New layoffs are taking place at inter RAO energy holding

Ilnar Mirsiyapov and Timur Lipatov may lose their seats in the corporation after the "espionage" scandal with Karina Turcan.
In the state holding Inter RAO, a new wave of layoffs begins: after the accused of spying Karina Turcan, the holding company may be left by board member Ilnar Mirsiyapov, as well as the head of the Generation Company Inter RAO - Electricity Generation Management Timur Lipatov. Mr. Lipatov, sources of Kommersant say, can lead the largest machine-building holding Silovye Mashiny Alexei Mordashov.

According to Kommersant, in the near future, top managers from the state power holding Inter RAO can leave: board member Ilnar Mirsiyapov (formerly responsible for strategy, since June - for GR) and CEO of Inter RAO - Electricity Management Timur Lipatov.

Mr. Lipatov within the next month will head "Power Machines" Alexei Mordashov, told Kommersant sources in the energy market. According to one of the interlocutors of Kommersant, on July 9, Mr. Lipatov had the last day in the position of the CEO of Inter RAO - Management of Electric Power Generation, at the time of the transfer of cases he will take the post of adviser to the head of Inter RAO Boris Kovalchuk. Sources of Kommersant believe that the position of the general director of Inter RAO - Management of Electric Power Generation will be taken by Adviser to the management of Inter RAO Alexander Koreshev.

Timur Lipatov heads Inter RAO - Electricity Generation Management in 2015, previously he worked for E.ON Russia (now Unipro), in 2007-2009 he was the Director for Capital Construction of OGK-3 (until 2011 it belonged to Norilsk nickel ", then sold to" Inter RAO "). "Inter RAO - Electricity Generation Management" was established on the basis of OGK-1, OGK-3 and several TPPs "Inter RAO", which were singled out during the reform of RAO UES of Russia. The latter received a number of energy assets in 2011 in exchange for shares of its additional share issue.

In "Power Machines" Mr. Lipatov moves at the invitation of Alexei Mordashov, in the near future the top manager also plans to monetize his participation in the option program "Inter RAO". In Inter RAO this situation is not commented on, in Power Machines, they did not respond promptly to a query from Kommersant.

Sources "Kommersant" assure that in the near future the board of the company can leave and Ilnar Mirsiyapov, he can also completely leave the holding. The new place of work of the top manager, interlocutors of "Kommersant" do not call, not excluding, however, that Mr. Mirsiyapov can go to one of the federal agencies. Also, one of Kommersant sources in the industry says that, according to him, Evgeny Miroshnichenko, member of the management board of Inter RAO, was in charge of the resignation (he oversees financial and economic activities), but Mr. Miroshnichenko handed over to Kommersant through the press service that this is not true.

Recall that the wave of personnel reshuffles in Inter RAO began in June, coinciding with the arrest of a member of the management board of the holding company Karina Turcan (who oversaw the export-import of electricity) accused of espionage. Then her functions were transferred to Deputy Lipatov Alexandra Panina. Following this, the holding left the head of the information policy unit Anton Nazarov, and Ilnara Mirsiyapova was left behind by the management of the strategy of Inter RAO (for details, see, for example, Kommersant on June 26). However, sources of Kommersant noted that the personnel reshuffle in Inter RAO is not connected with the case of Ms. Turcan.