"Neva" was buried by the bad season

Travel agency Neva, whose foundation is associated with the name of the ex-chairman of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, kicked the bucket.
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The company's management announced the suspension of activities due to the "bad season". Deceived consider themselves more than 20 thousand customers. Some of them are abroad and expects problems with the return to their homeland.

Guide the oldest St. Petersburg travel agency "Neva" declared that no longer able to perform its obligations to customers. According to media reports, the total debt of the parent company as of 2013 more than 8 million euros. Tourist Market players told "Rosbalt" that the rumors about the possible termination of the existence of "Neva" went three weeks ago. "Many people speculated on" the patient is more alive than dead, "ahead of time to bury someone is always unpleasant." - Said the source.

Thunder started on 16 July. The company published on its website information about the suspension of activities. At this time abroad on holiday, which already can hardly be called a full-fledged, vouchers Mount companies were more than 6000 domestic tourists. Another 17 thousand people have purchased tours and getting ready to go to a warmer climate today or tomorrow, but now noUDD will not go.

A few hours after the storm broke Guide "Neva" has decided to report to journalists. But eventually managers have, for the most part, be attributed to their clients and agents.

"Today, the Board of Directors of ZAO" Company Neva "has decided to suspend the activities of our company. The situation is under control. Tourists who are abroad, will be delivered at home. Working with the airlines is carried out, no state of emergency will not be. About tourists information provided in" Turpomosch ". Rosturizm and return customers in Russia will be provided," - said General Director Maksim Pirogov company.

The cause of the incident he called "bad season". It was announced that in six months the number of tourists fell by 25%. Among the reasons - the events in Ukraine, the dollar and the unstable economic situation in the world.

Will compensate affected insurance company "Rise", which is located in Moscow. Travel agency "Neva" has insured its civil liability to 454,200,000 and the share capital of the insurer,ccording to the Bank of Russia amounted to 156 million rubles on March 31.

But these numbers do not reassure the public. It turned out that agents throughout the day nazvanivayut in "Ascension" office, but the phone no one takes. The call is transferred to the fax.

"Do you have mobile phones - when we enter a room," Ascension ", turn on the speakerphone Why do you say that the insurance company can be reached This is not true.?" - Begged Pirogov angry customers.

Similar requirements are concerned and offices directly "Neva". In the morning, they also could not be reached by the phone no one took. Even the president of the travel agency, Sergei Timraliyev could not get through to his waiting room. Although it was stated that the office will continue to accept clients. Just it seems impossible to break because of the overloaded telephone lines.

Meanwhile, it became clear that the company has only four official offices: three in St. Petersburg (the head is on the first of the Soviet street, 8) and one in Moscow. The rest of the offices, of which there are several hundred, andthey are located not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also in Kazan and Yekaterinburg are working on the franchise.

Reporters tried to ask the top management of "Neva" composition of the company's shareholders, but the names of individuals travel agency management refused to name. It was found out only that one of the owners of the company is "European Bank for Reconstruction and Development", still a part of the shares owned by Pirogov and Timraliyev.

However, we note that the establishment of "Neva" is associated with the name of Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, who led the tour agency from 1991 to 1999. After that, he has worked in the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports, and Ministry of Economic Development and porukovodit Federal Agency for Tourism. Strzhalkovskiy sat for several years and the chairman in the chair MMC "Norilsk Nickel".

In the 90 years the name of "Neva" has marked a number of scandals. For example, each Strzhalkovsky - the current president of the company Timraliyev - was publicly accused of organizing prostitution in neighboring Finland. Allegedly, there were transported thousands of Russian women of easy virtue. But businessmanpravdali. Additional colors in the whole St. Petersburg portrait adds figure of Mikhail Boyarsky. It is believed that he was one of the founders of another company based Strzhalkovsky - OOO "Yanlen".

However, such media questions about the owners and the links at the press conference did not find understanding among the deceived agents. "It's not about that Here I have customers -.. Young couple have their wedding on August 8 and the 10th they were to fly to Crete where they now fly away How am I going to them to face if you know that.? bankruptcy is inevitable, why continued yesterday to sell tickets? " - Indignant lady. Already, by the way, there are examples of how the bankruptcy affects the travel agency on the campers. For example, in Bulgaria the hotel refuses to return the passport of an elderly couple, as the bill for a room and was not paid. In this case the spouse must complete your holiday and travel to Kaliningrad for 18 of July.

Management "Neva" systematically encouraged all to contact the Insurance Company "Rise". The fact that the company is located in Moscow, and the majority of the deceived customers - in St. Petersburg, they are not confused & mdash; "Because there is a post".

It turned out that the victims are in the most "Neva". Thus, the travel agency staff who will not take part in the process of the return of Russian tourists from abroad, will be fired upon by the parties today. Will they be able to find in the near future for a job profile? If it is a "bad" season, it will be very problematic.

At the same time, the discontinuation of the travel agency "Neva" should have a negative impact on the entire industry, according to the Northwest regional office of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. As the press-secretary Pavel Rumyantsev SZRO PCT, until 11 July no signals about the problems of "Neva" with contractors and partners have been reported. And then the information about this appeared in the trade press.

Rumyantsev said that the management of the company will meet its commitments to customers, but said that "we see only the tip of the iceberg." In this case with the "Neva" certainly hit the entire industry, since the resonance event, and "high degree". It has been experienced bankruptcy "Lanta-Tour" and "Capital-toand "but" Neva "- a special case." Think of "Bulgaria". River tourism is still suffering from this disaster. The case of the "Neva" - is another weight on the scale of individual tourism ", - said Rumyantsev.

By Wednesday evening about a hundred travel agency customers, "Neva" tried to get to the head office on the first of the Soviet street. The guards would not let them into the building, but were asked to observe all. People are counting on the fact that they eventually will take, but many had to limit the company announced the suspension of activities, posted on the window.

"That's who would have thought Yesterday and submit this could not - lamenting one of the women in the queue -. After all, how many times is already Again we were deceived.".