New outfitter of the Russian Olympic team will open a chain of stores

The right to dress up the national team untill 2025 of received the company of the daughter of a colonel-general of the FSB.
The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and ZA Group owned by Anastasia Zadorina signed a cooperation agreement, the joint statement of the ROC and Zadorina said.

The fact that ZA Group got the right to dress the Russian Olympic team, became known in early February. Under the contract, ZA Group will become the general partner and official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team until 2025. The firm will pay the ROC cash reward, its size is not disclosed, the partners said.
Zadorina is the daughter of Colonel-General Mikhail Shekin, the head of the Federal Security Service of Russia, which deals with procurement.

Since 2002, the official outfitter of the Olympic and Paralympic teams of Russia has been Mikhail Kusnirovich's Bosco di Ciliegi, the contract ended in January 2017. In February 2017, Kusnirovich told Kommersant that for the right to equip the Olympic team, OCD had asked Bosco 650 million rubles a year, and this money was not worked out by the company.

Sports achivments

Zadorina has several sports companies: Ekipport won in 2012 a competition for the delivery of sports equipment for the FSB border service for 118,000 rubles, and in 2013 - for the delivery of sports clothing for the physical education and sports department of Moscow at 0.7 million rub. (data by SPARK-Interfax). Other companies of Zadorina work in various areas of business, from the sale of flowers and restaurant management to the development of security systems.

Zadorina plans to open a factory in Moscow and launch a network of sportswear stores in Russia's regions, the message says. The opening of the first store is planned in November 2017. Zadorina did not answer any additional questions from Vedomosti.

Previously, a market participant familiar with the procedure of tenders for the ROC, told Vedomosti that it was through the retail network that Bosco had the opportunity to recoup costs.

Such stores make sense to be opened in cities with over a million people and Sochi, said Mikhail Burmistrov, general director of Infoline Analytics. According to him, given the lack of experience in retail, the project is likely to be planned loss-making, it is more of an image.

The opening of such a store in Moscow without taking into account the goods can cost from 4.5 million rubles, according to Marina Malakhatko, the director of the department of commercial premises of CBRE in Moscow. The head of shopping centers department of the department of retail real estate Knight Frank Eugenia Hakberdieva believes that the area of such stores can be 100-150 square meters, and in some cases - 200-250 square meters. Depending on the location, she estimates the cost of rent in Moscow at 0.4-1 million rubles per year, for finishing - 4,5-6 million rubles, for the purchase of equipment and collections - 2-3 million rubles.