Necessary for the Kremlin: how Ramzan Kadyrov became a successful federal politician

In the current scenario, the Chechen leader is typical and even necessary for the Russian political system. Its relevance in the Kremlin will remain and may even increase as the overall situation in the country deteriorates. 
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The head of Chechnya - small, with a population of slightly more than 1 million people, the North Caucasian republics - Muslim Ramzan Kadyrov strongly takes place in the all-Russian establishment.

Among regional politicians at the federal level (ie in the first hundred Russian politicians) are usually attended three - the mayors of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Mintimer Shaimiev, President of Tatarstan in 1991-2010, respectively. Two first occupied this position ex officio - as "owners" of the Russian capitals, and Shaimiev was the head of the Federation, in the 1990s, has a strong impact on the relationship between the center and the periphery and affects the formation of Russian federalism.

The appearance on the federal level, Ramzan Kadyrov has happened quickly and to some extent unexpected. What is the reason for the success of Kadyrov, who became the head of Chechnya in 2007, at the age of 30 years?

Firstly, he was able to restore order in Chechnya and to get rid of all his rivals, including those who enjoyed the support of some Moscow politicians and security officials. He created a political system built "personal beliefsTikal power ", sometimes resorting to violent methods. Such policies should impress Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom Kadyrov continually expresses his loyalty - sometimes very extravagant way. For example, he often spoke of his belief that Putin should forever remain as president of Russia, and in October 2014 in honor of the Russian leader's birthday, he gave in Grozny, many thousands (according to the Chechen Interior Ministry - 100,000th) the demonstration. Note that at about the same time, there is no alternative for Putin as the president spoke in 54% of Russian citizens, and this indicates that Kadyrov thinks and acts quite in line with the all-Russian discourse.

Kadyrov and Putin are similar in that they are willing to take personal responsibility for them accordingly headed the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic. Both are prone to so-called manual control, although, of course, in a small Chechnya do it much easier.

In the eyes of the Kremlin's Kadyrov looks the most successful among the heads of the North Caucasian republics. Some Russian polytics even regret that Kadyrov's experience can not be extended to the whole of the North Caucasus, and to some extent, and the rest of Russia.

It is also important that the power of Kadyrov is largely based on his personal, informal relations with Putin, who themselves were formed after the death in 2004 of his father, Ramzan, Akhmat-hajji. Then Ramzan tracksuit literally burst into Putin's office (it is believed that it was skillfully directed) to tell about befallen his grief. It is known that Putin highly values ​​the personal relationship with its political partners, whether it be the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, German Chancellor Angela Merkel or Ramzan Kadyrov. Private Putin-Kadyrov relationships largely determine the interaction between the federal center and Chechnya.

The second factor, which is associated with elevation of Kadyrov - a factor of Islam. Kadyrov status as a Russian politician unexpectedly strengthened thanks to his activity in the Russian Muslim community and even his claims to leadership in it.

In his several years in Chechnya, Kadyrov has positioned itself andak a secular and a religious leader of the republic. He was in favor of the ubiquity of Sharia law, the establishment of the Islamic behavioral norms and adherence to Sharia prohibitions. And this is done openly. Today Chechnya - the most Islamized subject of the Russian Federation: as a result of Kadyrov's efforts are almost full "Islamic Space" emerged within Russia with all relevant attributes. Charisma Kadyrov - especially among the younger generation - is a religious and political.

Recently Kadyrov operates on a national scale. He holds numerous religious activities and on par with the clergy take part in them, financing the construction of (for example, in Yekaterinburg), repair and maintenance of mosques in different cities of Russia. Among them is Moscow. He established close contacts with the leaders of the Muslim Russia - in particular, with the head of the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims Talgat Tadzhutdin and chairman of the Russian Council of Muftis Ravil Gainutdin.

It is significant that, commentsI shot the January edition of the Parisian extremists magazine Charlie Hebdo, Kadyrov did not just focus on provocative placed therein cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad - otherwise it was impossible and expect - but tried to speak on behalf of Muslims around the world, not just Russia. How else to understand the words of his readiness in response to "pick up on marches millions of Muslims"? This statement sounds overly expressive, even infantile, but it clearly discern the almost global ambitions of a young Chechen leader, whom the narrow confines of his country. It is significant that at the same time, Ramzan Kadyrov announced his personal enemy, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who welcomed the reprinting cartoons of the Prophet by European media. There Kadyrov spoke and as a Muslim and as a citizen of Russia to support the authorities.

The third factor: Kadyrov has long joined the Russian foreign policy, and, unlike other regional politicians, he expresses in this respect is much more frequent and sharper. He actively supports Putin's policy in relation to Ukraine and seeks to show that it does not tolto in words but also in deeds. We know him as saying that 74 thousand Chechens are waiting for the order to bring order to Ukraine. Do not forget that in the fighting in the Donbas has attended dozens of people from the Caucasus. (As noted by one of the participants held discussions on the site LifeNews, "Ramzan words to the wind does not throw.")

Kadyrov fully shares the position of the anti-Western ideology and the Kremlin, and accusing the West of provoking the crisis in Ukraine, and in support of the terrorist group "Islamic State" (LIH), which, in his opinion, was created and financed by Western intelligence agencies. Criticizing the West, Kadyrov did not even euphemisms uses, which sometimes use the Kremlin's diplomatic policy.

What's next? How can further shape the fate of Kadyrov as a Russian politician?

In the current scenario, Kadyrov - while taking into account the specificity of the Caucasian-Muslim - is quite typical for the Russian political system. His demand for the Kremlin will continue, and as the general deterioration of the situation in the country can andozrasti. If Putin will continue to remain in power, Kadyrov will not have to worry about obviously for their own destiny.

On the other hand, as the policy of the federal scale Kadyrov for his harsh statements and actions compromise Putin. This is possible - but only in the West, whose opinion the Russian president pointedly ignores.

Kadyrov, a serious problem is that it does not cause sympathy on the part of the Russian establishment, particularly in the security forces, because they are often unable to control his actions. He has a lot of enemies in Chechnya itself, ready when the opportunity to bring with them scores, to avenge the death of their loved ones.

So, Ramzan Kadyrov, was fixed at the federal level, the Russian policy, reaching a very important peak in his career; and I think that unless there is nothing extraordinary, it is here to stay. Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov really need each other.