Navalny told about the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika's family business

The protagonist of the new investigation of Anti-Corruption Foundation is the son of the General Prosecutor, Artyom Chaika. 
Fund of Struggle against Corruption (FBK) unveiled the results of the investigation, devoted family members Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, Russia. The publication on the website of Alexey Navalny son of Attorney General Artyom Chaika called Pomegranate owner of the hotel on the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki. Another owner of the hotel, allegedly Navalny is Olga Lopatin, the former wife of Deputy Prosecutor General Gennady Lopatin.

"Olga Lopatin is a co-owner of the company" Sugar Kuban ", together with their wives bandits Kuschevka - Sergei hoe and Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz", - says the publication.

Another co-owner of "Sugar Kuban" is Staroverova Hope, the wife of the Administrative Department of the Prosecutor General Alexei Staroverova, according to the investigation of FBK. He was suspended from his position in November last year, after his suburban home were found members of the "gang GTA", commits a murder on suburban roads.

BCF also found on the Chalkidiki peninsula being built on the seafront villa, which belongs to Artem Seagull. Not far from his houseand the mansion is Olga Lopatina, argue in the fund. Employees believe FBK Lopatina divorce from her husband in 2011. fictitious, believing that the deputy prosecutor general just did not want to declare property in Greece.

In addition, real estate Bulk found Artem Seagull in Switzerland - in 2014 he bought a house, the estimated value of which - about 198 million rubles. Navalny also argues that account Artem Seagull in Switzerland ran a firm of this Federation Council member from Adygea Murat Hapsirokov. Hapsirokov father several years was manager of the Prosecutor General's Office, for a family of Gulls obliged him home on the ruble, found in the fund.
Medvedev reacted to the conflict TFR and Prosecutor General's Office

Besides, FBK suspects Artem Seagull in raider attacks Verhnelenskogo Shipping Company in the Irkutsk region and elimination of state property at least 12 vessels. In an interview, former director of the shipping company Nikolai Singe said that the capture is Artem Seagull. Navalny wrote that two days after the release of the program with this interview Palen was found dead in his garage, criminal debrought about was not, but the official version was suicide. "Novaya Gazeta" published an investigation, stating that the death of burning could be a murder.

Navalny also claims that Seagull Jr. took over and other companies in Russia, in particular, among the family assets - Tiretsky salt mine salt mine Vorobiev in Kaluga, First Non-Metallic Company "Siberian element".
Fiction earnings

Second son of the public prosecutor, Igor Chaika, Navalny also paid attention to. The politician pointed out that Igor Seagull in its 27 years has a "multi-billion dollar business, is completely tied to state contracts." Together with his brother they are "on special terms assigned to state ownership, and cashing in on public contracts," Navalny wrote.

As the "Vedomosti" estimated in October 2015, the youngest son of the public prosecutor Igor Seagulls own portfolio of state orders by 318 billion rubles. Of these, 269 billion rubles. - Contracts with Russian Railways. In partnership with the Kazakh monopoly on the production of sleepers, the owner of "Magnetic" Dmitry Grechanichenko Seagull establishedcompany "T-Industry", which in 2014 acquired from RZD Russian monopoly on the production of sleepers "BetElTrans". The assets of the latter and were long-term contracts for the supply of sleepers Railways until 2017

In addition to the production of sleepers close to Seagull Company garbage from the Eastern and Northern districts of Moscow. These long-term contracts account for 42.67 billion rubles. Also Seagulls structures involved in the change of borders, and road works in these districts of the capital, by winning a competition for 1.4 billion rubles., And preparing for the tender procedure for capital repairs of apartment buildings in Moscow.

Previous projects Seagulls - Dorf for the production of footwear of Chinese parts and the production of fast food "meal for a couple" - were less successful and have been closed a year or two after the launch. Also failed Seagull and ambitious project to build a ring of parks around Moscow: the Moscow region authorities have not found on this funding.

The Kremlin said they did not know the situation related to the investigation of FBK. "No, I have not seen," - said a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, DmitryEskov reporters on Tuesday (quoted by "Interfax").

The Prosecutor General's Office promptly comment on the statements Navalny could not ask them to send an official request.