Navalny told about "Medvedev's dacha" in Ples

Alexey Navalny published a video of a huge residence near Ples, which, as he states, belongs to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The latter's press secretary, Natalia Timakova, says that the minister just uses it.   
Origin source
Cottage as a gift

The founder of the Fund the fight against corruption Alexey Navalny posted in his video blog, which talks about the built on 80 hectares of land in the city of Ples (Ivanovo region), "Medvedev secret dacha", which, in the opinion of the Fund, owned by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Bulk argues that the residence was reconstructed in the money and co-owner of Novatek "Sibur" Leonid Michelson and deputy multimillionaire Leonid Simanovsky.

The fact that the residence belongs to the prime minister, according to Navalny, indicate geotags prime minister posts in the Instagram, as well as the presence of three underground chambers under the special communication.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova, in response to the publication of RBC Navalny said that Medvedev said Navalny uses the land and buildings for temporary accommodation.

"Objects, where the prime minister is placed on the temporary or permanent residence, under the protection of the FSO, whether it be a hotel or residence, owned by the state or other property, and are provided with special communication means. You mentioned objects as well as other objects of temporary residence, not in the property, and Medvedev are not used by him and his family members on a different legal basis [than on the basis of a temporary residence], "- said Timakova.

Whose territory

According to Navalny, said land with buildings to Reach the 2012-2014 belonged to the charity fund "Dar". NOVATEK shareholders Michelson and Simanovskiy established in 2006. The fund "Dar" by OOO "Levit" and contributed to the authorized capital fund of 33 billion rubles., "And the foundation of that money began to build a few strange objects and the closed including".

"According to the organization it is very similar to some of Novo-Ogaryovo satellite: the residence of the" first person "fenced inner wall inside the outer perimeter of the hotel for staff, vehicle maintenance, etc. Three helipads (as Putin Gelendzhik), special communications tower, according to the documents we see that there are several underground structures ", - wrote Navalny.

In the period 2012-2014, according to Navalny, part of the land and buildings moved from "Dara" Foundation "Gradislava" previously unknown. This property has not been sold, but simply transferred to the contractual contributions.

RBC has sent a request to the "Gift" fund on Thursday evening, at the time of publication did not receive a response.

"Gradislava" - non-profit foundation to promote the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, according to SPARC-based. Quoted in the base of the fund's website does not work. General Director of "Gradislava" asked the correspondent of RBC Fund to send a request for the "Mail of Russia". RBC also Michelson sent a request through the press service of NOVATEK, the response at the time of publication of the article did not.

old story

Even in 2011, media reported that under Ples is estimated Medvedev residence. "Novaya Gazeta" also wrote about the connection "Dar" Fund the construction of the cottages and Novatek. In an interview with "Vedomosti" in 2011 Michelson in response to a question whether he has put through "Leviticus" in the fund "Dar" 34 billion rubles. and the President (then it was Medvedev) whether the fund is building a residence, he said only that "rumors of such investments are greatly exaggerated" and that he was "not involved" Fund "Dar".

The fact that Medvedev has a summer residence in the Reach, and he regularly visits her, told the correspondent of RBC in August the locals. According to them, the city loves to come, and his wife Svetlana. One of the interlocutors RBC said that he saw the prime minister, strolling along the promenade Ples few years ago, surrounded by guards. Drivers of motor boats "Medvedev cottage" show tour c water.

Leonid Michelson is the richest Russian in the world ranking of billionaires Forbes magazine in 2016. His condition edition is estimated at $ 14.4 billion. His partner, a wealth of United Russia Duma deputy Leonid Simanovskiy took 87th place in the ranking of Forbes magazine «The richest businessmen of Russia" in 2016 with the state, estimated at $ 0.95 billion. According to the magazine, Simanovskiy owns a 1.6% stake in Novatek. He also became the richest candidate in the upcoming elections of the State Duma. In the elections, he is on the list of "United Russia", which is headed by Dmitry Medvedev.