Nemtsov's murderer was convicted for 20 years

A verdict was pronounced to Zaur Dadaev and his accomplices.
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The court announced the decision in the case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. The killer Zaur Dadaev was sentenced to 20 years in a strict regime colony. The prosecution asked for his life imprisonment. The remaining figurants received from 11 to 19 years.

"Damage to the verdict"

Ex-serviceman of the Chechen battalion of internal troops "North" Zaur Dadaev was sentenced to 20 years in a strict-regime colony for the murder of Boris Nemtsov's policy in February 2015. He is deprived of the Order of Courage and the rank of lieutenant. Such a decision was made by the judge of the Moscow District Military Court, Yury Zhitnikov, the RBC correspondent reports from the conference room. Dadaev directly shot Nemtsov, the prosecutor's office asked him for life imprisonment. The brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubashev received 19 and 16 years of colony, respectively, Temirlan Eskershanov - 14 years, Khamzat Bakhayev - 11 years.

When choosing the punishment, the court took into account that Dadaev and Anzor Gubashev received positive characteristics from the service, Eskerkhanov and Bakhayev - fathers with many children; In addition, Eskerhanov and Shadid Gubashev have diseases. All of them are fined 100 thousand rubles. And they will serve their sentence in a strict regime colony. The case was examined by a jury; She found all the defendants guilty and not deserving of indulgence.

"The verdict will be appealed to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. The point on this can not be set, "Anna Buirchieva, an attorney for Eskerhanov, told journalists after the trial. "A very dirty process, a very dirty consequence. From the very beginning. On March 5, 2015, Zaur was abducted, and for two days we did not know where he was. He gave testimony under torture, "Shakhrudin Dadayev, the elder brother of the killer, added. "If I knew that he really did, I would never stand here."

"The damage done to the verdict was that there were no organizers and customers in the dock. We, as representatives of Jeanne [the daughter of Nemtsov], will do our best to make this happen eventually. The fact that traces lead to Ramzan Kadyrov's closest circle, and maybe even higher, is undoubtedly true, "said Vadim Prokhorov, a lawyer for the victims. According to him, he would not have been satisfied with any verdict on this case: "I would be pleased if only Nemtsov was alive."

Murder of Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead late on the evening of February 27, 2015 at the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge in Moscow. According to the case materials, that evening the politician met in Bosco Cafe in GUM with his girlfriend, Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya; At about 11:30 pm the couple left GUM and went on foot across Red Square and Vasilyevsky Descent towards Malaya Ordynka. On the bridge in Nemtsov six times fired from a pistol. The oppositionist received three through and one blind penetrating wounds to his chest and abdomen, the killer then disappeared under the bridge. The direct witnesses of the execution were Durickaya and the casual passer-by Eugene Molodykh, who walked several dozen meters behind the pair.

The investigation involved an interdepartmental group of more than one hundred employees of the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service under the leadership of Major-General Igor Krasnov. On March 7, FSB director Alexander Bortnikov announced the capture of suspects. Dadaev and the Gubashov brothers were found in the territories of the Caucasian republics; According to the materials of the case, they left Moscow by various flights almost immediately after the crime; Eskerhanov and Bakhaev were found in Moscow. Immediately, Dadaev was detained in Nazran by Ingush police officers, Novaya Gazeta pointed out. The leadership of the investigative group feared that the investigation would be handed over to the Chechen law enforcement agencies; Then FSB officers without identification signs flew into the police department, where Dadaev was delivered, and took out all the detainees, as well as police officers in civilian clothes, the newspaper reported.

One of the alleged accomplices of the crime, Beslan Shavanov, was killed during the detention. In the report of the deputy head of the service of the Chechen FSB, Alexander Gamayun, it was said that "Shavanov offered armed resistance to the offer of law enforcement officers, throwing a combat grenade into the staff, then activated the second grenade that he had, resulting in injuries incompatible with life ". Other FSB officers denied that Shavanov tried to harm the participants of the special operation and undermined himself almost immediately.

