Natalia Rotenberg will release family sweets and cocktails

Natalia Rotenberg, the former wife of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, decided to register the Rotenberg and Rotenberg trademarks. The ex-wife of a businessman launched her own confectionery line.
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Since the end of 2018, Natalia Rotenberg, the ex-wife of billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, through her own IP Rotenberg N.S. (the date of birth of the entrepreneur N. Rotenberg coincides with the date of birth of the ex-wife of the businessman) filed several applications for registration of trademarks with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. In particular, according to SPARK, since December last year, she has been trying to register the Rotenberg and Rotenberg brands.

Rotenberg intends to register these trademarks for various categories of goods and services - the production of perfumes, clothes and shoes, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and even programs for telemarkets (3,18,25,30,32,33,35 classes of MKTU). So far, there are no solutions from Rospatent on these trademarks.

When asked by RBC whether Arkady Rotenberg was aware of the ex-wife’s intentions, his representative did not answer at the time of publication.

But the service approved Rotenberg applications for other marks, also for classes related to perfumes, cosmetics and food production. So, from the beginning of summer already registered: "Natalia Rotenberg", a graphic image similar to the coat of arms, with the inscription Natalia Rotenberg, the trademark Varvara (Barbara is the common daughter of Rothenberg's former spouses), Prince Albert is Prince Albert, The First Lady, and Margo and The World of ARISTOCRATKA.

Nothing is known about the release of products or companies on most trademarks. But The World of ARISTOCRATKA was the new project of the ex-wife of a billionaire.

How did the “Russian citizen R." get divorced?

The marriage of Natalia and Arkady Rotenberg lasted from 2005 to 2013. The divorce proceedings, which began with the decision of the justice of the peace in court plot No. 160 of the Tushinsky district of Moscow, then continued in London (Rotenberg appeared in the case file as “Russian citizen R.”). In court, the ex-spouse of Rotenberg tried to achieve the recognition of the marriage contract as invalid (if the claim was satisfied, she could apply for half the state of the businessman). The process ended in July 2016. As Natalya herself later said, she did not receive a share in the ex-spouse’s business following the divorce, agreeing to confine herself to real estate and other property: “He didn’t lay claim to anything, he gave everything that we had gained during my period. I treat my spouse very well and always put him on a pedestal. ”

The registered trademark of The World of ARISTOCRATKA was the new business project of the ex-wife of a billionaire. In February, Rotenberg participated in the professional conference of the food market of the XIV All-Russian Food Forum. In the reporting materials from the event, her photo was posted indicating that she is “the owner of the new ARISTOCRATKA confectionery line”.

According to the description from the project website, granola, drinking water and confectionery (cookies, sweets, chocolate, marshmallows) are produced under this brand. "Gracefully conquering the hearts, Natalia represents the" World of the Aristocrat ", which she believes will instantly captivate you," the product description says. Based on the privacy policy, at least the site is managed by Segreta London Ltd (although it follows from the data of the British registry that it was liquidated back in 2017). The company’s website contains the Segreta logo and the inscription coming soon (“soon”).

I did not find official information on where the new brand products are produced, or on the places where RBC was sold. In the Russian Instagram account of the brand there is a video from the marshmallow production line and the Moscow geotag. In the brand’s posts, references to the retail chains Magnit, ABC of Taste, Lenta, Perekrestok, Auchan and others are also frequently mentioned.

The X5 Retail Group (owns Perekrestok) knows nothing about the confectionery project of Natalia Rotenberg. They do not work with the brand in the ABC of Taste either. Auchan and Lenta networks did not respond to a request from RBC at the time of publication.

Representatives of the brand itself did not answer RBC requests either to official mail or to social networks.

What other business does Natalya Rotenberg have

After the divorce proceedings with Arkady Rotenberg, Natalia remained the owner of several companies - the construction NR Property Developments Limited, the design firm NR Interior Design Limited, a company specializing in organizing events Natalia Rotenberg Events Limited, and the British branch of the Natalia Rotenberg Foundation Limited charity foundation. However, in January 2019, as Open Media found out, she tried to liquidate companies specializing in real estate and events. The corresponding notice of voluntary closure was received by the British public commercial register Companies House, however, the later liquidation of the construction company at the request of a third party was suspended. According to the latest available financial statements (April 2016 - April 2017), the company's debt obligations amounted to £ 238.7 thousand and exceeded the capital. The last officially registered action is the address change notification dated May 15, 2019: the company moved from the central district of London to the suburb of Windlesham.

In Russia, in addition to the entrepreneurial entrepreneur, she heads the Natalia Rotenberg Charity Fund, where she also acts as a co-founder. According to the organization’s reporting, in 2019 this fund raised about 1.1 million rubles. from foreign organizations or states, another 3.5 million rubles. - from Russian organizations and individuals. Everything was aimed at charity, sports, cultural and social events.

Contact Natalya Rotenberg through her representatives, lawyers, social networks, the official mail of the brand at the time of publication failed.