Nemtsov was killed by a ghost

Records of a video register and weather cameras on Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge make the picture of what was happening before and after the assassination of the politician even more incomprehensible.
Origin source
Boris Nemtsov and his girlfriend Anna Duritskaya a few minutes before the death of the policy were filmed on camera recorder, set on one of the cars. It is noteworthy that there were no records of other people, even in the distance. No fixed time killer approach and the recording with a single outdoor camera that captured the moment of violence. Where did the killer - it is unclear.

Told "Rosbalt" a source familiar with the situation, in the case files of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, there are a number of records with DVR machines, Pass before the murder, and immediately after it. Serious interest is only one of them. A few minutes before the crime car driver was driving down the street and turned Ilinka Big Moskvoretsky bridge. As he was moving at a low speed, high quality video recorder recorded the Germans with Duritskaya go past the St. Basil's Cathedral to the bridge. Girl holds a policy arm, and they are about something quietly talking. Most interesting is that the recording clearly shows, neither in front, not behind a pair of no one. Although Rev.s RF IC, in this moment with them should be Anzor Gubashev and Bislan Chavannes, follows the policy and Zaur Dadaev (as suggested by consequence, the executor of murder) had already started to move to Nemtsov and Duritskaya to commit a crime.

According to the case file, in the Greater Moscow River bridge installed five surveillance cameras. However, on the day of the murder of four of them for some reason did not work, and recording these cameras are missing. As a result, in the case file is a record with a so-called weather camera belonging to TVC channel. By increasing the "pictures" can be seen that the Germans and Duritskaya go over the bridge completely alone. Then they begin to overtake the snowblower, and when it is equal to the pair, because it runs a man (presumably the killer).

Simultaneously with the way snowthrower drove very close to Nemtsov, a parking lot, located at the beginning of the bridge, and on the opposite side from the scene of the murder, leaves sedan with disabled parking lights. When he arrives at the snow-removal vehicle, ran out from behind the truck man jumps into the lungsshku.

When viewing records there is a feeling that the attacker did not go behind a pair of the bridge, as he said in his testimony Dada and as suggested by the RF IC. No other pedestrians in the vicinity of Nemtsov and Duritskaya not observed. The killer or materialized out of thin air, or could appear on the bridge, just looked at him on the stairs, situated just next to the crime scene.

The camera captures the TVC and another interesting point. After shooting Duritskaya ran to the snowblower, stop a little ahead. At this point, the other side of the bridge to the car briskly fit two people. They are about something animatedly talking to Duritskaya, take her by the arm and lead on the very staircase which leads to the bridge. As a result of Anna for a while disappears from view surveillance camera. At this point, next to Nemtsov's body is a young man who was walking across the bridge at a very great distance from the pair and went after the commission of the crime. After 3-4 minutes Duritskaya poyavletsya again, but without the two men, leading her. It is noteworthy that they have no proAkiho mention any fact, any indications Duritskaya. About 12 minutes after the murder at the place pulls vehicle traffic police, "ER" was introduced later.

One of the city's surveillance cameras captured the moment when the alleged accomplices of the murderer (RF IC believes that they were Gubashev and Chavannes) stopped a car, used during the crime, and came out of it. Face it, however, it is impossible to discern. RF IC also managed to find a taxi driver, driving two unknowns from this place in the area of ​​fan of the street where the alleged participants in the massacre of Nemtsov lived. The driver confirmed that the pick up two people, but to recognize them Gubasheva Shavanova and could not, citing the fact that the passengers do not remember faces. According to the RF IC, even on the way to the place where the car was thrown, Chavannes Gubashev and landed Dadaeva and he, too, was getting on the fan-out for a taxi. But bring up his driver could not find.