Nemtsov might have been killed in the autumn of 2014

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation established the exact date when preparations began for the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. This happened in September, 2014. The total payment for the crime committers should have been 15 million rubles. They were ready to murder Nemtsov as early as in October, but an opportunity turned up only four months later.
Origin source
"Rosbalt" was able to get acquainted with the decision to bring charges Ruslan Muhudinova, which was recently put on the international wanted list in the "case of Nemtsov". According to this document, "the end of September 2014." Muhudinov and "other unidentified consequence of individuals with intent to murder Nemtsov BE" Zaur offered Dadaev, Anzor Gubashevu, Beslan Shavanovu, Shadid Gubashevu, Khamzat Bakhaeva and Timerlanu Eskerhanovu "for a cash consideration in the amount of not less than 15 million rubles, that is, self-employed", to remove the policy. Recent and agreed to "united in an organized group."

According to the CCJ, Muhudinov rented an apartment for the performers on the street Fan. Staying there, the attackers began to carefully plan the crime, "a pre-established way of life of the victim, his place of residence, work and frequent stay." For Nemtsov was conducted covert surveillance. According to the document, in October 2014 performers were willing to eliminate Nemtsov at an opportunity, as reported and Ruslan. As investigators believe, "insecond half of October "Muhudinov" at an undisclosed location in unidentified persons illegally acquired suitable for the production of fired 9 mm caliber pistol, which subsequently handed Dadaev Z.Sh.. "Later this weapon and was killed by Boris Nemtsov.

Around 11 am February 8, 2015 the accused came to the house Nemtsov on Malaya Ordynka. When at 21:45 policies went along with the driver in his car, the attackers followed him by car "ZAZ". Nemtsov came to the building of the GUM, where the cafe "Bosco" met with her friend Anna Duritskaya. Chavannes and Anzor Gubashev began to carry a pair of "covert surveillance". And when convinced that Nemtsov and Duritskaya headed on foot towards the house on Malaya Ordynka policy, "filed Dadaev predetermined signal the presence of suitable conditions for the murder."

According to TFR, Dadaev followed the pair from Red Square in the Big Moscow River bridge. Around 23: 31, the attacker made no less than six shots in the direction of policy. Later, experts have determined that the four injuries (chest and abdomen) wasdeadly.

According to TFR Muhudinov doing "organization committing a crime," "provided the participants of the criminal group home", as well as provided them with weapons (previously it he illegally acquired), which subsequently shot Nemtsov.

According to the report of the Interior Ministry, "Ruslan Muhudinov Gelanievich, 13.05.1987 year of birth, is" located outside the Russian Federation in the United Arab Emirates, where he went, using forged documents ". However, the sources" Rosbalt in law enforcement bodies reported that investigators have information about that Muhudinov then returned to Russia, and now may be in the territory of Chechnya.