National hooligan scene: what kind of Russia its hooligans represent in Marseille

Fans in Marseille adequately represent the official policies and the mass consciousness of the post-Crimean Russia.
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Russia held a regular small victorious war: on the eve of the first match of the national team in the European Cup group of Russian fans of a couple dozen people fled many times superior forces of English fans in the Old Port of Marseille. A day later, immediately after the match, they were vandalized on the British podium, beating everyone who came to hand, including the spectators with their families and the elderly. The results are disappointing: injured at least 35 people, a 50-year-old English fan, received a crowbar in the head, is dying. As punishment UEFA provisionally disqualified the Russian national team to Euro 2016 all the way (in case of repeated violations of our completely excluded from participation in the league) and has fined the Football Union of Russia at € 150 000 - including racist behavior of the Russian rostrum during a match against England . June 14, French police arrested 50 people from the Russian Union of fans, led by the notorious Alexander Shprygin (aka kamancha) and held for 24 hours. Russian fans were in the top world news (not ewhether they want?), and Russia's chances of losing the World Cup in 2018 is seriously increased.

This shameful episode, maybe it would not deserve such attention, "okolofutbol" has long become a reserve of violence and the closest analogue of World War II, fighting and rampant fans of all countries, occur and the massacre, a tragedy to "Heysel" stadium in Brussels, which took 39 people and led to the suspension for 5 years all English clubs from UEFA club competition .; And Marcel remembers the English fans on the World Cup 1998goda, when they staged a massacre with the Tunisian fans and smashed half the town.

But the difference in the other: in England after such scandals fans unanimously condemned by the society and politicians in the Russian Latter-day football hooligans appear almost as national heroes. The correspondent of "Soviet Sport" Dmitry Egorov carried live coverage of the carnage on Twitter, commenting on it as a football match, admiring the organization and physical training of Russians. Social networks are full of approving buzz about the fans, "slapped onscham "spineless British, to stand up for Russia, as the 300 Spartans; especially popular text from blog sports journalist Andrew Malosolova "Why victory Russian fans in Marseilles port - it's cool!".

What is even more interesting, Russian hooligans backed senior officials: the representative of the Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said on Twitter the reaction of Marseilles authorities, who called the Russian fans' well-trained fighters, "" normal man, as it should be, gives them a surprise. They are used to "men" on gay parades to see ... ". A State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party and a member of the executive committee of the RAF Igor Lebedev (an assistant who is listed Shprygin-kamancha), said: "It's okay do not see the fight fans. On the contrary, well done, our guys. Keep it up, "and later in the interview suggested:" If Mutko was with the fans on the podium, it would also be fought. "

And here it is necessary to recognize an unpleasant one thing: fans in Marseille adequately represent the official policies and the mass of consciousnesspostkrymskoy of Russia.

They are the same hybrid war that is so popular in our propaganda, zasylaya under the guise of "vacationers" well-trained soldiers with the skills of martial arts, selectively and purposefully using force, attacking in unexpected places. The Internet now walk rumors that it was almost the GRU, misdirected to intimidate Europeans, such bulging, organized and sober look at numerous Russian hooligans videos - but leave these lovers of conspiracy theories. It appears that in Marseille composite detachment of fighters "ultras" from different fans' "firm" and sharpened it on the street fighting, attacked inflated beer English "Kuzmich" ordinary fans who did not come to fight and cheer and show off, and some - with their families. One of the Russian fans directly admitted in an interview that we have come to fight: "It does not matter from what cities our fans and what they support the team. It is important that we are from Russia and are going to fight with the British. They always say that they are the heads ofgovernmental football hooligans. We are here to show that the British fans -. Girls'

So even if the Russian troops was not a planned military operation, such rumors do not arise out of nowhere. Firstly, Russia is no stranger to "hybrid" to intervene in the social movements in Europe, organizing rallies and propaganda events, working through the media, fueling anti-immigrant sentiments skillfully interacting with right-wing and neo-fascist movements, supporting the odious populists and separatist regions of Europe. Just as the Soviet Union with the Comintern times conducted subversive activities in the Western countries, Russia also penetrates into the cracks and splits of European society, trying to weaken the West from within, explaining that the total "information war", and alarmed the Europeans see the Russian "ultra" in this light .

