"Natalie Tours" was kicked out of the list of Russian tour operators

But the affected tourists will not help much: at the best, they will receive scanty compensation for the money stolen from them. Responsibility for this guide and management of the tour operator is not going to be borne.
The Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm) excluded from the register of tour operators "Natalie Tours", follows from an order published on the agency's website. Under this brand were three legal entities - Panorama Tour, Travel Agency Natalie and Tour Operator Natalie Tours, none of them are listed in the Rosturizm register anymore. The reason for the deletion from the register Rosturizm calls "non-fulfillment of obligations under contracts for the sale of tourist products" from July 4, 2018, the document says.

The press service of Rosturizm did not respond to the request of Vedomosti, the president of the tour operator Natalie Tours, Vladimir Vorobyov, did not answer the phone.

In early June, "Natalie Tours" began to have problems with liquidity due to a reduction in demand for tours to Europe (they were specialized in the company), rising fuel costs and volatility of the dollar. Since June 30, the tour operator canceled all charter flights, later canceled all prepaid tours from July 4 to September 30, then suspended the activity altogether, but did not stop it.

Since September 3, amendments to the law on the foundations of tourist activity have come into force: now Rosturizm can exclude from the register of tour operators companies that do not fulfill their obligations. In August, two people familiar with the plans of Rostourism, talked about the agency's intention to exclude "Natalie Tours" from the register of tour operators.

The website of Rosturizm reported that all three legal entities "Natalie Tours" are insured for 150.5 million rubles. under contracts of insurance of civil liability of the tour operator and another 5.9 million rubles. - in the funds of his personal responsibility. The insurer of the tour operator is Ingosstrakh. The main operational activity of the tour operator was conducted through the "Panorama tour", it, in turn, was insured for only 50 million rubles., Reminds the representative of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Tyurina.

This money can be started to pay tourists only after the recognition of the tour operator as inactive, according to Ingosstrakh. She has already started accepting documents from affected customers, said the insurer's representative. According to him, within 30 days a register of requirements will be formed for further calculation of their amount and the amount of payments in respect of each claim.

True, tourists will receive only a small compensation, notes Tyurina. Vorobiev reported on August 21 that "Natalie Tours" received 12,000 claims for vouchers worth $ 15 million (or 900 million rubles). By the time "Natalie Tours" paid only 3.5 million rubles. according to 20 agreements, according to the "Tourist Information" (it was not possible to contact its representative). "Natalie Tours" collected applications for payments to tourists from June 30 to July 4 and she has 90 days to fulfill these obligations, knows a person familiar with the terms of payment.

But the suspension of activities will withdraw from the impact of the travel agency, notes Tyurina: not being able to get money from the tour operator, tourists require them from the travel agents to whom they were paid.

The tour operator can challenge the decision of Rosturizm in court, the general director of the legal agency "Persona Grata" Georgy Mokhov suggests: the law does not clearly define exclusion criteria from the register. Since the amendment to the law came into effect only on September 3, there is no administrative practice on such disputes, he continues: this case can become a precedent. It is unlikely that such an appeal has prospects, said partner of the law firm Sotheby's Anton Krasnikov.

From October 1, "Natalie Tours" planned to resume activities and begin selling tours for the winter season, Vorobyov said earlier: this company will need 700-800 million rubles.