"Natalie Tours" is not going to return money for canceled tours

The tour operator threw its customers at $ 15 million, and the total amount of claims to it reaches more than $ 20 million. This is almost 8 times higher than the sum insured.
Tour operator "Natalie Tours" still does not return money to customers for canceled tours, "Interfax" quoted the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Irina Tyurinu. Because of this, tourists demand a refund of money from travel agencies.

Due to reduced demand, rising fuel costs and the volatility of the dollar, Natalie Tours began to face liquidity problems. Since the end of June, the company canceled charter flights to a number of European destinations, and since July 2 canceled all tours until the end of the summer season, said the president of the tour operator Vladimir Vorobyov. Today he did not respond to the requests of Vedomosti.

According to Tyurina, the terms for the refund of money, laid down in the documents, "long gone," but "no one received anything." The tour operator does not react to claims and requests, "most likely just dragging out the process," she said. Individual payments to tourists were, insisted the general director of the association "Tourist" Alexander Ossaulenko. According to him, now tourists can apply to the court for claims for payments.

 "Natalie Tours" still did not apply for termination of activities, said a representative of Rosturizm. According to the service, "Natalie Tours" is insured for 150.5 million rubles. under contracts of insurance of a civil liability and on 5,9 million rbl. in the funds of personal responsibility. At the same time, insurance companies can only pay money after the application for termination of activity has been submitted.

The debt of the operator is much greater: "Natalie Tours" owes customers about $ 15 million, Tyurina informed. This amount does not take into account debts to partners. In mid-July, "Natalie Tours" reported 6000 applications for a refund, the number of victims may reach 30,000, the amount of damage - 1.2 billion rubles., Writes Interfax. So far, according to him, 800,000 rubles have been paid for annulled tours, the newspaper writes. The representative of Rosturizm and Osaulenko did not confirm or deny this amount.

Since September 3, 2018, amendments to the law come into effect, according to which Rosturizm itself can stop the activities of insolvent tour operators, recalls Osaulenko. The representative of Rosturizm notes that so far there have been no decisions on this issue.