Nemtsov's daughter was advised not to look for the "paymasters" in Chechnya

Source of Rosbalt familiar with the situation told the news agency what Zhanna Nemtsova had meant, when she wrote on social networks that she was under pressure in connection with the investigation of her father's murder.
Origin source

The girl had a very unpleasant for her conversation with a former close associate of Boris Nemtsov, now heads the largest state-owned company. He recommended that she be satisfied with the fact that in prison are alleged perpetrators policy of murder, not "put pressure on the investigation" and not "inflate" the topic in the media that allegedly exist "clients" killings, which are in the Chechen Republic. "Now the environment of this man is very serious trouble with law enforcement authorities", - said the official, declining to name the name of Joan interlocutor. He also noted that the man was refused, and in a very rude manner.

According to the source, "Rosbalt" Now Jeanne is almost no hope that the "customers" murder of the father will be installed in Russia, therefore intends to seek an international investigation: a special commission with the OSCE or the UN.

In turn, the source of "Rosbalt" in law enforcement believes that it is on the part of Nemtsov's family on the investigation is now seriouslyThe pressure, which prevents the "objective and the establishment of the truth."

Meanwhile, the investigation in respect of those arrested for the murder of Nemtsov is nearing completion. Apparently, the case against them will be considered a military court, because at the time of the murder of the alleged "shooter" Zaur Dadaev employee was acting battalion "North".

How to set the police, after the execution of the policy on 1 March 2015, Dada and other employee "North" Ruslan Geremeev (decoy "Nemtsov's case") once arrived at the location of the battalion, which is located on the outskirts of Grozny. Prior to that in Moscow they were officially on a business trip. It is March 1 can be considered as the official date Dadaeva dismissal, because on that day he was excluded from the list of employees of the battalion. However, after he appeared in a battalion, in particular - to get severance in the amount of 110 thousand rubles..

It is noteworthy that, according to the "Rosbalt" Geremeev still listed fighter "North": officially it is now in the long-term commanderke to implement the security operation. In an equally long trip, from September 2014 to March 1, 2015, he was in Moscow.

Upon arrival from the capital of all persons involved "Nemtsov case" behaved differently. So Beslan Chavannes immediately sent his family from an apartment in Grozny, locked himself in it and almost did not go. He died in detention: he died from injuries sustained from a grenade that fell from his hands. Colleagues Shavanova still, however, do not understand how it happened: in the battalion Beslan was an instructor in throwing grenades.

By the way, Chavannes is one of the most enigmatic figures in the case. From the "North", he retired long before the murder of Nemtsov, was looking for a job as a "soldier of fortune", according to some reports, visited Ukraine. Then came the first time in Moscow, and the next day, according to investigators, became a member of Nemtsov's murder.

Unlike Shavanova, Anzor Gubashev (another accused in the murder Nemtsov), Ruslan and Zaur Geremeev Dadaev, no one is hiding, quietly moved in the republic. But then Dadaev drove in Magas, where he was arrested on March 5. The next day, on his poiGubashev lift off, which is also "intercepted" the security services have in this country. Gubashev and Dadaev initially gave a confession (which, however, differ from each other), but then they were rejected.