Secondly, football fans are really one of the combat power of units, which is experiencing an irresistible attraction to all sorts of groups of entertainers imitating force: Cossacks, bikers and fans. Representatives of SuroO male fraternities call for high tea in the rooms referred to as an example of patriotism, they give grants for the development of civil society - and in the case is sent to the "Russian Marches" and set against opposition rallies and individual dissent. This football hooligans are as far away from football traditions as latex bikers "Surgeon" with banners and ribbons - of rebellion and freedom "Easy Rider" and paunchy Cossacks glued chubami and cardboard orders, professional wrestlers gay and theatrical productions - from honor and the glory of Russian Cossacks; it's fakie era of Putin and Pelevin. In the context of "the public" total simulation in modern Russian protest counterculture become carriers dull officialdom, the treasury of patriotism and lured grantees.

Finally, the Russian fans (at least the ones that fall into the camera lenses) - finished products of official propaganda, reproducing on their shirts and the bodies of all the kitsch cartoon Crimea era and "getting up off its knees": T-shirts with "polite people & raquo; and "its not throw" Budenovka and earflaps with a star banners with bared bears and Slavic Siegfried, children T-shirts with the "Armata" and as the apotheosis of all this patriotic trash - a giant, a half-tribune tricolor with «VSEM PI inscription. .DEC »: for them it seems to be the national idea of ​​the new Russia.

However, it started long before the tumults of the Crimea: the most boorish display great-power chauvinism and racism Russian fans traditionally reserved for foreign trips. In the Czech Republic, Russian hockey fans deployed banner with tanks and promise to repeat in 1968, and in the center of Warsaw football fans staged a march in 2012 in honor of the Day of Russia, nearly provoking a grand massacre of Polish "ultras". In football and hockey stands in full growth rises pumped beer and nauskat propaganda of Russian resentment, takes the symbolic revenge the Soviet empire: Yes, we have lost a great power and have not learned how to play football, but we can still chairs mangled and "on schscham" smack Europeans, "otbutskat" them, kafor once put fansite mot Vladimir Putin. And in the end, not whether he shared the people's wisdom, derived from hard childhood in the St. Petersburg neighborhood: we must first beat?

The term "okolofutbol" very precisely reflects the essence of what is happening: Russia, in spite of the "adult" budgets of the teams and the national team, despite the purchase of world stars (typical strategy superficial modernization), left middle peasants in the world ranking, both in terms of the national championship, and performances by the team - before the start of the European Championship, our country occupied the 29th place in the FIFA world rankings. But at the same time we have very quickly and organically stuck fan movement on the British model: the book of English football hooliganism theorist Dougie Brimson got in the medium fan cult status. Do not become a football superpower, Russia has succeeded in hybrid okolofutbol, ​​splashing into the international arena and its rooted culture of violence socially recognized.

But the same hybrid "okolofutbol" Russia is engaged in Ukraine, not waging open war, but delegating towatering trained militant groups, and in Syria, coming back with its agenda, one bombing it clear objectives, and in Europe, relying on populism, separatism and EU split. Okolofutbol - a substitution of fair play, of the present work, the painstaking cultivation of the institutions - law enforcement actions and demonstrative bullying. We have all the state is not the first year playing okolofutbol and hooligans in Marseille - but his team at vyezde.Fanaty in Marseille just did, and in this sense they are worthy ambassadors of Putin's Russia.

Logically Lebedev MP (nee Zhirinovsky), they should be met at the airport as heroes (meet the bikers from their patriotic Runs), secretly submit to the state awards, as in his time, "polite people" for the Crimea, enter the Public Chamber and the State Duma : football hooliganism in a hybrid Russian - a matter of national importance.