Possible organizer

Three of the detainees, including Dadaev, immediately gave confessions, but soon abandoned them and said that they were given under torture; Dadaev during the trial added that the recognition was dictated to him personally by the head of the investigative group Krasnov. The crime was of a custom character, the performers promised for it 15 million rubles., Reported the TFR. Negotiations on compensation Dadaev led with a certain "Rusik". According to the investigation, it was Ruslan Mukhudinov, who worked as a driver at the commander Dadayev in the battalion "North" - Ruslan Geremeyev. It is his CKR who considers the organizer of the murder of Nemtsov. Mukhudinov disappeared and was put on the international wanted list; The case against him is being investigated separately.

The real organizer of the murder was Geremeyev, the lawyers of the family of the deceased politician Vadim Prokhorov and Olga Mikhailova are convinced. According to sources of RBC, the investigators twice handed over to the head of the RJC Alexander Bastrykin twice a decision to bring Geremeyev as the accused; Both times Bastrykin refused to sign the document.

The case of the murder of Nemtsov came to trial in October 2016. At the beginning of the process, the lawyers Prokhorov and Mikhailova petitioned the court to appeal to Gurimeev, his nephew Arthur, as well as a number of high-ranking officials of Chechnya, who, in their opinion, could be involved in the order and organization of the murder of the oppositionist. Among them, lawyers called the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov, whom Kadyrov called his possible successor. Delimkhanov has a relative to Goremeyev.

As a result, only the ex-commander of the "North" battalion, Alibek Delimkhanov (Adam's brother), was interrogated at the trial, under which Dadaev and Geremeyev served. The signature of Colonel Delimkhanov stands on travel documents, according to which Dadaev and Goremeyev went to Moscow at the end of 2014 (documents were found during a search in an apartment on Veernaya Street in Moscow, which was filmed by the perpetrators of the murder). Delimkhanov in court could not answer almost any question. Including did not explain whether the meeting of Kadyrov, Adam Delimkhanov and Ruslan Geremeyev was really after the arrest of the accused in Jalka village; About such a meeting told "Novaya Gazeta".

"Indisputable involvement"

During the trial, it was established "the indisputable involvement of these people in the murder of Boris Nemtsov," the state prosecutor Maria Semenenko declared in the arguments of the parties. According to her, more people were involved in the crime than the investigation has established, but "there are no superfluous people on the dock". Semenenko in her speech described in detail how the investigation established the perpetrators of the crime. They bought primitive cell phones specifically for coordination of actions and inserted unregistered SIM cards in them. Detailing the negotiations and movements of these "battle tubes" showed that they were used to track Nemtsov, and their owners spent a lot of time in two apartments on Veernaya Street. At some point, Shadid Gubashev made a mistake and inserted another sim card into this "battle tube" - in his name. This is what made it possible in the future to identify accomplices in the crime.

The murder was prepared for at least a few months, the surveillance of Nemtsov was conducted from the end of 2014, Semenenko said. According to the prosecution, Mukhudinov found two apartments on Veernaya Street specially for the preparation of the crime (one rented, the second bought), purchased a car, and obtained weapons. Eskerkhanov was on the alert: the criminals knew that Nemtsov and Duritskaya planned to meet at night either at the Bosco Cafe in GUM or at the bar in the hotel "Ukraine"; Eskerhanov in the evening of February 27 was in the vicinity of "Ukraine" to coordinate the actions of the performers, if the politician goes there. In the future, Eskerkhanov helped the perpetrators of the murder to leave Moscow.

Dadaev was the perpetrator of the murder; Anzor Gubashev and Beslan Shavanov stalked Nemtsov by car. These three were on the bridge at the time of Nemtsov's death. Khamzat Bahayev periodically drove accomplices in his car and participated in the organization of surveillance, but his role in the crime did not detail the investigation. Representatives of victims in the debate questioned the evidence of his guilt. "Who could have hurt Nemtsov so painfully that he had to be killed?" In our opinion, this is an active government, which Nemtsov never tire of criticizing. Customers have to be found there, "said the lawyer Olga Mikhailova in the debate. In her opinion, "the roots of the crime go to the highest officials of both the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic." "The investigation suffered an obvious fiasco, most likely, deliberately," added Prokhorov's lawyer.