as well as possible sexual relations between Sergey Prikhodko and an escort employee agencies Anastasia Vashukevich (Nastya Rybka). ”

“Everything is the same with me”

When Pattaya police arrested him for illegal sex training and sent Alex Leslie, Nastya Rybka and their friends to the local prison, Leslie’s father, a scientist Sergei Kirillov, confessed to "Interlocutor": he believes that his son will be able to get out of trouble, he will get in touch with sex trainings and previous lifestyle.

Alexander Kirillov (Leslie's real name) did not live up to his father’s hopes, he still conducts sex trainings, and judging by his page on the social network, he has even more of them than before. This year, Leslie's party does not fly to Pattaya for a week-long training, as it was for several years in a row, but away from prison - to Rio de Janeiro.

“Everything is exactly the same for me: I conduct trainings and deal with a cardioproject (together with my father they developed a medical household device that monitors cardiac activity. - Auth.),” Kirillov Jr. cheerfully says. - Now we are entering the sales phase.

"What is hiding Rybka"

True, there is one ambush - with books. Leslie is the author of almost a dozen best-selling pickup cars, before the scandal with Oleg Deripaska, there was a demand for them and they were republished in decent print runs. This sex guru gave new clients who came to him to train to learn pickups already in practice. According to Alexander Kirillov, now for reasons unknown to him, these books are not reprinted, and the fate of his new creation is in question.

After a Thai prison, Leslie wrote the book Go to Fish. What is Nastya Rybka hiding? ”, Based on all known events, and promised new details. According to him, the book was supposed to be published by Eksmo publishing house in May, but its publication was constantly postponed.

- The book was already in the printing house, but the project was returned, and I don’t know if the alterations will be again or will it be banned altogether. The editors, who have been working in the publishing house for forty years, say they are faced with this for the first time. Who needed to wrap up the book at the typography level? - intrigues Kirillov.

What happens to Leslie’s books, we asked Tatiana Kashirina, PR manager of the EKSMO publishing house:

- The editors began work on the new book in May, when Alex Leslie submitted the manuscript. From this moment we, together with the author, worked on the text. Only in the fall did we switch to prepress preparation - typesetting, proofreading readings and other internal processes. At the moment, we are in the final stages of preparing the book. To date, A. Leslie has two books for sale in print and seven in electronic form. The publisher has plans to reissue them in paper form, taking into account demand and seasonality. The most popular book by Alex Leslie, “Hunting for the Male,” was printed in August 2019.

“The bailiffs were not”

In the same water with Fish, Leslie no longer swims. The girl accused the mentor of the fact that his advice led them to a Thai prison and the coach of him was actually so-so. After Navalny’s investigation, based on Nastya’s book and instagram, the girl severely hyped, announced that she was raped by an oligarch on a yacht and attracted even more attention to the corruption scandal.

According to the pickup trainer, the reason for breaking up is as old as the world - female jealousy. In prison, he promised to marry Nastya to support in a difficult moment, and when he left, he gave a turn from the gate.

- I supported her there in a purely friendly manner, but still I am a pick-up coach, and my family and relationships contradict my life principles. Of course, she was very offended, ”says Leslie.

He is sure that Nastya will now cope with everything herself and, in general, she is doing pretty well. Just a couple of years ago, she was an unknown girl from Bobruisk, and today “Nastya Rybka's name is a brand”, she “can monetize him”, at least “open stores”, at least “lead social movements in defense of women's rights”.

By the way, about monetization. Neither Leslie nor Rybka paid Oleg Deripaska 500 thousand rubles each in compensation, as the Ust-Labinsky court ruled.

- No documents came to us, the bailiffs did not appear. I think Deripaska was important satisfaction, to prove to everyone that he is right, and we are wrong, - shares Alex.

There is no news in the criminal case brought under article 240 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Involvement in prostitution”). Leslie and Rybka were detained by him in the Sheremetyevo transit zone when they returned from Thailand.

“Nastya is going on this case as a witness, she has not been summoned for any interrogation for a long time,” said her lawyer Dmitry Zatsarinsky.

“A fabricated criminal case is very expensive,” Leslie said. - It was just necessary to show us that they could get us both in Thailand and in Russia.

“Former Political Prisoner”

We wanted to ask Nastya if she manages to monetize fame, but, alas, Rybka talks to reporters for money. One and a half thousand dollars is an acceptable fee for her, but we do not pay for the interview. Recently, for the Belarusian edition - still fellow countrymen - Nastya made an exception.

The girl said that she opened her school of seduction, that is, she now conducts training herself and, in a sense, is a competitor to Leslie. However, this does not bring a lot of money, it contains a beloved man, the proof is an expensive ring on a thin finger. Nastya has recently lost a lot of weight, apparently, months in prison affected her health.

Rybka devotes a lot of time to her school of seduction, puts out daily posts in which she talks about life, men, sex and other. In the announcements for webinars, he positions himself as “the ex-mistress of Oleg Deripaska” and “the former political prisoner”. Nastya writes briskly, but there is no excitement. On Instagram, she has only 110 thousand subscribers, she has a phone number for cooperation, which can not be reached, and not a single advertisement. Brands are in no hurry to use her services, but sometimes Nastya, as she puts it, “visits” customers. At the end of October in Minsk she was invited by the Black Star Burger as a star at the opening of the next cafe. Six months ago, she appeared in an advertisement for bonds of a Belarusian company, in which she discusses the amount of interest.

A little ring on the finger and stories about a beloved man who cannot be called and shown are the usual excuse for escort girls. How do you check this?

“She is unlikely to ever get to the oligarch’s yacht with such a reputation, but it may be interesting to some customers because it’s media,” says an employee of one of the capital's escort agencies.

Anastasia Vashukevich (Rybka's real name) wants more than just the glory of the seducer of the oligarchs. She recorded two music tracks, stated that she was going to run for parliament in her native Bobruisk, and made an appointment with Lukashenko in person. You never know.

Expert Opinion

Fish, like Spider, have no chance

Does the "former political prisoner" escort girl Rybka have chances to become a deputy in Belarus, we asked political analyst Alexei Makarkin:

- Firstly, in Belarus the elections are controlled and the situation depends on the Belarusian president, and he will not want to see any Rybka. Secondly, even if there were more democratic elections, they would still not vote for it. In Russia and Belarus, voters are responsible for the elections, and we already had such cases. For example, when the musician Spider was running, he did not succeed, therefore, the option of Rybka as a deputy is incredible. I understand that such people are guided by the experience of the Italian pornstar Cicciolina, but she came from a radical party, and not as a self-nominated person. This is an exception, and Rybka has nothing to do with it.